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The room is bound by very specific rules that each animal is trying to understand/explore/defeat in their own way (Cat is hot tempered, Owl studious etc).

The very first rule is that the room resets after a certain period, if say Cat scratches the walls, the scratches will disappear after the reset and return to its first state: a room with unbreakable walls, a school desk, a pen, a blank sheet of paper, and all memory of what occured in the previous state is gone.

wow, that's great :).

That leads nowhere, that was a decorative thing that turned out to be a confusing, not-so-great idea XD... sry about that, we've corrected that in the new (Uxn) version.

Um. You may have encountered a bug. The classic version of Oquonie still has some problems.

We recently released a new version of the game which won't have these issues (Oquonie(Win95+ in the downloads), but of course, you will have lost your progress :/. We're really sorry about this.

Just by curiosity, have you done the level in the library?

Um, that sounds like a line-ending issue. We'll get back to you on this (apologies for the delayed response).

Due to this version being based on Electron, it has a lot of security flaws. You can look over the source code(Github) if you'd like to veto those security flaws yourself. Alternatively you can use the SDL2 version:

We're still busy porting our projects to Uxn. Hiversaires and Oquonie are on that list. We're a small two-person team, it takes a while to get things done sometimes.

Uxn will use any available mouse device, it doesn't handle tablets any differently.

Have you had issues with other SDL applications in the past?

Oh right, sorry it's kind of confusing, but I mean uxn emulator, on the GBA. The gba rom is basically a uxnemu wrapping a uxn rom, I meant, that bd should handle the key repeat at the uxn emulation layer, not at the gba emulator layer ;)

Just fixed the sticky cursor issue that draws even if using the d-pad. I think the repeat should be handled at the emulator level, ideally it could not even repeat.

You're running it through an emulator or an actual device?

Mhmm, you can toggle the dots on and off if you need, but why is it broken with Aioi? It should still work the same. I'll dig into it.

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Yea you're right, it used to have one.  We'll add it back :), just give us a bit of time.

yea there's no save, that is intentional. Yufo has a very short life anyway

EIther way, glad it works :)

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Are you on the latest version? Could you tell us what steps you did to run Yufo?

We  updated the guide yesterday, it covers how to launch roms:

Are you on Windows? If so we made an update, should be fine if you re-download the emulator.

For a bigger screen size, press F1.

That is so cool.

We use Node's UDP library.

What do mean by the "porting"?

Here's a little gif where a Donsol is killed.

This relied on a Chrome feature, I had to remove it from the application, it used the webMIDI implementation. It could be re-implemented but it's a tricky one, and would only work for people using Chrome.

Of course it's possible, you can't show up to fight a Donsol without a shield tho. It will destroy any shield, but if you have enough life, you'll take the left-over damages from the shield breaking and loose a bit of life, but it won't kill you.

The official window installation guide doesn't work for you? Could you try this one instead?

AAAH! Well done :D

Alright, now.

1) ... there must be a more elegant sentence that would allow me to launch the application without "going down" in each folder...

Ideally, you should put all the binaries(uxnemu, and the roms) in one folder, maybe in Documents, like ~/Documents/uxn. That way, you'd only have to do this to launch the niju rom: cd ~/Documents/uxn && ./uxnemu niju.rom

You could even put that commande into a script( so you can double click it to launch niju.

2) Can I enlarge the application window, as it is particularly small to review...

Press F1, enjoy!

Hi Edmon,

Alright, so you're trying to build the OSX emulator. Try this: 
brew install sdl2 && git clone && cd uxn && ./

That will install brew, clone uxn, run the test app. That will create a folder in the uxn/ folder called bin/, in there you'll see uxnemu :)

After that you can use uxnemu on a rom, like ./uxnemu ~/path/to/niju.rom

Let us know if that works for you :) Otherwise, use this: and click IO/load rom , and select the Niju rom.

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That's weird, the toolbar is clickable, which emulator are you using? We're testing with fceux.

See this video:

We might yeah :)

Input Mono (default font) for the Electron version, and Monaco 12 for the Uxn version :).

You can load the rom into:

This is terrific, it's a bit hard to see this from the outside for us and this is a much needed document. We'll send it to anyone working from Windows who struggles with the installation <3

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We do a lot of these sorts of 1-bit drawings on the Macintosh. It took us a while, but we ended up building a little program in THINK Pascal for Macintosh System 7 that lets us build little 3d wireframe worlds that we can after trace over.

It might be a good way to mix both if you need to draw a complex scene.

We're not interested in maintaining it anymore, it was superseeded by Orca.

You can still get it here:

You are right about it being a picture book. It's an older project, and we weren't familiar with the term then. We've corrected the entry. 

There is/was a fork of left with vim controls, but we didn't merge them, a lot of people were accidentally triggering the vim mode and were confused about it. Most of the Left users are not programmers and it was too much added complexity. It's fairly easy to hack into the project tho, if you'd like a hand with that, maybe we can help out.

We're porting Paradise to Uxn, it will have the entire new spec(and a few extras ;> )

We just have a couple of things to finish up first and we'll release it as a tiny rom. It will run in the web version of uxn, but will also work on the android/ios/nds/destop/etc.. emulators that are out there! Stay tuned

There was a Lietal version available, but we've removed it since the documentation has changed. The text in the book needs to be updated. We'll get to it soon, we hope :).