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Love the concept behind this!

Yeah, I should have found a way to communicate what the hats do slightly more clearly. I know of at least two other players who had the same confusion.

Oh, good catch! I've uploaded (what is hopefully) a fix for it. Many thanks!

Wow, thanks! :-D Hmm... this may require some thought!

You're welcome. And also, you may be right. With the game already at 50+ levels I was trying to keep the size down, but that doesn't mean I cut exactly the right things.

Thanks! This level wasn't in the final game on release. I like it as a level, but eventually concluded it contained more than one core concept, so I wanted to split that across multiple levels. "Backtrack" (in the green zone) and "Unless" (in the white zone) can both trace their design back to this level.

Heh, not just you, I frequently crash there!

Thanks! Already a very respectable score, though!

Wow, that's super fast! You've blown away my record! Good to hear you had fun. :-)

Nice job - that's quite a long way through!

Fun game!

Just compelted this. All good puzzles and bonus points for the cute elephant! <3

Oh wow, this is a really interesting mechanic! Nice work!

PS. At time of writing there are only three levels and level 3 hasn't actually been completed by anyone, so might be stupidly hard! (Or even impossible, though that's unlikely.)

I want to see a speedrun of this! :-D

Update: A Mac version of the game has now been added.

Update: The game now includes an option to play in windowed mode.

That's awesome, thanks!

(No, I never fixed it, I just switched to hosting the game on my own server. The versions don't upload analytics currently.)

Thanks! :-)

It's not Unity analytics per-se. I'm calling a PHP script on my own server.

I really appreciate your help, by the way, but I'm happy to slowly debug this on my own. If I work out what's up with it I'll post here to let others know.

Hrm... changing the request to https: within Unity doesn't change the error shown in the console (still http:). Very odd.

Oh, interesting! I'll try switching to an https URL and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!

I do, but it simply says: "Blocked loading mixed active content "http://blah/blah/something.php?" [Learn More]

Clicking [Learn More] takes me to a generic Mozilla info page and says nothing more about my specific error.

Yup, all that is standard. Doesn't seem to work. I've doubtless messed something up, but can't work out what.

You got it? Congratulations! It's a tricky one for sure!

Whoops, forgot to mark this as public yesterday! Sorry!

Loving your level names, by the way! I'm almost tempted to add more block colours to the game just to keep it going. :-D

Yeah, you're not wrong - cutting is a powerful tool!

That is helpful, thanks... but I already knew this. I've added (what the internet consistently says are) the correct PHP headers and it doesn't seem to work. I'll investigate further, though. If the problem isn't it could be something Unity is doing...

Having uploaded a few Unity web games to recently I've noticed a nasty problem with the embedding/hosting. Any attempt to upload analytics data (to my server) from the game fails. This is a pretty big problem and basically means I'll have to stop using for WebGL projects if I can't find a fix.

As far as I can tell, the difficulty arises from the way WebGL asks sites if it's OK to access their resources.  My server-side PHP script never runs, because the CORS system designed to prevent unwanted cross-site access says "no". However, I have CORS set up in the script in a way that ought to work. The problem is something at the end... I'm not quite sure what.

Are there any known workarounds for this problem? If not, any chance of a fix?

Thanks. And well done on the solve!

Ah, thanks, that does sound like a bug then. Will fix! (Although probably not backdated, since recompiling and reuploading four builds would be a bit tedious.)

Update: Have now got round to it. :-)

Interesting observation, but no, it isn't a bug. Undo always undoes the last push not the last move. The reason for this is that moves which do not push are already intrinsically reversible with the same number of keystrokes (just press the opposite direction). On smaller levels this mechanic may seem unnecessary, but it makes undo a lot less tedious on large levels.

Yup, you're definitely right about the dialog. I improved it for day 2, but haven't got round to recompiling and reuploading this one.

(Note: Currently does not support disabling Unity's right-click menu. Please use Space bar instead!)

OK, Beta 0.204 (and corresponding demo) are now up and contain a fix for this bug.

Good catch - thanks! I'll fix that in the next update (which should be soon). :-)

Warning about Avast antivirus

One player reported a strange problem to me in which the game failed to start at all. I have now finished investigating this and it turns out Avast antivirus blocks execution of the game silently without alerting the user. Further investigation shows that it does this for any project I build with Unity 4.7, including a completely blank project, if I include an icon (!). As such, this is an Avast bug rather than a King Machine bug and I can do nothing about it.

Avast users can still play the game without problems, but will need to first add the game as an exception.

If something seems too small to warrant its own thread, feel free to post here!