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This was rather nice!  I liked it, the art was cute and the music is perfect.  I felt some of the clues are a bit obscure, but usually that paired with another that made it obvious later in the timer.  I enjoyed my time as a doggie detective.  Nice idea, well executed. :)

Hmm, I don't know how to play this one, I think there is a bug with the reset button always being shown.  I eventually randomly spammed space and hit some kind of ball to get a score of 8.2 or something.  The character also just moves upwards and runs off the top of the screen, making the whole game get stuck.

I think there is a good idea and some neat art here.  You need to fix the bugs before people can enjoy it though.  I'm on Microsoft Edge browser if that helps narrow anything down.  Good luck!

I tried a lot and really wanted to like this one, but it is just a bit too frustrating right now.  I could not quite master the mouse aiming controls, and the double reticles and camera floating behavior combine to make it a little confusing to read/feel under the time pressure of say, 1 second before a crash.

The level seems well paced and looks awesome!  But it also can be hard to see where to go, so I had to use a lot of trial and error.  I think given the speed requirements I would have liked it a lot more if the acceleration was just taken completely out of the equation by auto-thrusting forwards.  (Though I only saw the first level, so I don't know if this would become a problem later.)  The game is most fun when rushing just past a few obstacles using the boost.

It's easy to end up upside down or at strange angles, which makes the actual tunnel twists feel more like guesswork.  As silly as it might look, I think a big neon arrow or line leads along the wall to the correct exit direction would really help.

I play a lot of racing games like F-ZeroGX, Redout 2, etc.  When this was flowing well, I got that same awesome kick of "barely scraping by death while blazing at high speed past glowing stuff".  Those moments are really fun!  One thing those games do is have blazingly obvious main paths, but a super tight "real optimal route".  For example, in Redout 2 most of the tracks have a literal "middle line" to follow on the track surface.  What this does is give a speed rush past a few "easier" obstacles even if they are not quite on the perfect path.  But also punishes them in time penalty for veering a little off course or taking a turn wide/bouncing off a wall.

I think a similar "soft hardcore" approach could make this a lot more fun to play.  I would have a lot more fun if I could almost run the entire cool tunnel level nearly every time, but often fell just a bit short of reaching the goal/exit because I had not followed the "perfect" run.

Still, this is very impressive!  With some tightening up of the feel and visual help for the gameplay, I think there is potential to get a great polished mix of an almost puzzle/racing game within the tight timer each run is restricted by.

Oh, I loved this one!  Each game is super clear to read and understand, the artwork and sounds are great! (Love the impact of the ending grade sounds for the different ratings!)  I was a little lost on the balloons game but got it after a few plays.  Great, tight experiences, would love to play more content if this is expanded on. :)

I'm not sure there is anything I can do about the browser lag, unfortunately.  Dragon ruby seems to not like rendering this many sprites on browser if you have a lower end system or a browser that caps framerate/memory use.  I have no control over the loops, the game code is just updating a bunch of hashes and ruby values then passing it all to dragonruby to render.  

The download one plays full speed for what it's worth.  I hope you can try that!

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I'm poking Godot and testing tossing some literal numbers around in VR.  No idea where this goes yet, doing all the tweak things required for controls and grabbing things in VR physics land.  Hoping to make some kind of puzzle game using the theme, but learning VR in a new engine is rough.  It's close to Unity, my old engine, but different enough and without my big asset scripts pool I would normally smash things together with.  I feel like a noob again, lol.

Hi.  Do we have a discord or other channel for general jam questions, feedback, bouncing off other designers, and so on? 

The only links the jam rules provide is to the YouTube channels, but that doesn't feel like the place for this kind of jam discussion.

What is a good method to communicate with the jam hosts?  

This form is getting some empty no reply threads.  We have over 600 participants so I'm surprised there isn't a chat hangout for this big of a jam.

At Moonbow Entertainment we technically could open our discord to the jammers if the hosts need it. We haven't launched any public discord channels and are just a vanilla server. But we do use discord for internal design stuff.  I'm the head admin and for now its just our staff of 2. 

@bargi and @PolyMars, let me know if you need some help here.

