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There are lots of non-programmer tools too!

This is actually made using Clickteam Fusion, which doesn't have typed "programming".  Alternatively you can look into Construct, for example, or RPG Maker.  (limited but it can help you grasp some basics about how games are put together under the hood, while teaching some basic scripting " logic" so when you get into code later on you can think like a programmer.)

There are also tons of tutorials online and free tools or engines out there to try out.  Don't get discuraged, even the best pros have days where they just copy and paste someone else's code and then study how it works.  Be patient, start small.

If you have not seen it already, I have a bigger version of this game with all the levels up on this same site.  The full version took about 3 months extra work beyond here in case you are curious.  That's with CT fusion doing most of the code work such as rendering graphics for me, so game making is a long process even with these tools.

The "great game jam" games you often see are from people with years of practice.  Don't let that discourage you from trying.  I assure you each of them have terrible to behold first projects that are hiding in an old hard drive or recycling bin somewhere from years ago. ;)

Stick with it, keep exploring, you'll find your "jam tool" eventually.  Don't be afraid to try new stuff or make something terrible, that's how everyone learns. :)

I look forward to better search features in the future then!  Thanks!  Helping people find cool stuff can only make this great site get even better.

Is there a way to search in, for example, the assets category on itch.io, instead of just landing on the game searches for published games?

I tried shopping for sound effects in assets earlier, and don't have time to flip through all the pages and pages of mostly free stuff.  (Great work artists for offering such things by the way!  It's a nice problem to have!)

If there is any way to search in a category, I didn't find it intuitively in the website interface.  Might want to look into that to promote sales and finding other stuff besides games.  I know this is primarily a game site, but we creators need to be able to connect with art/sound/code asset makers too!

TLDR: I wouldn't mind the delay at all!  Take your time! :)

I'm still in the planning phase for what I am using them for.  

So far, I'm thinking it will be some sort of puzzle/platform game where the player interacts with the level (or maybe leaves guide commands for them to follow) to guide the animals through.  I'm envisioning each of them having some special power or interaction, like maybe the bunnies can jump an extra space further/higher for example.  Maybe even interacting with each other, so like tigers would scare bunnies allowing them to turn around.  Nothing too violent though, they are all much too cute for that.  They will all be friends and help each other, even if a bit unwittingly in some interaction cases.  ;)

But I need to find time to code it first, and nail down their abilities.  I think the end result would be very cute and hopefully fun to play.  But I have a lot more coding and planning to do before I can show anything, and it's a bit of a side project for now.  Life has not been kind to my free time lately.

So yes, if you need to take the time to start the project over to make them better, I totally understand!  It would all be for the better for everyone!

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Hi erikari!  Are you still planning to add the other animals like the description says?  Any word on when the rest will be ready?  It has been a long time since you posted anything. :o

I am particularly looking forward to the tiger.  The bunnies are super cute, but this pack would have a lot more potential if the other animal types could meet/chat/interact with them, or go on fluffy adventures together!

If you are still open to suggestions, I think a hawk/eagle, a song bird, and maybe some sort of lizard or fish based animal would help round out the collection of little animal things. :)

Crouching/Ducking/Hiding animations would be cute too.  Maybe they could crouch down and crawl along the ground to sneak under things.

I know it would make it more like all you do is "push push push" to use a controller instead of "click click click".  

But I was thinking of using pico-8 for it's simplicity (read, stupidity) of input (and the challenge of squeezing clicker gameplay out of something that has very limited numbers and memory).  

But I don't know if not using the mouse feels right against the theme.  I get the feeling I'd be knocked down some points for having people press Z/X instead of clicking the mouse/tapping the screen.  Pico-8 has no mouse input to use, so I'd have to use something else instead.

What do you all think?  Should we stick to inputs related to the mouse/touch screens, or is the concept of having to repeatedly press something to progress more what the theme is about?  The theme summary mentions VR, which from what I understand has no mouse, so...

(I have to agree I'd love to see someone try a VR clicker game, lol.  I don't own the hardware or I'd give it a spin myself.   But the thought of someone needing to bob their head or look left and right thousands of times to progress is too funny to pass up.)

Nice simple concept, but was very fun once I got the hang of the timing.

I like that we have to swing by "feel" instead of any visual timers/bars, it felt a bit more like real golf that way. It was a lot of fun when I started getting the timing, with just that fun golf bit of "not 100% sure where this is going" even when I started to master the timing of the three keys.

I'd love to play a full course with these controls some day. Great entry! :)

Really nice little game. Gets very hard fast, controls couldn't be simpler, and the retro graphics are cool too. The main menu took a few seconds of poking things to understand what did what. But the game itself is indeed cool, fun to play, and the graphics/music are nice as well.

Crashed the ship right away. Ok, I went and read the manual, and learned how to control the ship speed.

Next step, learning how to read the very low visibility canyon. A few deaths later, I think I can do most of the first level except for that part when the cave opens up. I still get disorientated and fly nose upwards into the ceiling sometimes.

Then I got to shooting a target. I'm still not sure if the enemy or my own stupidity hitting walls is what killed me. :p I did shoot bullets at everything along the way, so I'm sure the cave is covered in craters. Go big or go home I guess. I make a good plane crashing terrorist, which makes me wonder who's really who in this game.

All that said, the game's design is pretty slick and well within the spirit of the jam. I wish the game was better at teaching me how to play it. I want to play it. I think the game's style of "low visibility caverns" and "flight physics" has lots of potential.

I too got stuck, the "ghosting" ability does not seem to work, or perhaps there was some other condition to using it I could not figure out. Pressing it seems to play some sort of sound effect but that's all. Unfortunately that leaves me stuck staring at the stars and trees on this side of the water. Very pretty stars and did like the art style of what little I saw though.

