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This is super sweet. Thanks so much! :D

This is neat. Look forward to seeing where it goes from here :)

Thanks for the kind comments, people :)

Note that in the end-of-jam builds, if you use the respirator on the kid, the game will be unfinishable. I'll have an updated build that fixes that soon (end-of-jam builds will remain available).

My gosh, Zenuel. This is a wonderful piece of work and expresses something important in a powerful way.

To me, it has always felt like it's easy (perhaps too easy) to lose perspective about our own works. If that weren't enough, we also have a culture that it harder for creators (especially game creators right now) to celebrate and feel ownership over the relationships we have with our own works. There is very little mindshare for or consideration of the journeys we go through whenever we make something. For these reasons on top of the ones that you raise, I feel like it is even more difficult for us to find joy in the things we make, but I do thinks that with a little distance, a little reflection, and a little acceptance that that can be found.

I hope that after you've had some time away from To Whom that you can feel pride in and fulfillment from it <3

This looks fantastic from the screenshots. I haven't been able to get it to run in Chrome or Firefox on Fedora. Do you have minimum version requirements listed anywhere?

@gl.itch The combat is based on static movement/firing patterns. There's only one in the end of jam snapshot builds. The enemies in that will move up, down, left or right (cycling between those in a clockwise manner), and then use their second action point to fire straight. If you're moving for your second action point, you'll never get hit.

Did you manage to get any terminal output from when it froze? Is it possible that you jumped to the next system successfully, but it was uninhabited and so didn't trigger a comms screen (when this happens, you can just jump to another system)?

@Gazzapper The end-of-jam snapshot build is playable and lets you jump around a random starmap and do combat.

It might be another month or two before we do another build - I'd like to have initial trading and more solid travel mechanics in before we do that.

Ah yes, it's not currently possible to jump ahead and show the full line (something we've got planned, but not something we felt was worth trying to squeeze in in time for the end of the jam when things got tight).

I'd not heard of "Spaceward Ho!" before, but stuff like Gazillionaire and Ports of Call were a bit of an influence for where I'd like to see the trading side of things end up. We've also been playing a little Windward and have found the economy dynamics of that to resonate along similar lines to what we're planning.

Sounds great! Using the launcher to let users set gamepad bindings is also acceptable.

By the way, it looks like Itch doesn't give notifications for it, but I replied to your comment on Hidden Star. Would loev to get some more information.

Any chance of a Linux build for this? I'd be happy to test it.

@Longest Egg Games: Thanks for your kind words. We'll be continuing development over time. I'm not sure when we'll get new builds up, but there's already more progress on GitHub.

@shezi: Which text was unskippable? All NPC text is skippable, and the player choices show instantly. You can even click on the main menu options before they appear if you're super impatient.

I popped up Linux, Mac and Windows builds of an end-of-jam snapshot up yesterday. They include a placeholder random starmap for navigation, comms screens with placeholder text for random encounters and the combat mode with one enemy move/shoot pattern.

It's still super rough, but it's nice to have most of the systems we built across the past two weeks together in something that starts to show the kind of thing we'll be aiming for with continued development.

Enjoy! :D

At this point in time, our downloads are of our planet generation tests rather than the game itself. We're hoping to have game builds up before the end of the jam :)

Hi there! It looks like you've flagged your Windows downloadable as alsos upporting Linux. So far as I can see, there's no Linux compatible binary in there.

Hey guys. There's no audio in the current Linux build (there's no web player for Linux).

Thanks for the Linux version! I had time to play a little today. It looks neat and has some nice atmosphere.

Mousegrab doesn't seem to work on Linux, and the sensitivity is crazy high. The instructions said something about getting ammunition and health from the cubes, but I couldn't work out how to do that.

I found the stone circle and managed to get a couple of cubes in place, but then I lost one in some tall foleage >_<