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It isn't just parallel Sokoban, because [thing you encounter on the second level with two characters] changes the gameplay significantly.

The move counter debate has never been so cursed! :-D

(1 edit)

In increasing order of hint-ness. (All ROT13)

* Lbh arrq gb fubbg obgu oybpxf.

* Lbh bayl arrq gb svyy gur gbc gjb ubyrf.

* Bar oybpx zhfg or fubg sebz npebff gur ubyrf.

Oooh, cozy! XD

Nice puzzle, good work! Took me a long time to work out what I was doing at the start, but worth the effort!

(Now fixed.)

Thanks to a suggestion from Karoo, problems with being able to skip half the level are now (hopefully) fixed.

A number of things are not needed due to a problem not spotted during playtesting, but I'll let people play the original as submitted before attempting a fix.

Excellent game - strong puzzle design, original concept and looks good too. :-)

I like the mechanics a lot here - feels like they could stretch to a lot more than one level!

Well, none of my ingenious plans have worked so far... very cool game, though!

Amusing game - I love the framing as an unreliably-told story!

Did see one unexpected interaction. Here I would expect the ball to be passed, but instead the players end up on top of each other:

Ooh, clever! Yes, that is indeed not intended!

Maybe try pushing something into it?

Well done! (and thanks!)

Slightly bigger hint in ROT13: Gur terra gnetrg vf qverpgyl nobir gur erq gnetrg sbe n ernfba.

Extra big hint in ROT13: Gurer ner fvk fcnprf orgjrra gur erq naq terra gnetrgf. Gur oyhr funcr vf sbhe fcnprf ybat.

Nice concept!

Love this one, a lot of depth from really simple mechanics!

Great design and a good use of the theme! Most impressive!

Ah, yeah, that level is tricky! Here's a hint in ROT13: Jung vs lbh pbhyq unir n punenpgre ba rnpu erq fjvgpu naq fgvyy chfu gur erq oybpx?

Ooh, nice! Yes, you are of course correct! :-)

Thanks for letting me know. I will attempt a fix!

Aww, thanks! :-)

Nicely done! Managed 840 on my first play, mostly by reasoning "I don't know that one, therefore probably chalk". :-D

I feel like with multiple runs it probably becomes more of a memory game?

Love the concept behind this!

Yeah, I should have found a way to communicate what the hats do slightly more clearly. I know of at least two other players who had the same confusion.

Oh, good catch! I've uploaded (what is hopefully) a fix for it. Many thanks!

Wow, thanks! :-D Hmm... this may require some thought!

You're welcome. And also, you may be right. With the game already at 50+ levels I was trying to keep the size down, but that doesn't mean I cut exactly the right things.

Thanks! This level wasn't in the final game on release. I like it as a level, but eventually concluded it contained more than one core concept, so I wanted to split that across multiple levels. "Backtrack" (in the green zone) and "Unless" (in the white zone) can both trace their design back to this level.

Heh, not just you, I frequently crash there!

Thanks! Already a very respectable score, though!

Wow, that's super fast! You've blown away my record! Good to hear you had fun. :-)

Nice job - that's quite a long way through!

Fun game!

Just compelted this. All good puzzles and bonus points for the cute elephant! <3

Oh wow, this is a really interesting mechanic! Nice work!

PS. At time of writing there are only three levels and level 3 hasn't actually been completed by anyone, so might be stupidly hard! (Or even impossible, though that's unlikely.)

I want to see a speedrun of this! :-D

Update: A Mac version of the game has now been added.

Update: The game now includes an option to play in windowed mode.