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There are some good thoughts. Thanks for sharing :D

Created a new topic Jam Survival Guide

Hi people!

I don't think I'll be in a position to participate (too many other game dev projects milling around at the moment, but I'm making everything on Linux, so I'll be here in spirit ^_^ ), but I did want to take time to share some advice on approaching game jams that I originally put together for Adventure Jam last year in a web based slideshow.


In it, I make some suggestions on what kind of outcomes to look for, how to pace yourself, some tips on planning and prioritisation, and understanding the interesting constraints that game jams can provide.

Hope it's helpful to someone :)

My main goal was to not pull an all nighter, and to experiment with art styles that I'm not so comfortable with (pixel art and character faces). I feel like I achieved more than I was hoping for on the latter and even though I had a few late nights, I slept every day, so wins all round \o/

We used SDL2 and C for ours as well. I did have some issues with SDL_RenderDrawLine() not respecting the virtual pixel size unless it was a straight line along the X or Y axis (which I didn't have time to work around).