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ah right, periodic input is for a tiling training sample, you want periodic output set false.

An empty result could mean that there was no solvable output, maybe from a difficult input where it couldn't eliminate options for even a single ngram

'periodicInput' set to false should avoid that!

interesting mechanic and I liked the writing and card variants

killer mechanic I would play this a lot on my phone, great stuff!

love the ogre, this was easy to pick up!

interesting and challenging mechanic!

very polished, forgot how hard this genre is haha

love it!

@Gamedawg Huh this is weird nothing has changed here in ages, you can get windows at and mac at

I'll ask around and see if it's an itch issue

great let's play, thanks for posting!

Hi yes open or extract the zip file to play the game, or you can get and play it there, it works like Steam

this is a great video, thank you for playing!

great let's play video, thanks for sharing!

kiwi ship was very cute, this could become a pretty good bullet hell game when it's fleshed out more!

simple but smooth shooter, didn't seem to reset after i died. Great that it ran on the web!

yeah great take on the Baba concept, fun to puzzle out answers. Loved the fools victory

neat concept and impressive use of fennel/tic80, was satisfying to advance up the tree and player sprites

lovely music, i got pretty close to connecting the whole network!

Very enjoyable game to learn, impressed with the amount of polish here!

challenging pill dropper! loved the music, gameplay was fun and nicely polished.  Campaign mode and colorblind mode were cool additions!

nice qbert adaptaion, and very cool to see racket target the web. I enjoyed the devlog! 

ran great on windows, challenging platformer with decent polish, I liked it! The sprite animations were especially nice

great video thank you for playing!

you are very welcome! all you need is the Godot mono version

tricky concept, love it!

ah davvero, sto imparando italiano!  

Try this, think it should fix it

Hi @Dhelio I can take a look later today but could you post a link to your .xml file that it had generated? thanks!

really interesting strategy game and nice to see a clojure entry

puzzles started to get pretty good!

Hi @ManFromNeptune,

Yeah i'd like to attempt a 3d version at some point, not sure when i'll have time to though.  In the meantime, the original auther has published a 3d version of the tiled model at

Now that Unity uses a modern version of C# it should be easier to get it running inside a Unity project

The hand drawn maze was super, especially love the submarine area.  Felt like a classic adventure game, good stuff!

ahh was looking forward to this one, great little world and very technically impressive!

good stuff!

beautiful scenes, really enjoyed this one

fantastically surreal scene to explore, good stuff!

short and sweet with some lovely scenes, especially the fish!

haha very cool

very humerous and the animation was really clever!

perfect art  style for hypercard

excellent writing and art!