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bird :)

go into defender, select “allow on device”, and start actions to enable bird :) windows detects it as a virus because windows is cock and balls

this is a very good game 👍

unfortunately i don’t think you can implement click-and-drag in hypercard, and i read a lot of the hypertalk doc :c

i mean like once i saw them i tasted blood in my mouth for some reason, i guess you could say i was very immersed to feel a nocebo lol

it is dope as fuck, the ending caught me a little off guard but i understand the time limitation

linux version runs flawlessly for me

i feel like i did a few too many things out of order, once the pickled cucumbers were done the rest of meal was also completed, other than that, brn! brn brn brn, brn. brn. brn brn :)

i named them dog

the card where it says "... and it can be reproduced an indefinite number of times from these." oddly reminds me of nested.

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i put jon as a rouge and garfield as a demon and it realistically depicted the absolute domination by garfield, im sorry jon

the morning jingle will haunt me forever

face is like puzzle

yeah, you could say im scared

my favorite hands down

i like how there is a man in the finger

i am lost for words because i only have one: yes.

it go forward and it have good art. good job :)

the art in some of these games is something i feel like i should screenshot and save for later...

the ending was a lesson i have been thought before, and was not stranger to. both by others and myself, the futility of some objectives has been demonstrated profoundly.

not really :p



i was very interested in writing things in C for the mac when i saw this in development and i thank you immensely for including the source :)

you can use the exportfl app included in the workstation image to export the zip into the outer lands

ok cool but what do i do now i must uncover more

i love it, what i don't love is reading, but i would read through this again :)

today i was the driver vrooom

my favorite was the performance of thick eyebrows it was really cool :D

the words have been read carefully, they are kind words

i like how it is spooky but i do not like the teeth also i like how you left in the accidental spots left by the pencil tool really puts it all together hehe

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i love the art style it is like cube

edit: i like cube