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Rekka & Devine

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The last version addresses most of your suggestions :)

Added multi-mirror modes!


While I tackle for control point issues, if you want a dark mode, just download this repo. And drag the themes over Dotgrid.

The latest version already exports both a .PNG and a .SVG

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On it :D Your english is great btw.

Replied to SPCTR in Oquonie Guide

Oh wow okay, you found a bug. The game save is stored in cookies, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it so it's compatible with the patch I'm working on to resolve this issue. Give me a few days to fix this and we'll test it :) Otherwise I'll implement cheat codes or something so you can warp there.

Replied to SPCTR in Oquonie Guide

Wait a minute, so you're the goldfish, you should be able to speak with the tall character that sticks out of the water north-west of the town, no?

Replied to SPCTR in Oquonie Guide

Okay, can you tell me when you crossed the door that lead you to the colourful room? What character you were, where you had just came from?

Replied to SPCTR in Oquonie Guide

Hi SPCTR, You're the second one who manages to get into the fish form without collecting any of the pillars. Could you tell me if you are using the current build? Or an older build, like the one from about 2 months ago.

I've been trying to upload it for days, but the internet situation in French Polynesia is terrible.

In the meantime, you could play from source from the GitHub repo. And build for electron yourself..

I cannot help you more until I reach Tahiti later this month.

sure! hundredrabbits@gmail.com

Send us an email and I will send you a download code :)

You're welcome :) !

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hg53, Working on touchscreen interactions: http://wiki.xxiivv.com/oquonie:issues
You should be able to full screen simply by pressing the expand window button? (OS X)

The last one was broken, I'm uploading a new one X64.

Is that good for you? Or would you prefer ARM?

Aaah! Nice :)

Too confusing, how silly ;)

"Most straightforward casual game 5/5!!".

It's up!

Hi hdznrrd :)

Uploading now.

Created a new topic Oquonie Guide

Where the hell do I go after finding the first red pillar?

This guide is meant to be a spoiler-free list of tips to help you proceed through Oquonie. So if you have not yet found the first pillar, this is not for you, so keep playing, for your only task at the moment is to find three matching tokens.

You have found a locked red door, a red pillar thing appeared next to one of the town's gates, you have been turned back into the first character, Necomedre. What do?


In your travels, you have met a small spiky ramen-eating character, speaking to him will have spawn in town and give you a token. You need his help, so make sure that you have found him in each of the worlds.


Many doors, across the worlds, were locked. You have gone through the levels without paying any mind to them but now you will need to find each world's Red Pillar to unlock the door. My guess would be that you are in town and do not know where to proceed next. So this is my tip to you.

Good luck.

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Oh! The second win in a row. Let me test this out right now :)

Replied to jkohen in Bugs thread

Hi! That last room potion bug should be fixed.

You have the latest build? What do you mean by "escaping the dungeon" :)

Fixed! :)

It's up! :)

Replied to SCl4 in Bugs thread

I may not have pushed that change yet? I'll double check :)

Keep it up, I'm sure you'll get to the end soon. If you really can't figure it out, make a screen recording, I'm sure someone here can give some advices.

oh that s simple then, let me make you a 32bit build :)

example 2: the shield will break against anything of 16 or above. The Donsol has 21, and thus breaks the shield

example 1 will hold against any enemy of 16 and below. And will protect you for 10 damages each time

I can make you a 32 bits build. In the meantime you can play with source.zip :)

I will investigate :) in the meantime, you can play with source.zip

You're using 64bits right

exactly :) some last room might have only 3, 2 or 1 card

You can only run if you have defeated all monsters, or have not run the previous room.

Leaving a shield behind and running, still counts as running.

updated the guide and removed "at the bottom of the deck

Replied to qkie in Bugs thread

they re up! :D enjoy

Replied to CPC_Rodrigo in Bugs thread

I left something commented, pushing new builds.

I'm the worse at deploying working copies.. I need to find a workflow.

Posted in Bugs thread

New builds are up :) Thanks a lot for the feedback and bug reports!

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Oh that's quite interesting.

When I play with physical cards, I just shuffle them and put them at the bottom of the deck. But the game puts them in the deck and shuffles the deck. I can't quite tell what's the better option for the narrative aspect of the game. Shuffling the deck means that the monsters move to a different room, shuffling the remains of the room and putting it under deck means that you eventually return to that room.

Replied to eneb in Bugs thread

Thanks! I've just fixed these 3 issues. I will make new builds :)

Good catch with the 25 instead of 26.

Replied to CPC_Rodrigo in Bugs thread

Looking into this right now :)