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Thank you for your detailed review, glad you had a look at it ^_^

woaa this was the first game in the jam that felt like a traditional game. and with music! congrats on such a well-executed entry :3

(i have no clue what to do with my shard ^^)

wow, what an amazing and unique experience. flashes of q hayashida went through my mind as i got to know new friends on the S.S. Nostalgia

shakes head vertically

wow, very mystlike. good job on putting together such a complete experience, i had no idea you were so good at creating art 0.0

extremely bequa, eel/eel points. i got something of a knights of sidonia vibe from it :~ loved the left- & bottom-most screen :3

wow this was unexpected for some reason. i liked the story, and really liked the bit rebooting both eyes bit. nicely done :)

i really liked this, it felt like being in an junji ito novel; i was uncertain as to everything

There is no integrated way. But since Hypercard is completely read/write, you would simply choose the button tool, select the link on the zettel you want to remove it from, and delete it. 

Backlinks are represented as text in a field, and they are a bit more cumbersome to remove. To remove a backlink you would need to select the field tool, unlock the text of the backlink you want to remove, and erase its characters.