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On OSX, you can quickly insert or transform text by activating the Insert Mode with cmd+i, followed by cmd+d, for the date, for example.

We've disabled this for now until we're done with another issue, we'll bring it back as soon possible :)

Left only saves as flat files. So you decide which extension you like wether it be .txt, .md, .log, .html or others.

Woah! That looks amazing :)

Keep it up, I'm looking forward to see more!

AAahh damn, classic move.

Just pushed a patch that should not display it by default :)

Could you paste here, the content of your .grid file? We'll have a look :)

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To set a color to the active layer, you can open the color picker with ctrl+p, as described in the guide — And type an hexadecimal color code.

Hey Jan,

Press the layer name, in Layers > Foreground, or press ctrl + 1/2/3.

You can also look at the guide for additional controls.

Press menu>reset, or ctrl+delete.

Try `cmd+p` and type in `500x500` or some other size :)

This is the right place :)

You shouldn't need to install it, you should be able to launch it directly from the extracted file?

Press `ctrl+p`, and then type `500x500` or any other size.

Absolutely, you can render a PNG image with ctrl+r.

Dotgrid community · Created a new topic Official Guide
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  • New: CmdOrCtrl+N
  • Open: CmdOrCtrl+O
  • Save(.grid): CmdOrCtrl+S
  • Render(.png): CmdOrCtrl+R
  • Export(.svg): CmdOrCtrl+E
  • Build Icons: CmdOrCtrl+B


  • Copy: CmdOrCtrl+C
  • Cut: CmdOrCtrl+X
  • Paste: CmdOrCtrl+V
  • Undo: CmdOrCtrl+Z
  • Redo: CmdOrCtrl+Shift+Z
  • Delete: Backspace
  • Deselect: Esc


  • Line: A
  • Arc: S
  • Arc Rev: D
  • Bezier: F
  • Close: Z


  • Linecap: Q
  • Linejoin: W
  • Mirror: E
  • Fill: R
  • Color: G
  • Thicker: }
  • Thinner: {
  • Thicker +5: ]
  • Thinner -5: [


  • Add Point: Enter
  • Move Up: Up
  • Move Right: Right
  • Move Down: Down
  • Move Left: Left
  • Remove Point: CmdOrCtrl+Backspace


  • Foreground: CmdOrCtrl+1
  • Middleground: CmdOrCtrl+2
  • Background: CmdOrCtrl+3


  • Tools: U
  • Grid: H


  • Picker: CmdOrCtrl+P

Wow, that's really not working as expected then. I will try to reproduce these issues.

Yes! If we could update the community post content with the butler, that would work. I'd love to push game guide updates during push the process.

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I'm guessing that you're typing `warp to` instead of `warp in/into`.  Could you test these actions and tell me if they behave as described?


  • warp to the red teacup -> Warp to a distant vessel's parent location.
  • warp in the yellow teacup ->Warp in a distant vessel's location.
  • warp to any teacup ->Warp to a random distant vessel's parent location.
  • warp in any teacup ->Warp in a random distant vessel's location.
  • warp anywhere ->Warp in a random distant vessel's location.

It's offline at the moment, we need to spend some time making it better and faster.

Maybe during the upcoming months we can get to that.

It could be simply a collapsible part of the page, 

but the best situation would be a button that links to its own page, something accessible through the client as well. 

To Edit

I was thinking a box just underneath the description. Would this feature were to become very popular, maybe its own tab, but until then, I don't think it's necessary.

One thing that would make us very happy would be to have the option to include a lengthy collapsible guide/instruction to each of our games. The current Game Description field is perfect for basic description of the game, but including the game guide on there makes for a less than elegant page where all the content/purchase/forum is moved at the bottom.

Thanks :)

You can now remove an attribute with `transmute gold into anything`. It will remove the attribute to a visible gold vessel, like a gold cat.

Fixed :)

Fixed the white page bug :)

I'll investigate that white screen bug. You can add a very long usage, instead of using `@if(ELSE)` just make `@if(a) @if(b) @if(c)`.

You can open the console with cmd+.

That is already implemented if you wanna try to make a Paradise Browser.

You can press `ctrl+shift+s` to export a JSON file of the universe.

I won't lie. It has been on my mind.

Okay, I spent some time and implemented your concept into ParadiseCore, by making the `usage` and @wildcard tools more flexible.

It is now possible for anyone to create their own actions within the paradise tools themselves.

You can display the entire dialog into the parent vessel's note using the append wildcard flow.

How to append content to a vessel's note.

create a typewriter
enter the typewriter
program note @_note @query
usage type You typed "@query".
use the typewriter
(1 edit)

The Dialog engine is an original idea from @mobadon. This example demonstrates how to create a vessel with enabled dialog tools.

create a character
enter the character
usage say You said "@query". @if(@query IS hello THEN The character replied "hi". ELSE The character looks confused "huh?".)
say hello


Yup, it's broken.

I shall fix this.

Oh? Let me double check :)

(1 edit)

Oh, that's because `cat`(it's a vessel name) is not an attribute. I will clarify the reaction text.

Yeah, no. You can transmute things around you as well :) As in `transmute glass into gold`, will affect all visible glass vessels.

Well, so `transmute` alone would make sense to remove your own attribute? And `transmute the cat` to remove the attribute of a visible vessel?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around a good way to remove an attribute. If anyone has any idea :)

Excellent haha.

I'll look into using `destroy` as a verb to remove vessels, what do you think?

Okay, I'll see that I can do :)

You can always reset the game with `ctrl+shift+n`, save your world with `ctrl+shift+s`.