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thank you for checking out =)

oh wow, this game has two of my favourite things:

1 - alien and funny machines

2 - the desert 

I had lot of fun, expecially the jeep is slippery enough to make it challenging sliding all around with it. 

I played it for 15 minutes, i though it would have become boring playing more than this, but it is fine for a jam game (this gameplay could easily be a smaller section of a larger game).

PS: i'd have liked the option to have it fullscreen, i could activate two different screen sizes but no fullscreen (win 10).

this is really good, at some point it got me thinking "is this what youtubers do for a living?" 

oh no i give it so much spaghetti it got sick! now i clearly fit the italian grandma stereotype D=

memo to myself: lower the default volume next time!

thank you dears <3

i should get more informed about mushrooms u_u

thank you for making this, to me it felt a bit like walking through a poem by kahlil gibran

i really liked this, it makes you feel a connection with the characters in so few time

i loved walking through those architectures, thanks

thank you for making this! as other said, you got really a lot of stuff from just few cards, it is also fairly balanced, i played it two times and i won just one =)

this was really lovely <3

i loved this so much, really feels like flying over alien architectures

sorry, that's the only set of teeth i have, cannot grow another =P