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Horses for courses! I've had new players say they appreciate knowing that there are options that they can come back to fiddle with if things aren't working for them, but it's normal for one solution to not be a good fit for everyone and it's OK to not appreciate the way that Hive Time does things. Sorry to hear that you haven't had a pleasant experience!

I find that step-by-step controls tutorials introduce gratuitous gating that I don't think is a good fit for this style of game, but I'll have a think about whether an optional detailed controls tutorial makes sense. The first tutorial's main purpose is to prime players to later think, "Oh yeah, that first tutorial mentioned a repeat shortcut - I should check in the Controls Settings menu to see what that was," rather than to have players memorise all four of the buttons that the tutorial talks about.

In case knowing makes things feel less overwhelming, you can revisit past tutorials at any time in the Beepedia (the left icon in at the bottom of the screen). You can also find out a bit more about each "Find Your Own Fun" option on the New Game menu by hovering the mouse over it, though they all have more context once you've played a little.

If it's a better fit for you, you can disable tutorials entirely from the New Game menu (which will unlock all tutorials in the Beepedia) and explore/discover things as you play - that's how I designed the game to be played from the beginning. The tutorial and research tree are mostly there to help make the game more accessible to people outside of its core audience or who aren't interested in the kind of self-directed experience that Hive Time is intended to be.

Hope some of that helps!

Hi! Last time I tried a GLES 2 export, the game didn't look or behave properly (colours/lighting will be wrong, particle effects will be missing), but if you want to try, you can run the game from a terminal with the following command line argument:

--video-driver GLES2

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the game :)


Hi! I haven't seen any information come through as yet. Were you able to get the game running?

That should be fixed in v1.1-54. Thanks again!

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Out of interest, is %XDG_CONFIG_HOME%/unity3d/vfqd/TerraNil (~/.config/unity3d/vqfd/TerraNil if XDG_CONFIG_HOME isn't set) getting created, and if so, is there a Player.log in there (if so, does it have anything that you're not seeing in terminal output)?

Have you had any success running other games using the Unity engine like this? It's not something I've attempted and I don't have a second machine on hand at the moment to test with.

Okeydokey. I found a bug where the Queen could climb if a game was saved while the Throne Room was "popped" on mouse over, and then that game was loaded with the mouse cursor not being over the Throne Room, resulting in the Queen being spawned at her higher "popped" position. I also found a possible bug where switching between inspect mode while having the mouse over/not over the Queen and Throne Room in certain combinations (combinations more likely when the camera is tilted) could also result in some oddness.

I've got fixes for both of these, and something to check for bad saved Queen positions that will go out in the next patch. Unless something more specific rears its head, I'm happy to assume for now that these will address what you've experienced.


Regarding the floating Queen, do you have repro steps for that at all?

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Hi hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed the game :)

Supply Chain was created as an intentionally small game to prompt thought on the dynamics of just-in-time supply chains. At the moment, I don't have any plans to expand the game.

The game's source code (which is entirely GDScript) is available on GitLab. If it's helpful, there's also an in-game event editor that can be accessed by pressing E when Debug Shortcuts are enabled.

Hope that helps, and best of luck with your own projects!

Hi hi! When this was reported, we went through and tested each ending with challenges to make sure that they were activating properly. They were, so our best guess was that you had found a non-challenge ending.

Recently, we discovered a bug where ending challenge states were not being saved if an ending was previously seen during the same play session (without closing the game), and we're wondering if maybe that was responsible for what you've experienced.

v2.11 has a fix if you'd like to try again!

This should be fixed in v1.1-51!

Hi! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems.

Without knowing what it says about OpenGL, I can't offer any advice. You will probably also need to give me version details for your operating system, graphics card, and graphics driver. If you can send all of that along with a copy of the game log to the address listed under the Technical Support section in the F.A.Q. here on the store page, I'll be happy to look further into what's happening.

Thanks for the report. I'll take a look at that for the next patch.

Haven't tested on any other operating systems, but as a workaround, the game respects the Unity standalone player command line arguments on Linux (I use them to launch in windowed mode)

The relevant arguments are -screen-fullscreen, -screen-height, -screen-width

Hi! It will not be possible to translate all of the game's text. Unfortunately, Hive Time began life as a game jam project without localisation in mind, and many of its strings aren't exposed externally. The game also generates some pluralisation and punctuation, which will be wrong in other languages.

It's best to think of the json folder as a template for the game's data files. If you copy this folder to your Hive Time user folder (see details in the FAQ or click the "Open user folder" button in the Settings menu), then it will override the built-in data files.

Hope that helps!

I forgot to follow up on this, but main menu items now have tooltips, and the Beepedia exposes further information about topics relevant to each radial menu option :)!

No worries! There are so many things happening in the game that I had to pick and choose what I gave specific attention to and what I let players discover/work out on their own. I figure that what's immediately obvious as intentional will vary a lot from player to player, so there'll always be some bits that make more sense than others off the bat.

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Thanks for your kind words! :)

Population count is a little too transient for that kind of treatment, I think. Consider that in the short term, a slider position that represented "5 builders" would no longer represent 5 builders the moment that an existing bee died or a new bee spawned. Longer term, since going from 0% to 5% Builders for a hypothetical stable population of 100 means a lower allocation of Beesitters, the resulting new stable population would in turn be fewer than 100 bees, making 5 Builders account for more than 5% of the population by the time that stability was achieved (similarly, decreasing Builder allocation from 10% to 5% in a population of 100 would result in more Beesitters and an increased population size, making 5 builders less than 5%).

