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Do you mean on Devine's personal website?

That's the old Electron build, which we phased out.
You can still find the old version there, but we don't make builds for it anymore.

We might at some point make a web version again. The official Donsol website is at:


If you've bought Donsol and want a refund, let us know, we'll take care of that :)

If you open the console, and try opening the file, are you getting an error?

Oh! That sounds like an amazing project.

The experimentation version of paradise do have a "full" lisp to play with, you can see the library functions here.

I'm not sure how I would go about implementing this in pure lisp, I'm actually re-implementing paradise in ANSI C at the moment, and I'm using a very simple s-expression parser to handle the procedural scripting stuff. I'd love to see a scheme or lisp version of paradise, if you create a repo, I'd love to follow along.

That is correct, we don't wrap it in a wrapper anymore. 

Sure! Go ahead :) We'll merge it.

It's possible to build the old version

We do not distribute the big electron clients anymore, which emulator are you using? We have only tested it on the major emulators(Fceux, nestopia, etc.), and some more obscure ones on the Macintosh. Let us know :)

Mhmm, that's not a bad idea. Let me have a look :)

Become the paradox when in it, and warp back to a known vessel.

We'll have a look! Stay tuned :)

Alternating between conversation and repairs is such a good idea, it's so dynamic! Love the change in visuals too in the beginning, from lacking eyesight to gaining it. Such lovely details.

Seeing an eye at the door was comforting, its absence made me feel lonely, and painfully helpless. I wanted to know and act on what was happening outside. Great progression.

Was relieved to see that end card. Ah, phew, my kindgom will survive. So many emotions :).

This is amazing? Spent way too much time playing.


mhmm, that would be nice. We'll try and see how the ingredients look dithered :D

Could you try typing "susannakaysen" and then closing the game?

It's a bit of a hack I use for dev, it might work with your build.

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Borges is a writer, he wrote this great story and many others.

I don't know Zorin enough to help you, but if you like, you could simply use it in your browser in the meantime.

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It sounds like we have a lot in common, plan9/inferno(limbo less so) are two OS we absolutely love. I would loove to see a duodecimal version of this running on retro hardware. The itch version of paradise is slightly old, the version we currently use for experimentation is here, it looks awful but uses a lisplike scripting language which you might enjoy.

We're not sure where we'll take Paradise, but it's definitely an interesting OS concept. We hope it inspires you to mess around with that space, if you do, let us know maybe we can help :)

If you want to localize paradise in your conlang, you'll have to convert all the strings in vessel.js

We run debian, maybe you should just build from source instead?

Strange, you can also just click on the green button on this page:

we discovered Head Over Heels quite some time after making the game but we fell in love with it instantly!

It saves everytime you meet the owl character ;)

Hey Ddann :)

We've been half-secretly rewriting the whole wildcard implementation, we have a working prototype here:

You can find some docs on the new LISP here:

And a list of all available functions here:

This version will superseed the current itch build as soon as we've done some further testing :) Let us know what you think, I think you'll like it a whole lot more.

Dotgrid is open source! You could make a fork with shortcuts that you think would feel more natural :)

You shouldn't drop any cvs file on Left, the only theme format is svg. If you drop a svg file on the left window, it should apply the theme.

Left community · Replied to eoe in Themes

Yep, drag and drop is the way to do it :).

Happy you like it, let us know if you've got other issues.

Nous venons de faire une mise a jour :)

Laisses nous savoir ci ca regle le problem

Haha, damn.
We're correcting that right now, we got tangled in our cables it seems.

Oh, that's a good question, let me have a look :) There's definitely a way.

I think so, I'm not sure, the electron specs are kind of .. in flux.

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dang. If you press `ctrl .` do you see any error in the console?

Could you try the latest Oquonie build on Elementary and tell me if that works for you?

I think I found the problem.

I've only tested on nixOS, which distro are you using?

Probably a bug, which linux distro are you using?

You can open an issue if you wanna discuss this potential feature addition.

Hi! :)

- Setting "canvas size"/number of vertices. I found this thread but CTRL+P isn't working for me.

I have removed that a little while back, but maybe I should add it again, what would be your prefered UX to change the window to a specific size.

- H and CTRL-Z stop working for me after I interact with the grid itself.

That's not normal tho, so undo doesn't work at all for you? is it just the shortcut or even with the menu it doesn't work.

- Alternatively, it would be cool if there was a rect selection to specify what to export. This kinda works but  involves resizing the window itself and moving layers around etc. and it's just very...hacky? But again, there may be another way of doing it that I'm not aware of.

There isn't another way, but do you know that you can hold alt while dragging to move the entire content of the layer?

- Is there a way to set export resolution of PNG files or is that something that needs to be done in another app?

There isn't usually I export SVGs and resize them in Ronin. I'm really trying to keep dotgrid as minimal as possible.

Should be fixed now :)

Looking into it