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If you enable Debug Mode, there's are shortcuts available to increase resource caps and give resources. You can find more information under the "Cheats and debug controls" section in the FAQ here on the store page.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! I sent through a test build with extra logging. If you haven't received that, let me know.

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Going to the save menu shouldn't be closing the game.

Can you send me a copy of the game log from a play session where you've tried to save from the main menu to the address listed under the "Technical help" section here on the store page (instructions on where to find logs are in the "Log, save, and config file locations" section)?

Hi! The game autosaves every 10 minutes (unless you turn that off), and you can do manual saves either by going to the main menu and selecting save, or by pressing the quick save button. What exactly is the problem that you're experiencing?

Hi again! I haven't spotted an email come through. Are you still experiencing problems?

Thanks for your kind words ^_^

Hi! Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems.

Without knowing more about your system, I can't offer much insight. Since it's working happily with one soundcard and not another, I'd be looking at differences in sample rate, etc. between their configurations.

Hi! Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems. If you could please email details of your system specs along with a copy of the game log if one exists to the address listed under Technical Help here on the store page, I'll take a look.

Ha ha, it only would have been 30% Wax storage at most (you needed 3 Wax per cell, and each non-upgraded Wax storage cell holds 10).

Exciting times!

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Hello! Apologies for the off-topic comment, but I noticed that your recent review of Hive Time mentioned that you'd struggled with the Wax Audit event. In the v1.2-41 patch, the Wax requirement for that event has been reduced, and the effect notification (bottom right) more clearly states what the requirement is as the deadline ticks down.

The gift voting UI now also has "Gift vote" written on it to reduce possible confusion there ^_^

Hope that helps!

Alrighty, thanks. I'll keep that in mind.


Interesting. The sounds are placeholder for this prototype, but I feel like I'd use a similar approach in a "full version" of this. The smash sound uses the dig sound, but there's a secondary, longer sound that continues afterward - do you feel like that's getting lost, or do you feel like having them both start the same is what's giving the wrong impression here?



If you haven't seen the in-game instructions, they're worth reading if you're not familiar with Minesweeper and the genre that this prototype draws upon. The introductory video here on the game's Itch page also explains the game's concepts if that's helpful.

1# What do the numbers mean?

The numbers on each tile indicate how many fossils are adjacent to that tile. The game is about observing the numbers and deducing the locations of fossils so that you can safely dig around them and avoid destroying them.

2# And why sometimes you dig 1 tile and other times its 5-7 tiles that get done with the single click?

It is an established genre convention that if you dig/reveal a tile that has no adjacent items (such as explosives, or in this case, fossils), all adjacent tiles will be automatically revealed. Since the gameplay is entirely focused on using the numbers for logical deduction, tiles without numbers serve no purpose, and removing them reduces the tedium of clicking on unimportant things.

Each generated dig site has a difficulty, which determines the density of fossils. Easy dig sites will have more opportunities to reveal large areas with one dig. Hard dig sites will have less.

3# When do we get to assemble the parts? i did the Australia site and after finding all bones it seemed all i could do was leave?

Once you have excavated or destroyed all of the fossils in a dig site, the dig phase is over, and you must return to the main menu.

From the main menu, you can either select another dig site to hunt for more fossils, or you can click the "Build skeleton" button. Skeletons must be constructed from the feet up. If you have not found any foot bones, the option will be disabled and you will need to visit more dig sites.

If you would like to assemble skeletons without digging for fossils, you can click the "Build skeleton (practice)" button at the main menu. Skeletons assembled in practice mode will not be added to your inventory and will not be available in the showcase.

All dig sites are randomly generated. In a "full version" of this game, certain fossils would only be found in particular regions, but for this prototype, the location names are purely cosmetic.

Hope that helps.

Greetings, fellow dinosaur enthusiats!

Bonesweeper is a prototype of a small puzzle game inspired by Minesweeper. Excavate some fossils, build some skeletons!

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This is a periodic gift vote that's enabled by default when chat integration is enabled. You can turn it of in the Community Settings menu. You can also press the Show Instructions button in there to get more information on each of the chat integration features.

Had to get rid of the Cheesemobile in 2012 :(

I stepped back from running TasLUG stuff in Launceston a couple of years back when we lost our venue and I didn't have time/energy to ramp stuff back up. Nobody else seemed keen on picking up the reins, so it petered out.

You should be able to get by with doing a Python install with default settings (double check that Tcl/Tk is marked for install - it should be)!

Hi! Thanks for your kind words. No stress on having to pay later - Hive Time isn't going anywhere, and  as much as I need to eat, I can't begrudge anybody from being careful with their money in this time.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to bring on new collaborators for any projects at this time, but best of luck with your projects!

Hi! I used what this site calls "offset coordinates." I didn't have any references, and started by trying to work out the problem myself. Squishing a cartesian coordinate grid with every second row making up the next offset column, felt like the most workable solution, and after my initial implementation, I went hunting for alternatives to see if there were ways that might be a better fit for me/Hive Time. In the end, I was happy with what I had and stuck with it.

Yay! :D

So many management sims put effort into abstracting the people within the simulation in a way that often ends up dehumanising them. Hive Time's events, vignettes and the ability to inspect/follow any bee were ways that I tried to make the game say that even in a generational community, each individual matters ^_^

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed the game :)

I hadn't played SimAnt until after Hive Time was released, but the original 1989 SimCity provided a lot of inspiration. I wrote a little about that here if you're interested.

