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It's good to see this story told in this format. It's also very brave to share this part of you, well done.

Aww, this was a fun throwback! You were only missing one convention from the old days: just entering look or examine by themselves should give you your surroundings and exits again.

I don't know if you needed the audio either. I think in the end it added a false sense of crime drama tension that ultimately made me more anxious than helped set the scene.

I think your layout was great: the big north-south spine was easy to tease out, and you kept yourself to a nice shallow, easy to understand structure hanging off of that. The writing was nice and flowed well from scene to scene. I bet it was tough finding all the different unique keywords for scraps of paper :)

Unfortunately I couldn't finish the game. At one point after visiting every room and doubling back to work out the rest of the code, the interpreter locked up: any lines I typed just vanished with no response. I'm curious enough to try again at some point though!

Overall, well done!

Nice! That's definitely a decent arcade game. Good job on the visuals, and the controls felt nice and snappy. I think there might be a bug with the parcel pickup though: I didn't have to press space bar after the first time, I could just drive up to the corner and he'd grab a parcel automatically.

Lovely choice of music too.

Top notch. That was a great idea, it looked nice and made me smile at the end. Cthulhu fhtagn!

Pretty clever, that: it's easy to learn despite the intentional awkwardness and tells a poignant, minimalist story.

Great work!


I didn't know I wanted a My Little Pony version of Robot Unicorn Attack, but i did! Nice graphics, nice audio, I like the double jump; Well Done. ^__^

This was super interesting. I have to admit the mechanic was actually rather annoying: I just couldn't figure out a reliable way to swing the sword, and many a sword swing seemed to do nothing to the enemies :(

Having said that, it's a testament to the sheer quality of your presentation and the interesting storyline you have going that I genuinely wanted to keep playing. Kudos! I also have the sneaking suspicion that maybe the frustration is deliberate and motivated by the story?

Unfortunately I crashed on after the little blue fellow who gives you the gentle reminder. I caught a glimpse of the the exception in the console window before it went down: I think it was a memory corruption trap that was caught during SFML.Audio.sfSound_play, with OtterTemplate.Entities.Enemy.Hurt() in the callstack. I was mid swing through a field of enemies.

I'll give it another go later!

Thanks DrMelon! I really appreciate the kind words ^__^

I'm definitely going to tinker with it some more: I have an appetite for working on the combat now and want to try some things. Primarily I want to make the switch button add an attack when mid combo, so swipe - swipe - fire, or fire - fire - stomp; that sort of thing. Then I have ideas for enemies that make you want to use those. Thematically, I have this vague notion of having my characters bond in the player's head by cooperating in combat, the way that the characters in Ico bonded by helping each other out.

Lol Toonguska. Not quite yet, but maybe someday!

Thanks for playing my game again, Jupi :) always a pleasure ^__^

Hey Sir_Obvious, you're absolutely right! Thanks for the reminder to fix that, I've patched in a fix!

Thank you for the kind words too ^__^

Holy crap, that was hard. Great idea though, well executed.

Unfortunately on Mac Safari and Chrome the mouse clicks didn't seem to work. I could run around with the arrow keys, but I couldn't pick up the weapon. Shame, it looked really cool!

That's a fine design there, I too liked that you went for a grow/shrink mechanic rather than an instant death.

That was a really interesting mechanic. I really liked seeing the little humans change color to show their allegiance!

That was a neat idea, but it was really hard to play on a laptop.

Was that vignette on the 64x64 grid? It looked surprisingly smooth.

This looks like a really neat game, but I couldn't get the controls to work at all on a Mac, neither in Chrome nor Safari :( The game would start, but the arrow keys wouldn't have any effect on it.

Hey, that was neat! I really liked the variety of monsters species, and I super appreciate the little landing intro cutscenes.

The one bummer was the boss laser: you may want to put a second or so of invincibility on your player after it's been hit, that way the boss laser won't drain all your health if it happens to line up just right!

That was pretty well made, great 90s throwback :)

One note: you probably want to warn people in safari that the game won't be playable: the mouse capture doesn't work, so while you're trying to play the mouse will leave the window.

Really nice gameboy style graphics and audio, nice stuff. Damned hard though, it took several tries before I could work out the jump distance for those spikes!

Aww, that was really cute. I really appreciate that you did a narrative project. Two thumbs up ^__^

That was superb. Played it all the way to the end!

There was some jank in the combat (I'd swear I hit them, but I got hit instead), but that was ok.

It's a shame there was no audio, but that was ok too.

There were a few cheap enemy placements, and I'll hate those deku looking bastards as long as I live

But I LOVED the non square pixels, that was awesome. Loved the art all together, what a lovely palette.

I loved the level design: you did a lot with the mechanics at play.

I'm super impressed by the amount of stuff you got done. Cutscenes, overworld and dungeons? Class act!

Great work all together; looks like the investment you made into pixelbox paid off :) Job well done!

Excellent classic bullet hell work. Great job!

I liked the look of that, great titles, nice in game, and I enjoyed dragging up piles of gold ^__^

There's definitely something off about the controls though, I just never quite got the hang of them. Even after a few minutes the little guy would still not quite do what I thought I was telling him to.

Nice! A teeny tiny little version of missile command. A few visual and sound effects and this would be golden!

I think you need to find a better balance in the difficulty. The ramp up is almost randomly hard: sometime I get by, sometimes I die on the second shape.

Great idea though, well executed.

I LOVE the idea of combining a puzzle game with lunar lander. Really nicely done, shame there was no sound to tie a bow on it.

This one totally deserves to get developed into a full game.

That was interesting. It's definitely still super early, but there are promising signs here. Keep at it!

Man, that was such nostalgia trip. The sprites and the single beep voice made it feel like some long lost C64 game.

I really liked the perspective shift idea too.

Sweet stuff, great work.

Really nice graphics work, love the palette. The unbearably bright daylight was well depicted too. Nice job!

Aww, I love his little flailing arms! I'm not sure this game is particularly winnable, but maybe that's the philosophical lesson: you don't win against asteroids.

I'm gonna ditto the jump controls: they felt pretty off.

The graphics and music though were spot on! Love the retro game boy feel of the whole thing, stuck through the controls to see more as a result. Nice work!

Woof, that was way harder that it looked. The key choices broke my brain for a few rounds before it dialed in. Nice work, love the music!

That was a neat idea, good job!

I think you need a few in-between animations to sell the movement, and perhaps some kind of round indicator so that it's more obvious when you're waiting for the enemy turns?

I agree with everyone else that it feels a little slow once you understand what's going on and just want to try your solution!

That was really interesting. I found the controls really confusing, and I couldn't quite tell what was going on during combat. I really like the concept though, and there's some great graphics work going on in there. Good job!

Really nice forward movement, and super clean gradient dithers. Two thumbs up!

Lol, that was hilarious!

Love it. You've found a different aesthetic, something sort of like early commodore 64, but with a novel palette. I appreciate all the work you did in making the different kinds of attacks and setting up to the level to make them worth it.

Really nice work!

Also, Drake! I'm a pretty big Drake fan to start with ^___^

Nice start, but is this still a work in progress? I couldn't do anything but move the large hand around with the mouse.

Aww, this was super cute. Also, om nom nom eggs.

Nice idea, but I found the controls either really hard to understand, or not very intuitive. Great graphics though, and I really liked the letterbox format of the play field.

Also, the game crashes Safari on a Mac hard! Might want to warn people to open it in Chrome instead !^__^