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Thank you! What are you curious about exactly? I can forward the question to clat :D

Thank you! Well, if I had to do the art myself, I wouldn’t have been able to do even one frame in the whole weekend hahaha

Thank you! In the context, I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, since everyone was way more creative than we were :’D

ps: I replied to this this morning, but I didn’t thread it properly because I’m a fool :P

I’m in love :‘D I hope one day I’ll be able to be as crazy (in the best possible way) as you are!

The visuals are like Myst meets Antichamber: awesome!

Thank you for making this.

Beautiful! The environment is super nice :D

Thanks for making this!

I wasn’t expecting anything else from you! :’D Very informative

Thanks for making this

More wizardry - congratulations! Looks like I have some code to sink my teeth into.

Thanks for making this!

Very “meta”, and very powerful words.

Thank you for making this.

Even more mad props, then! :’D

I liked this as a reflective experience, though I still can’t wrap my head around the editor. That’s likely on me, though.

Thanks for makning this!

hahahaha where did you find the images? Those are great!

Thanks for making this :D

Interesting! Did you find some documentation describing how to work with multiple channels? I might do a post-jam update :3

Ally with other people! Pinged you on Mastodon… And thanks for the comment :D

Thank you! Sounds like I’ll need to put some more games in my backlog :3

Yaaay for surreal, witty text! This had me laugh out loud :’D

Thanks for making this!

Thank you for the kind words!

About room changes: we also had the same feeling when we were playtesting D: Adding transitions/animations ended up being the top item in our leftover polish list. We figured out how to use effects only too late in the jam process, and we ended up calling it a day.

It was our first time using HyperCard, so everything was new and unknown.

I’m considering doing a post-jam update to tweak many of these small things, though, so thanks for the feedback :D

Thank you!

This is one of those projects that, the more we worked on it, the more we liked it and wanted to put more work. After submitting this, we have the feeling we might do some more HyperCard stacks in the future :3

This was great! At some point I thought the main character was also becoming a Shadow, as you look into mirrors and don’t see your own reflections. Great little piece of scifi, anyway :3

Thanks for making this!

Who-hooo! Congrats, and thanks for the kind words!

Well, here’s a hint: you won’t do much on your own… Better ally with other players ;)

Simple but great idea! Boy, how I wished HyperCard made it possible to have multiple instruments playing at the same time and get chords :3

Thanks for making this!

And I thought I was being excessively cryptic… ;)

Thanks for making this!

TIL about “slugging” :O

Thanks for making this!

Is this Bryce I spy? :D

It reminded me of those “scale of the Universe” animations where you go from galaxy-scale to sub-atomic.

Thanks for making this!

It’s great how much you’ve achieved in 3 main cards! Strong narrative, also thanks to its strong link to the current times…

Thanks for making this!

Oooh! I echo what whtrbt said - I definitely want to know more about this world! Looking forward to seeing more stories in this setting.

Thanks for making this :D

Just left me wanting for more :3 The way the images are “scrambled” and pieced together is super cool!

Thanks for making this! :D

Wow! The visuals are so crisp and clean.

Thank you for making this and looking forward to the updates :D

hahaha this is awesome! And more code wizardry :O

Thanks for making this!

Hoooly bajeeje! This is pure wizardry. I knew I wasn’t a good programmer, but this is really next level. Now I just need to find a way to read that juicy source code :3

Thanks for making this!

Weird and mysterious: I particularly like the delivery. Also, another game about dreams :D

Thank you for making this!

Gives me the same feeling of wandering in awe that I have when I visit exhibitions at the Biennale of Venice.

Thank you for making this!