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Sorry to hear you're experiencing troubles. I don't think I've had this sort of problem reported before. Would you mind emailing me a copy of your game log from a play session where this has happened to the address listed under the "Technical help" section here on the store page?

Edit: Just to follow up in case anybody else is experiencing graphical glitches with Intel graphics chipsets on Windows, driver was causing issues that were resolved by

Very much so <3

Thanks for your kind words ^_^

Yay! Glad that you had a good time. It was a pleasure to bee there :)

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I've not heard of this before. That file is definitely not in the files I've uploaded, and I don't see it in the downloadable versions either.

Without knowing more information, I'd guess that the file is being created by some anti-malware software, possible triggered by the  new version check if that has been enabled (there's a prompt on first run that asks whether or not the game should notify when a new version is available, and the setting can also be changed in the System Settings menu).

It would probably be best to follow up with your anti-malware vendor about the specifics of this.

Sorry for the slow response! I'd written a reply out last week, but it appears that I forgot to post it. Here's the vague gist!

Expectation management is tricky, and I try to be conscious about what I potentially lead players away from by having the game explicitly frame things as important.

I was hoping that the final tutorial, which shows a bunch of aesthetically different hive layouts would lead players toward considering aesthetic constraints, and organically discover the idea of exploring the simulation's boundaries from there. I'm open to supplementing that with a Beepedia topic in the Help/Tips section that suggests some of the kind of things I'd mentioned on IRC, though.

There are a couple of events within the game that require the player to do something within a time limit in order to avoid negative outcomes, though their presentation would benefit strongly from that goal tracking UI. If it happened, that update would bring in a number of new events with conditional outcomes along different axes, and it would also include loadable scenarios as another way of exposing alternative ways of playing (you can read a little about that here, but that's a large scale change, and outside of smaller patches, Hive Time's future is currently uncertain).

Thanks for your kind words. I hope you find it interesting!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the game! I'll try to answer the direct questions and cover anything that is already in the game.

The core incentive to continue playing is whether or not you find that fun for its own sake. I've made and positioned Hive Time as a play-as-long-as-you're-having-fun type game in the vein of 1989's SimCity. I am wary of making the game more attractive to people who aren't finding the experience of playing intrinsically rewarding, since this will invariably lead toward experiences that are more negative than just not finding the mid to late game interesting. I have done some early design work on a goal tracking interface and loadable scenarios as part of a possible future update, but they'd be framed around inviting players to explore and discover creating their own goals/ways of playing rather than shifting the mid to late game's focus on to gameplay-extrinsic rewards (Beepedia entry unlocking is probably the closest the game gets to that).

Regarding bee efficiency and bees taking breaks (referred to as "bumbling" in-game), that already happens, though there is intentionally no specific cell type dedicated to or required for that. The Activity screen accessible from the upgraded Throne Room shows the ratio of idle bees to working bees over time for each role, and can be used to track that once playing at a scale where this can no longer be observed for a reasonable portion of the hive when zoomed in.

The Upgraded Workshop has a cell list that can be useful for seeing the number of given cell types (such as exits) and when viewed with the "three bees per cell" rule in mind, can give an idea of infrastructure load/redundancy.

I'm wary of doing anything that specifically guides players toward highly optimised play - one of the concepts that Hive Time is built around is that too much optimisation creates opportunities for risk and instability. There are efficiency cues and a little feedback there for players who want to pursue that sort of thing (and it can be fun), but I'm not sure that explicit framing would be a good fit for Hive Time's identity (this is why the Activity screen has the name it has, while it's is called "EfficiencyMenu" internally).

I'm not intending to make relative cell position more important - making layout primarily cosmetic was an intentional design choice aimed at simplifying the simulation and giving players freedom to make hives that look and feel interesting to them without having to work against the game. As a self-embraced constraint, designing layouts where storage needs to be near exits and production facilities is wonderful, but I don't want to impose these things beyond the adjacency requirements/bonuses that some cell types have. "Triple letter score" tiles have been on my todo list since the original jam prototype, but have been lower priority than all other development.

When we spoke last night, I think you mentioned that you were running an older version and needed to upgrade. I fixed some memory leaks recently - could you send me a copy of your game log when run with --verbose if you still continue to see the object leaks warning with a current build of the game?

Thanks again for playing and for sharing! :)

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Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed Delta's previous coverage of the game so much that I hid a little reference to their channel in the game :)


You have you build that storage and have 600 Jelly at once to spend on a new Queen. The game is pretty forgiving and will let you keep playing if you don't make it (unless you ticked the "Unforgiving game over" FYOF option when starting a new game). It feels big at first, but it's designed in a way that makes it trivial for experienced players to reach and (hopefully) guides new players toward the skills they need in order to find positive experiences when building subsequent hives.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! I feel like it's had a decent amount of views so far ^_^

Thanks! I think this is the biggest update I've done on the game so far.

Updates like this tend to condense a lot of work down into one item because they're new and the iteration isn't so relevant to players (the Informational Update had an item that was just "Added Beepedia" :D ), so it was about 100 lines longer when I pulled it out of git to begin with.

Super happy to share! Closing doors or pulling up ladders behind you so that others can't tread the paths you've trodden doesn't feel very culturally responsible to me. If all of this helps someone else navigate these things with a little more perspective (whether they're going in the same directions as me or not), then it's worthwhile :)

Thanks again for playing and for sharing!