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Dom Camus

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(Note: Currently itch.io does not support disabling Unity's right-click menu. Please use Space bar instead!)

OK, Beta 0.204 (and corresponding demo) are now up and contain a fix for this bug.

Good catch - thanks! I'll fix that in the next update (which should be soon). :-)

Warning about Avast antivirus

One player reported a strange problem to me in which the game failed to start at all. I have now finished investigating this and it turns out Avast antivirus blocks execution of the game silently without alerting the user. Further investigation shows that it does this for any project I build with Unity 4.7, including a completely blank project, if I include an icon (!). As such, this is an Avast bug rather than a King Machine bug and I can do nothing about it.

Avast users can still play the game without problems, but will need to first add the game as an exception.

If something seems too small to warrant its own thread, feel free to post here!

King Machine's a very complex game, so I'm not going to be astonished if there's still a bug or two. I'd like to fix them, though, so if you'd be kind enough to let me know what's gone wrong I'll try to sort it out. :-)


Please do if that's ever useful. Consider yourself to have permission to do whatever you like with it.

Not sure if you're still after these, but felt like doing one anyway since it seemed like fun. :-)

Electric Toybox