Oh no, they are adorable!  It's a very simple game but it brought us both a smile today.  Thanks for making it! :)

Once we had the boosting mechanics, that loop seemed like the best way to go. Constant risk/reward between being immortal and having to be careful which trees to clip through. Glad to hear it works!

I agree about the timer bonus popup. We ended up putting those indicators in near the end, so I recycled the code for the tree fragments. I agree, it could be telegraphed better.  Thank you for playing!

All credit for the sounds go to Blackdrake21, I did add some code to randomize pitch but he did all the voiceover work. Our cats were not amused with him growling at the screen over and over to get a good take, but we hope they forgive us someday.

Thanks for playing! There isn't a way to "win" the game, it's just for high score chasing. We thought it would be a better message if the dragon keeps just showing the kobold more kindness instead. So the slope is endless. :)

I scored 19, and then kept matching or lowering that score every time, so I don't think I am very good at catching random showers of bouncing things. There are a lot of bouncing things, so definitely on the jam topic there!

The game is pretty funny, I love how they just are tossing a bunch at you while you are trying to catch them with such a small pot. It made me laugh imagining what sort of cooks would be doing this method of adding it to the pot.

I do wish the game explained what a Frijoles a la charra is on the summary screen. You did make me look it up though, so the game was educational (and sounds delicious)! :)

Nice little minigame!

I discovered on my own that we could move the bunny with arrow keys after shooting. It wasn't intuitive to me to try it but helped me get quite far, around 1500 before landing on a dreaded plant. I think some instructions explaining that we could move after shooting too would have made this clear.

Another improvement would be to make it clear how high the bunny is when it is off screen.  It feels really random when it comes back down. It almost defeats allowing us to move it around, since we have no chance to know when it will come back down. I'm not familiar with the original game, so maybe that is just part of the chance.

The little characters are all quite charming, music and sounds have been chosen well too! Very cool little game! I had fun!

It's innovative, and funny.  But I'm not sure this is fun. The bouncing tower placement seems to work against the idea of tower defense, making managing your resources utter chaos.  This would be ok as a challenge if we could still plan for it, but the projectiles seem to wobble about and have a mind of their own instead of being reliable distance/bounce bullets. So even with what feels like the "right" angle and power from last play, the gun won't land in the same spots when the level is tried again.

I also had several bugs, like sometimes the currency would just float around the cursor instead of being collected. This basically killed me the first game I played as I can't spend the currency if it hasn't collected yet.

Last, you can cheese it really badly if you just always shoot very low speed defense spawns right around the player. I think having a ranged or exploding enemy would help eliminate this issue, so we have to keep the enemy far away. I surrounded the shooting point with the first guns and was basically immortal after that. 

One idea you could try is to make the guns defense based on how much "oomph" the player shot them with, or perhaps even how many wall bounces the gun did before stopping. That would encourage taking the risky bouncy shots over the safe small putts.

I feel a game to be found here if you embrace the chaos and balance for it carefully. It started being a little fun every now and then.

I think with some clever level designs, and better physics for shooting the defenses, this could really become something great.

Wow, this was very adorable and cute.

I had a couple of issues: 1. the dialog skip inputs would sometimes feel a bit slow or not respond. Tapping again usually fixed it and continued playing the scenes. 2. there was no way to exit the game, so I had to ALT+F4 to get out.

The art is rather adorable, the game also works really well. I like the little bouncing when moving, and that it is actual bouncing instead of just an animation (meaning we can bounce and slip off an edge if we are not careful.) The charge up to jump higher also works pretty nice!

I kind of wish we had a gameplay answer for when an owl was attacking us. It seemed some would chase me but aside from running away we don't seem to be able to attack or fight back. Often, I just used the invincibility frames from being whacked to charge up a jump and run off to other parts of the level, that seemed to work but feels cheap.

The poor foxy needs a treat though, lol!

One way to expand it could be to add some other objects. Maybe a sun that pulses to create a base beat. A clump of asteroids that cover an entire octave, but lack the momentum to escape the planet they bounce off from, so they create a melodic repeating note pattern when repeatedly bouncing off a surface. A black hole that spits out the planets out the white hole placed elsewhere, to create dynamic "loops" of orbits/bounces. All kinds of strange generative things could be done.

