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Another one!?!? SOLD!

Is there any way to control the paddle with the mouse? Or is it strictly keyboard controls?

I dunno about some of those faces... The rest of the anatomy looks great in the one screenshot though. The heads are noticeably absent. 

This game failed to grab me at the start. It begins much to slowly to build enough interest to make me invest any significant amount of time. Judging by the comments, it seems that beyond the, frankly, boring intro is grindy busy work.

I hope you can redesign these earlier elements to make something more satisfying. 

So it should be pretty easy to fix then, right?


What engine did you use to create this?

xD Thanks a bunch!
I never thought about taking it to the next level, but I really like that idea a lot!

I just showed this to my girlfriend. We had a really nice time with your game. She thought it was great! Thank you!

I'm not sure what you're supposed to do in the second phase. Just survive and dodge?

Thanks for this! It's the perfect tool to get a bunch of quick test assets!!

You've come a long way and worked so hard! As soon as you're better, the game will be done and you'll be able to cross that finish line! Ganbatte!

It was this part, which I'm guessing is automatically generated by I did see the mention for the patreon builds though. I was just thrown when I saw the price tag.

ohhhhh..... the subtext made it seem like you really expected that much. 


I'm also stoked to see this!

I uploaded a WebGL build! Yaaaay! It should play right from the game page, but if you have trouble, it is here for the next 30 days as well:

I wish this was longer! Really awesome!

I also uploaded the game here:

You can open the link in Firefox, or Internet Explorer to play it :)

I thought I was just doing something wrong because there were a bunch of submissions that didn't have any games uploaded.

DUDE! I haven't tried this yet, but it looks gorgeuos!!!