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I think so, I'm not sure, the electron specs are kind of .. in flux.

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dang. If you press `ctrl .` do you see any error in the console?

Could you try the latest Oquonie build on Elementary and tell me if that works for you?

I think I found the problem.

I've only tested on nixOS, which distro are you using?

Probably a bug, which linux distro are you using?

You can open an issue if you wanna discuss this potential feature addition.

Hi! :)

- Setting "canvas size"/number of vertices. I found this thread but CTRL+P isn't working for me.

I have removed that a little while back, but maybe I should add it again, what would be your prefered UX to change the window to a specific size.

- H and CTRL-Z stop working for me after I interact with the grid itself.

That's not normal tho, so undo doesn't work at all for you? is it just the shortcut or even with the menu it doesn't work.

- Alternatively, it would be cool if there was a rect selection to specify what to export. This kinda works but  involves resizing the window itself and moving layers around etc. and it's just very...hacky? But again, there may be another way of doing it that I'm not aware of.

There isn't another way, but do you know that you can hold alt while dragging to move the entire content of the layer?

- Is there a way to set export resolution of PNG files or is that something that needs to be done in another app?

There isn't usually I export SVGs and resize them in Ronin. I'm really trying to keep dotgrid as minimal as possible.

Should be fixed now :)

Looking into it

You need to rebuild from scratch, it's pretty easy to do that on linux.

You can change the synonyms file over at:

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Hey Chraz,

It's currently not possible for Left to give an estimate of number of pages as it does not have any sense of how long a page is, if you're in Japan like us, a page size is JIS A or JIS B, in the US I think they're called A4 and A5? In the UK it's something different I think. What I would recommend if count roughly how many characters fits on your target paper size, and just calculate the number of pages via the character counter at the bottom of the interface.

Good luck with your publication, let me know if there's something I can do to help :)

We don't really have time to tackle this, but it's open source if anyone wanna take on that task :)


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You'll want to get rid of the anti-alias in the html5 canvas element. It's definitely not something I would like to merge in the main build, but that's totally doable, you just need to pull the repo and set AA to false in the exporter :)

I don't have a device to test this with. You could pull the repo and build it on the device itself.

We will never add mouse picking to Orca, you should go ahead and implement it yourself. 

I recommend adding mouse events to cursor.js

Mhmm, you might wanna watch this video.

I'm not sure. I wanna make Marabu compatible with Pilot.

After I will more commands!

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Thanks for your comment :) 

If you like Allie's videos, you should tell her! We would love to see more as well.

It's by design that Orca and Pilot are not combined, that would open the door to having other non general-programming tools like a visualizer, and so on. We prefer to keep orca lean, as just an IDE for a programming language that can be hooked into other thing. Orca will never generate sounds or visuals.

Woah, c'est dur a dire :/

Essaies `cmd+.`(cltr+. sur windows), ca devrait ouvrir la console, est-ce qu'il y a des erreurs la dedans?

Oh! I'll have a look :) thanks

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Hold "shift + drag", to move a stroke.

Hold "alt + drag" to move a whole layer.


I've looked all over to make a PR for this one, but I cannot find the sources for the website. So here's something that has been bugging me for a little while. Could the spacing in the widget be fixed so the overall padding is 10px, instead of 4px, 6px and 10px?


fixed in last update :)

Of course, the output is yours to do as you wish :)

Illustrator doesn't support the full scope of SVG used in Dotgrid. Usually it tends to happen when straight lines are drawn using the arc tool.

It's possible. Where did you see ctrl+p for resolution? That sounds like from the old versions.

Here's the Dotgrid guide.

Of course :)

Just replace this file with a similarly formatted collection of Polish words.

Awesome :)

Could you rename this thread to something to the order of `Support Inkscape SVG specs `.

Can you remove segments from the dotgrid file until you can isolate which part is not supported by Inkscape?

We do not have Inkscape to test, but if you tell me which part of the SVG specs that Inkscape does not understand, we can try to fix it.

Thanks :)

Fixed :) You should be getting an automatic update through the itch client.

Let me know if you have any question.

Oh! let me have a look :) 

Sorry about that.

Uncanny, are you watching the repo? 

I'm actually working on that RIGHT NOW.

I'll try to improve that :)

Spending quite a bit of time answering questions and replies, one thing that as been on my mind lately, is the difference between various types of replies and their colors. On one side, there's a reply(red Link toward the thread, grey link toward the message), an as for new topic(red link toward the forum, grey link toward the thread).

I would use this instead. Red is what, grey is where. I personally never use the View Post button, since it doesn't really show it in context, I'd rather have the red reply link send me to the reply through a html hash. But if that View Post feature is important, maybe something like "leafo posted a reply in your topic Display Updated date", woul allow for both.

Thanks again for building such a nice place, I give a lot of feedback and bug requests, but it's out of love for this site, which I only ever want to make better. Have a nice day :)

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Actually, in this case, it wasn't for me(I use the devlog sometimes), I found myself browsing someone's project, and  it seemed utterly dead, I looked at the more info and could only see the release date(a few years ago), this person didn't use the devlogs I guess. And didn't use the community feature, so it seemed like the project was sort of abandoned? I asked them when was the last build made and it was just last week! I figured that this should have been something I could have seen there.

It could be any activity at all(changed the page's style, added screenshots, change the name of a file, etcc), it doesn't have to be just devlogs. 

Ah! These are some good catches. So..

1. ctrl/cmd+h will now do nothing when in fullscreen.

2. Clamped from 0% to 100%.

3. I'll need to think about this one for a bit..

4. Removed, the splash is now the best guide there is.

5. I don't know how to fix this yet, but I'll look into it :)

Ah! Bonne idée, je vais commencer a faire ca :)