This was a strange and interesting experimental toy. I liked how it makes almost music even though it is just orbital bounces. It certainly is interesting, though I have a hard time imagining what else it could do if expanded upon.

I was a bit sad the web version cannot add planets. I think post jam a good update would be to add buttons or another input to add/remove them for the web version. Hotkeys would be great for this!

It reminds me a bit of an old game called SimTunes, where there wasn't any goal, instead the players just make musical notes and random artsy things. Perhaps if there was a way to set spawn points for the planets so the simulation could be reset reliably, and then a way to export and share the simulations with other users, we could make similar shared experimental music experiences.

Very cool idea here!

This was so cute! I love the art, the sounds are great, and the music is pretty cool too!

It took me a while to figure out I could wrap the screen, or that black clouds boosted me slightly higher then white ones. I'm also not sure if every layout is possible, I had several attempts where it felt like the clouds were just a little too far apart, or the black clouds made it only possible once despite being able to safely land backwards.

But it is cute and fun! The fast reset, plus the achievable distance, removes any long-term frustration too. I loved it!

The bouncing off the trees feels wrong, I expected it to bounce off the middle of the trunks but it seems to bounce off the bottom of the trunks instead. And some of the tree lines don't seem to work at all, though I do not know if that is a bug or just because I was missing the "barrier line" of the trees.  It's hard to read the line or understand how things will react since the visuals do not match the actual geometry.

Thankfully, you give us infinite shots, so it's just a matter of poking a bit to understand where things bounce. I had fun figuring out some of the screens, and I appreciate you introducing the dinosaurs one at a time with levels that require understanding to move on. It's very well designed overall, nice work!

I would love it if hitting the objects made sound! Blup for the ponds, roar for the dinosaurs, maybe a clunk for the trees, and so on.

I'm also not sure I understand what story is happening here. I don't really know why both the start and exit are a volcano. It seemed a bit random, lol.

Very nice work! The dinos are so adorable!

So this is an ok start. It is way too easy as is, by mashing spacebar and holding left and right you can just clear the whole level in like 5 seconds.

If you expand this, I would limit the changing of direction somehow. Some ideas: 

  • A charge up power bar thing, over time the space bar can work again but then once used we have to wait and bounce normally.
  • Make it into a normal breakout with the bat at the bottom, but with 1 direction change per bat hit (or even multiple ones if powered up with a pickup like traditional breakout).
  • Make the change directions be pickups on the stage, and then allow the player to apply them at will through some kind of card/power selection system. So they become a strategic part of the breakout layout for the stage.
  • Allow space bar to change direction, but it always just adds 90 degrees to a diagonally moving ball. So we have to find a "flow" through the levels/screens.

I liked the touch of having the blocks fall down off the stage when hit. A sound effect, or splitting the blocks apart graphically into two or more particles, would add some needed oomph to hitting the blocks.

I have to give this high ratings on the jam attributes because it is too much boingy.

I will however state that this is, as self described, a very bad game. 

I rapidly clicked and got almost all visible cows the 4th or 5th attempt, and still lost with a "baad score" because apparently the other cows just never came down?  I think they bounced away into space instead of becoming playable/fair targets. Other attempts were losses due to controls clicking in between legs/heads or just not registering at all. All my scores ended up below like 24 or so, not even sure how many there is supposed to be on screen since they don't come down?

I'm trying to find positives here, but this just was not fun at all, sorry. :(

Umm...Music works, sound works, and graphics are certainly about cows. The custom popup and background image is a nice touch. I guess technically the bouncing works too, a little too bouncy though as the targets will just escape and be unclickable.

The puns, well, the pun I guess, since I can't see/earn the rest, were at least amusing.

What is here is impressive! I like that the balls all have different rules for how to get the most out of them!

It needs some kind of visible incentive to get the player hooked on improving their bounce per second gains. What is here is very functional, and I did enjoy figuring out the different ball rules and strategies for max bounces. But without an "end" goal after the 7th ball is unlocked any optimizing feels a bit pointless. I would consider adding a final goal, and maybe a time summary for how long it took to reach it. That way players want to improve their efficiency and start strategizing around the ball abilities.

