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ah davvero, sto imparando italiano!  

Try this, think it should fix it

Hi @Dhelio I can take a look later today but could you post a link to your .xml file that it had generated? thanks!

really interesting strategy game and nice to see a clojure entry

puzzles started to get pretty good!

Hi @ManFromNeptune,

Yeah i'd like to attempt a 3d version at some point, not sure when i'll have time to though.  In the meantime, the original auther has published a 3d version of the tiled model at

Now that Unity uses a modern version of C# it should be easier to get it running inside a Unity project

The hand drawn maze was super, especially love the submarine area.  Felt like a classic adventure game, good stuff!

ahh was looking forward to this one, great little world and very technically impressive!

good stuff!

beautiful scenes, really enjoyed this one

fantastically surreal scene to explore, good stuff!

short and sweet with some lovely scenes, especially the fish!

haha very cool

very humerous and the animation was really clever!

perfect art  style for hypercard

excellent writing and art!

oof this one was poignant, engaging mechanic too. Loved the going to sleep/eyes closing transition. Doo doo doo doo doo

Ahh was really looking forward to this one, lovely experience!

Loved it, and the quadtree generator was fascinating


very funny and the shape drawing was rad

great worldbuilding and i liked the countdown puzzle mechanic!

checked back in and love the improvements!

hahahahaha good stuff

hi @giakaama, 

You can just rotate the output object to be horizontal.  Just make sure your tile prefabs are facing that same direction (think it's -Z up?)

@Workday looks like newer Unity Editor changes broke a few things, I've released a 1.4 package (see downloads) that should fix this issue.

Thanks for the report!

cleared a couple systems before I died!

Really enjoying this!

had to manually reload in the tic with CTRL+R, but it wasn't that much of a hassle

Fun little adventure game with a good message.  Music was perfect, writing was entertaining. High marks!

yes use for anything you'd like, if you need a license let's say creative commons

what's your LD account?

looks great! If you get a chance maybe tag the download for windows so it will launch on the app?

New version is up with a fix for this, thanks again :)

(4 edits)


  • Foundation (ground) now correctly on bottom row
  • Upstream fix in Overlap Model that allows higher N value with bigger training data


This release probably doesn't work with pre 2017 Unity versions

  • Fixed Errors introduced in recent Unity releases
  • Removed Eppy Tuple dependency in favor of System.Tuple
  • Removed some warnings in console


  • Upstream optimizations, the Overlap model is now 20x faster
  • Training's 'record neighbors' now automatically compiles first, preventing an error


  • SimpleTiledWFC componet now uses a text asset for XML files, rather than a file path, this fixes an export issue where XML wasn't being included in the build.


  • base orientation changed to x-y axis (allows raw sprites to be used as tiles)
  • upstream optimizations
  • output components will stop calling Draw if every tile has been solved
  • output models respect scale
  • fix spaces in tile names breaking SimpleTiledModel (
  • fix Training not recording neighbors on top/right edges (

Hmm it should be possible, but i've never tried to set it up.

Here's a comment about setting up constraints:

I think the trick is to figure out the index of the desired tile, then in the wave array set that index to true and the rest to false for the desired tile. I also think the "while(Propagate())" has to be done before calling  "Run(seed, limit)" to finish the output

from the unity component, you can access the underlying model ( SimpleTiledWFC.model ), which will have the "wave" array and "Propagate" method

Oh, also i think setting up manual constraints would have to happen between these lines:

good catch, I've opened an issue and will sort it out for the next version (which should be ready in a week or so) explains it. Note that the unity version has a mirrored "L" orientation and is missing "/"

Glad you got it working!

ok think I know what's missing:

The Tiled model will auto generate symmetry variants. I use the last character of the tile prefab name to encode that, so you need "tri-L".

The default symmetry is "X", which is what it thinks the triangles are right now.

Howdy friends, this thread is for dumping research notes & links you put together during the jam. (as well as general discussion about the sciency aspects of your game) I'll start with some wiki articles about universe scale measures of time and space:

measurments of time and space