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A jam submission

Fragments (of the stars)View game page

HyperCard narrative game.
Submitted by Amorphous (@_morphous) — 3 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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wow this was unexpected for some reason. i liked the story, and really liked the bit rebooting both eyes bit. nicely done :)


Very unique story, I enjoyed it! 


Excellent! Impressed how much you were able to put together in a weekend. You picked a style that was fast to create but worked well for the style.

Now I want more Hypercard comics!


I've been meaning to make comics for a very long time, and somehow it took a HyperCard game jam to actually publish a thing that resembles a comic. HyperCard as an art program is really quite nice for these storyboard-esque scenes - just rough enough that it feels 'okay' to create artwork that isn't precisely polished.

However, the programming aspect of HyperCard was painful enough that I'm not sure I'd want to revisit that bit. Maybe one of these days I'll end up making my own HyperCard-esque paint program...


excellent writing and art!


Thank you!


i really liked this, it makes you feel a connection with the characters in so few time


I typically write overly long stories, so it was quite a challenge to get the plot down to something that would reasonably fit in HyperCard.  I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!


Alternating between conversation and repairs is such a good idea, it's so dynamic! Love the change in visuals too in the beginning, from lacking eyesight to gaining it. Such lovely details.


Thanks for playing! I was pretty worried about the alternating repair section in the middle, since it was the most branching / coding I had to do for this project, but I'm glad it seemed to work out!


face is like puzzle


I actually wanted to make this into a jigsaw puzzle game at first, but I definitely didn't learn enough about HyperCard to make that reality.


unfortunately i don’t think you can implement click-and-drag in hypercard, and i read a lot of the hypertalk doc :c


Oooh! I echo what whtrbt said - I definitely want to know more about this world! Looking forward to seeing more stories in this setting.

Thanks for making this :D


Thank you for playing! I've got a lot more I want to do with these characters and the world, but I haven't quite figured out when and how yet. But that's for future me to explore.


Wow, you got a lot done in such a short time. Great world building - was this entirely made up for the jam?


Thank you! The characters are part of a much bigger story that I've been working on for a while, but this particular story (and the designs for the environments) were created for the jam.