This is very tricky and certainly boingy! I cleared it taking the top route on the last level first, then again to see the rest of the level. It was frustrating in the good, platforming way. 

I love the abstract "platforms" and was especially impressed by the fact they can be used both ways in that last level. There is a lot of cool code under the hood here, and the platforming feels pretty solid once the controls are mastered. 

I love the way the "ball" distorts to show how we are spinning/moving around. That is a very clever way to provide feedback for the input and show what the physics are doing even if platforms are off screen!

I wish it had some kind of catchy music or at least an audio cue when bouncing around. I wanted more levels to solve, so that's always a good sign!

This was a very interesting mix of the deck management and golfing!  I liked that having the "wrong" cards opens up another layer of strategy where ball placement after a shot becomes a puzzle! 

I found the final level frustrating, I think it pushes the requirements for directional choice, or lack thereof, too strictly.

I also really wish there was a way to zoom out or see the whole map each course, to better plan the route.  The first time through the course the spikes or dead ends can also be frustrating to discover.

The game is best when there are a few extra cards to pick up, but they are the wrong cards for the easy win. It feels awesome to plan a 3 or 4 card play chain with a couple wall bounces thrown in, and then manage to pull it off!

If this gets expanded upon, I would like to see more of those "wrong card solve in two shots or more" moments, and less of the moments where I just didn't have a solution at all (last hole did this almost every time). 

I'd like the hole designs to reflect multiple answers as well.  The current design is a bit too tight with how close the walls are. If the playable areas were a bit more forgiving for loosely aimed shots, I think the card/puzzle portion of the game would feel a lot better to solve.

Music was great, and graphics worked well too. The way the ball orbits and sinks into the exit was a very satisfying touch. Nice one!

Oh nice!  Thanks for checking it out, and making the video!  

I apologize for the lack of content, I ran into like so many bugs while putting this together. Overscoping did not help matters either, my original take would have had people party members vs monsters instead of just animals everywhere.  I really appreciate your honest feedback though!

Life stole me away from this project for now, but I've got this feedback noted for whenever I come back to it.  AHAD has always been this funny idea in my head, and I don't think I quite got there with this jam version. Next time I take a swing I should do better though!


Please forgive the shameless plug, this tool is amazing, and I am so glad you included a fishing pole!  Thanks for making it!

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I loved this, it's so cute!

I think it just got stuck when there are no balls left.  I had to refresh the page. (EDIT: I missed the part about pressing esc to go back to the menu, oops.  That's on me.)

Also, sometimes the cats can get stuck between the peg and the edge of the board (happened on the right side for me.), meaning they never score.  I think this can be fixed by making the board just a wee bit wider on the side.

But I still enjoyed it a lot.  The cute music and graphics, along with the silliness of the tumbling cats, really made it a fun distraction.  Thanks for making this. :)

This one is so very clever!  I managed to stack a 4 and keep the next on top, but the 4 still killed me later by being so thin and badly weighted.

As much as I like the concept, I will admit I'm not sure it's much fun as is.  It needs more depth to it, or some kind of clever twist later on.  I didn't find myself wanting to play more or go back to it.  It's for a jam, so I totally understand!  

Some ideas I had on the spot:  rotated numbers, different fonts, maybe a way to use two or more number shapes at once to get around bad placements or partial failures.  

One of the other more frustrating things with this version is that if a number falls over partway, the player is left dropping onto a slope with what feels like no chance of recovery.  

I feel like letting the player build a more complex tower that uses the whole grass platform might be a good way to overcome this, as we could get clever with leaning towers supporting each other.  It really depends on if the physics can handle that kind of abuse, however.

It really needs more audio.  Either more sound effects, or music.  Just having the sound gets a bit stale.  It's a bit odd, cause in options there is even a music toggle.  I'm guessing you just ran out of time, which is fine.  I was playing the web version, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Really nice job with this one, and clever use of the theme!

This was surprisingly fun!  I like that you took the game style of rouge and turned it more accessible with just spacebar to interact.  The presentation was a little confusing at first, but I did figure out most of the objects with trial and error.  I do feel the use of limitation is a bit weak.  But the game is fun and it's really cool how you did so much with so little.