Inviting players to understand and work out how to manage proportional diversity in a scaling/fluctuating population using ratios/percentages was one of my specific goals for Hive Time, but I understand that that's not going to be comfortably accessible to all players. I hope that the explanation helps contextualise why it is the way it is.

Hi! Thanks for your kind words. I tend to avoid using the word "free" since I'd like people to view and judge Hive Time as a "$10 game" (whatever that means), but it's important to me that people who can't afford it aren't excluded.

I'm glad to hear that that's helped you, and wish you the best of luck with your own games!

Neat! Thanks for sharing :)

Hi! I'm still keen to follow up on this. If you're able to let me know whether anything's different when running the .exe directly instead of through the Itch client, that will start to help narrow down what's going on.

I'm saying that you don't have the technical perspective to offer meaningful technical advice. Telling me that shipping my game on another platform should be easy is not critique.

For actual critique, I think it is important to recognise that unsolicited critique carries the burden of needing to be delivered in a way that the intended recipient can be receptive to, otherwise it's just noise and is a bit rude.

You can hold middle click and drag to move the camera around as mentioned in the very first tutorial. You can rebind this in the Controls Settings menu (also mentioned in the very first tutorial).

It's probably best to not speculate about what's easy or hard for games that you haven't worked on ;)

Many thanks for your kind words <3

Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. I intentionally steered away from the kind of complexity/concurrency that layered verticality would add, but something similar could be on the table for a sequel if Hive Time ever makes enough money to justify one!

Nice! Thanks for playing and for sharing :)

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Thanks for playing and for sharing. Glad to hear it resonated with you! :)

I'd be keen to know more about the crash you experienced when maximising the game. If you could send me a copy of your game log from a play session where this crash has occurred (details on where to find and send logs are in the FAQ here on the store page), that would be super helpful!

Edit: I just spotted that you're still the 1.0 branch. The 1.1 update has some changes that might address the concerns you had about the duration of some actions not being readable.

Glad to hear it's working well for you :)

Hi! In case its' something you're interested in, the shortcut I mentioned adding is now available in v1.1-30.

Hi! Thanks for your kind words.

There won't be any dramatic changes to the population mechanic/interface - it is intentionally about population diversity being a balancing act, and independent role sliders would move away from that in a way that I don't think would resonate with Hive Time's themes or its target audience.

Based on your comment, I'm suspecting that your hive and population are small enough that lifespan fluctuations are playing a large role (smaller populations are higher maintenance and represent one way of chasing increased difficulty for experienced players who want to consciously avoid growth). This becomes increasingly less pronounced as your population moves up above 50 or so. It's also worth keeping in mind that sometimes achieving a particular diversity ratio can require overcompensation in order to arrive there - as in real life, there's a big long gap between saying that a population is equal and it actually getting there. There may be other situations where the best way to achieve a particular population shape is to scale population and infrastructure rather than change balances.

If you just don't like the way that the population mechanic works, you can set the Beesitter slider above 40% and more or less ignore it for the rest of the game.

Hope that helps!

Following up, this has now been resolved in v1.1-30. Thanks to spartanchick316 for sending through some further information!

Hi! Sorry to hear that the game is unable to find your saves. If the Open User Folder button isn't doing anything, I'm guessing that means that it can't open the user folder and that's why it's unable to find your saves.

Does this happen when running the .exe directly instead of through the Itch client?

Challenge maps are something I have planned for a future update (you can read more about that here), but the core of the game will always be about finding your own goals/constraints and pursuing them as long as they're interesting. It's totally OK that some players prefer the run to first Queen over the rest of the game - that's what the new hive option is there for :)

Thanks for your kind words!

At this stage, I'm not planning to expose any gameplay controls via the HUD, as that would move away from the notion of the hive itself being your interface into the game. In my mind, the game is about finding balances and responding to things that try to interrupt those balances rather than continuously micromanaging sliders, but I am open to considering a modifier key that will immediately display the Population screen when clicking on a Nursery, the Research screen when clicking on a Workshop, etc. for players who would like to play that way.

Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

If you haven't spotted, the Royal Decrees upgrade provides a mix of positive and negative effects that last the duration of that Queen's lifespan, providing more variation in the kinds of balances the game asks you to find. This is particularly impactful for new hives, but can also shake things up for larger hives depending on the combination of effects (particularly with the increased number of concurrent Queens that the Royal Apprenticeships upgrade allows).

First Queen represents a sustainability milestone rather than the "end" of a game. There's nothing wrong with not finding enjoyment playing beyond that though - every player's subjective experience is different!

I'm not sure that reducing the playspace is of any real value outside of possible challenge scenarios. I've been considering allowing the playspace to expand infinitely, but at this stage, that's lower priority at this compared to other changes I have planned.

Thanks for the report. I really need to see game logs and system specs before I can look further into this. If you could send something through to the address listed under the "Technical help" section here on the store page, I'll be happy to look into it.

Thanks for the extra clarification! If you could send through a copy of your game log and system specs, I'll be happy to look further into this.

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Hi! Thanks for your thoughts.

Just to clarify, the game isn't 20 report periods long and continues to chart data beyond that. Supply Chain intentionally has no end, allowing players to play for as long or as short a session as they like.

Hi! Thanks for your kind words.

I did briefly experiment with time controls before release, but found that they were moving the game away from what I wanted to make.