This one is an OK little game! I loved the little rope effect and the concept was cute too.

I think I might like it more if the game graphics were scaled up so we could see it better. I had to use my browser's zoom feature to play it. Sound and music would have also helped a lot with the presentation.

If it gets expanded on, I would have really liked to see a way to "come back" from a mistake. Maybe stacking perfectly multiple times in a row could give a "widen" platform to allow building big again. The amount of perfects to "recover" could be based on how big of a chunk was misplaced. It's a bit discouraging to play once you figure out that missing a block makes the whole game harder forever.

Nice little mini game though! :)

Thanks for all the feedback!

I've been in a heat wave here in Indiana, USA, so I've been rather drained and sleep deprived lately. My computer also runs a bit hot when developing games even in normal weather. Our home's air conditioning hasn't been able to keep up with the heat, so I have had to turn the computer off sometimes. Which of course means not much work gets done on the game those days.

I just wanted to write a quick note here thanking all of you who took the time to write comments on this page. It really made my day to log in and read them, and know out there in the internet, others are playing and enjoying Drake. :)

The new levels are taking a lot longer then expected, sorry. But it is very encouraging to read all your feedback and know others are enjoying Drake even if it's just a slice of the full game. I shall keep working on it! (When I can, storms should help cool some of this heat down soon.)

A long year ago, I had made an entry into the 64x64 pixel #lowresjam here on itch.io. My entry only had a single stage, but I had said I would make the other stages and complete the game later. This is a lot "later" then I initially had in mind, but I have completed the other levels and you can now play the full game!

I would love it if you could take the time to play the game, and share the link around your circles so it can hit as big an audience as possible.

For you fellow itch.io players/publishers who are still reading this, I'd also love some feedback on the price. The flash version provided is the entire game, so you are not missing any content behind the paywall. Is the experience and the convenience of "owning" a copy of the game worth that price tag to you? Why or why not?

I could really use some feedback on this because as a completely broke gamer myself I have very little grasp of what a "normal" or "average" gamer would feel is worth the money. (I know there is no such gamer, but I hope you get the idea what I'm trying to say.) I'd be happy to change the price one way or another, but I really don't want to "undersell" the game's design work, especially since my graphics are very retro to a fault and such underselling might give the wrong impressions.

Oh, the guidelines say to put a screenshot here, but I don't know how. My page's screen shots are not showing up in the game page, I think it's due to being an HTML game page? How do I get the url for an uploaded screenshot on itch.io? (They must exist somewhere, cause the itch.io search page is able to use them in the thumbnail pop ups.) I guess till someone helps me just pretend some 4 color retro goodness is in this part of the post.

Got a new final version up for ya, with better transitioning ghost mechanics. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking it out!

Ok, that's great to know, thanks!

Which graphic are we supposed to be using? Is there a link somewhere?

Since we are required to include a graphic in our final game. what resolutions should we shoot for?

Is it ok to crop/resize the credit image to a smaller resolution, 640 x 480 for example, or use our own in game tag for #iwanttocreate on boot up instead?

The image doesn't seem to be on the page for the contest, by the way, or at least I can't find it on itch.io. There are a few conflicting image links floating around posted by community members, and then the weirder stuff press material page that only has these huge vertical sized web banners. Can someone from CT confirm which images we are supposed to use in our entries?

I'd like to also mention that I'm developing on a laptop with a pretty low resolution, so developing and testing at the size of the web banners from weirder stuff press materials would be "interesting" to put it lightly. ;) I really hope I can go all lower res and pixely instead.

I used Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion 2.5 for this one, with a lot of custom events for my own platform movement. Glad you enjoyed playing it, and thanks for the comment!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! It was a fun little project. :)

I'll figure out how to get the other levels out to all my players when they are ready. It's going to be a while. I'd rather they be polished and flow well then rush them.

Ok. In the spirit of the jam then, I'll probably need to either:

1 - Wait out the jam review period before updating with the rest of the levels.


2 - Upload a second "full game" version, and just update the description of the first one with something along the lines of "this is the jam entry version, if you want to play the full game go view this page instead".

I'm nowhere near a release date for the other levels (I really don't want to rush them). So this might all be a moot point for me if the jam review period passes before my levels are ready. But hopefully this thread helps some others out too. :)

Short version: Can we update the jam game entry after the jam submission deadline, or are we expected to make a new "game entry" on itch.io for any updates?


I confess, I scoped way too big for what I can get done. (I do this a lot. :p ) I have a single level out of 6 (yikes) and will probably spend the last part of the jam crushing bugs instead of making more content. I am probably submitting a version with just the 1 level and a "sorry I ran out of time" screen at the end for the jam deadline at this rate.

Having said that, I see no reason to stop making my game. It's turned into something of a passion project, and I'd love to finish the plans, if nothing else, so that players can finish the small plot and little world I made for it. I would release the levels as an "update", or "upgrade" to the game.

Are the jam entries going to be free to update after the jam?

I kind of figure they can be updated since I don't think this is for any prizes. But it's not specified anywhere in the rules page if the games are expected to "lock up" their versions at the end of the jam for any sort of judging deadlines.

I can see why this might cause issues, since post-jam the page will probably still link out to the games and it would seem "unfair" to people using the deadline strictly for someone to update. Or someone could make a "hi res" version of a game entry and ruin the whole 64x64 screen conditions for the collected entries after the jam.

But I think it's ok, right?

Hello all! Welcome to the message board! I am Gawain Doell, creator of Drake. I hope you enjoy the game, I know I have (mostly) enjoyed making it.