It has nice music.  I liked what little concept was there, but it's clear the game needed something more.  I feel like you probably just ran out of time.  The interface was functional but also having the heat meter be on the opposite side of the screen from the furnace was frustrating.

I think with some post jam effort this could be made into something really nice.

This was pretty nice!  There's a lot of gameplay going on, and the graphics/music are nice too.

I wish there was a tutorial on the sun mechanic and shopping menu.  The first time I played I hadn't read the page description, so I just ran out of ammo and died, lol!  I'm not gonna knock points off for that, it's on me for not reading first.  Just something to think about adding if you take it further.

After the player upgrades enough, the snowmen all get 1 shotted and the game just goes forever.  I'd love to see this expanded on with some kind of meta/final boss/increase in difficulty for when we get too powerful.

Maybe some clouds could cover the sun and we have to make sure to upgrade our battery to survive the random weather change.  Just tossing ideas here.

There's a lot here that is fun, and I still wanted to play more when I finally lost.  You did great!

Thank you for playing!  We are glad to hear you enjoyed it!  Best of luck to your team and coding as well!

I drew the end, I guess that's the end?  Funny game though!  I drew random strange fish and lots of squiggles.

Nice little game!  I meant to try it out for a little while before bed, and here I am at 3AM coming back out of full screen, lol!  Haven't managed to get over 84 yet, which is frankly a bit embarrassing.  But my scores are still improving, so I'll be back.

I would love to see sound effects added for placing the hexes, something with a bit of pop.  Some sounds for the chaining or growth of houses/parks/dock connections would be great too.  I think with some good sound effects, and a bit of good/bad feedback from particle effects when placing a tile, the scoring could be made more obvious.  I had to read the instructions to understand why windmills were giving me negative points, for example.  The scoring is great, makes sense, and feels well balanced once I understood it though!

It's tempting to request music as well.  Though with how many times I played already, maybe that would just get irritating and take a while to load for not much gain.  It's easy enough to play background music ourselves.

I also second the request for a way back to the menu from in the game.  The instructions are there, so right now we have to refresh the page to go read them.  It would be great if on the game over screen there was a link to the title again.  Alternatively, a quick reference of the scoring values in the game itself through a popup card or something similar could help.

Thanks for a fun evening, and congrats on the jam too!  This is awesome!

Nice game!

SPACEBAR will jump, in case someone else is wondering!

I at first was confused and sent bunny to their doom, because the enter key started the game, but spacebar is the jump button.  Not sure if anything else also works for input.  Some instructions would help!

Got to 243!  It is a bit relaxing, actually, and I really fell into a trance around 50 or so onwards.  Watching the moon grow and eventually do the thing was an interesting but fair feeling way to make it harder.  Great job!

Nice one!  I liked the lighting effects, the puzzle like nature of the game was cool.  I got 2:15 my second run through.

My only gripe is that the falling panels are a bit too fast for the speed of the observation tools.  I found it hard to react.  I ended up in the end solving that section by just blind jumping in the dark, which feels counter intuitive after the clever puzzles before.  I'd love a little more delay on the falling/timed sections if you expand this to a bigger game, to let the player observe their surroundings and smartly "puzzle" their way through Portal final level style.

I loved the little teaching puzzle with the hidden arrows.  The little metroid-like surprise in the controls was cool too!  There's a lot of great design here!  Thanks for a great game!

Neat game!  I found it a bit frustrating being a speed run kind of game.  

I like the concept even if it can be a bit frustrating and cheap feeling at times.  The levels were all pretty clever, with a lot of traps I hadn't expected the first time but then had a "well duh" moment about it once they trapped me.

I got 109 deaths and 6:03 as my time. So I'm certainly not the best.  But I did manage to finish still and had a good time figuring out some of the trickier screens intended path!

I did find one exploit, restarting the game with R doesn't reset your double jump state, so on the first frame of a restart you can cheese some of the platforming. If intentional, there is probably a speed run that is amazing using this trick, though it would cost a life to respawn, so it doesn't help for the perfect run.

Thanks for playing!  Nice high score too!  

I'm ironically pretty rusty after all the testing for feel of the game in different versions, so 13x is about the highest I can manage right now.  The collisions have gone through so many iterations, lol!  I'll see about setting a developer record to beat eventually, unless someone skyrockets and beats me to it.

Oh, ok.  I guess I can leave it for now so others can be amused by my lack of tv knowledge.  Thanks for taking the time to explain it. 😄

Genuinely have no idea what you are referring to.  Is it from a tv show, movie, or youtube memes?  (I don't keep up with that stuff.)  Trying to figure out if this thread is spam to be removed or if it means something about the game to other readers.

It's a good start, love the minimal graphics and great sound effects too!  The graphics feel like if dark souls were made on an old computer system, it is a really neat style!  It's readable as well, I had no problems understanding what I could fall down through or walk through, and what was the level bottom/walls.  I want to see more!

The music feels a little out of place, I would expect chiptune-like horror, but it sounds like it's instrumental wave based instead.  It still works for atmosphere, it just stuck out to me given the rest of the retro style presentation.

The way attack works makes it hard to hit enemies in the air or when coming down from an upper platform.  I imagine this vertical handicap will only get worse when/if the later levels are more vertical in nature.  I think it would feel much better if the attack animation damaged a larger vertical area, or was extended (cheated just a bit) in vertical hit length.  You can keep the bottom "safe zone" in the player attack to leave the possibility of short enemies, but there were several times I felt the attack should have hit when falling/jumping by a frog/bird and instead I was punished with a damage hit on myself.

Being surrounded by enemies on the ground appears to be death, pretty much for the same reason.  The attack animation has no backwards or overlapping damage with the player area itself, so once an enemy touches the player they take damage even if they are mid-attack.  While this is fair (the whip should technically only damage on strike after all), it still feels bad when fighting two surrounding enemies at once for example.  I would love for the first frame of the whip drawback to have a hit area on the backside of the player too.  It wouldn't be too practical for fighting but would help alleviate being surrounded or tag teamed from both sides since the player could time hitting the "first" enemy with the backswing, then hit the later enemy on the front swing as normal.  This advice comes from my heavy playtimes of the NES castlevania games, so do what you wish!

It needs a way to earn health back with good play.  I understand not having enemies drop health, as that would feel too cheap and add an element of luck.  But maybe something like a combo system that drops health pickups to reward the player for killing enemies within a combo timer by restoring some health.  Or add a health pickup to discover in the level for exploring a bit off the "fastest" path or attacking hidden blocks.  (I was actually expecting that to be the reward for taking the top route on the triple ledge mountain, as the safe route through that section is to ignore the frogs completely.)

My main strategy when seeing new enemies on screen is to hold back and take the enemy out one at a time.  While this works, it isn't as fun as if the game encouraged me to have a "flow" through the enemies/level design.  You have a few patterns of enemies like that frog with a walking enemy, that if timed and charged at can be taken together with a single well placed attack.  I would love to see more of that, as it feels good to figure those tricks out with each playthrough!  I think having a health recovery reward or checkpoint system could also help encourage the player to press forwards instead of play it safe, creating a great feedback loop for improving the player's skill at the levels.

The difficulty here feels just right to me.  If not for my problems doing jump attacks I could clear this with a few more runs.  This is a fair feeling level distance to go before fighting a boss, and I did want to retry till I could get there reliably with health.  I only didn't beat the boss cause I got tired by the time I could run the level perfectly.  In a bigger game I would come back to try and beat him to see what's next.

However, I would not want to see any longer distance between a save/start point besides what is shown here.  If levels get longer or areas start branching, you will need more checkpoints or a way to restore health before the boss fights when learning them.  I think with a lot of practice I could do better of course.  But I would expect a longer game to feel about this level's length between checkpoints, just ramping up the difficulty of each section instead of the length.  

The boss first run is almost always going to be to die to him due to not knowing his patterns and barely clearing the stage, so a checkpoint somewhere before him would respect your player's time investment.  You could still put some level area between the checkpoint and boss if you feel the level section would help practice attacking or break up the runs a bit.

I had a lot of fun playing!  I hope this feedback helps should you expand on this idea!  Thanks for making and sharing this! :)