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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

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A topic by Cairn4 created Jul 04, 2016 Views: 2,057 Replies: 35
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Figured it was past time to change the MoonBase page comments over to the community message-board system. Better organization, easier to follow and read through. Only thing that's too bad is that it doesn't migrate the old comments over. But I've at least copied down most of the best feedback/bugs on the game that had been posted :)

So this will be the best place to post if you have any questions on the game, feedback, or need help with a tech issue.



Thank you so much for this game. I absolutely love it. I love survival/ build games and this is right up my street.

That being said, I do have a suggestion or two. Please don't take offence I do love your game there's just a few things I think might help.

firstly, would it be possible to randomly receive seeds from plants you grow yourself? I don't know if this is already in the game but I haven't come across it yet.

Secondly, how about being able to some kind of radar/map so you can see where your base is and where you've explored?

Again I do love your game and I can't wait to see where you take it next.

Thank again for a brilliant game.


p.s. do I have to unlock something to use the water supply module?


Thanks David! Constructive feedback of any kind is always appreciated; positive, negative, anything!

Random seeds from grown plants: this would definitely be nice, I just need to figure out how to work it into the current crafting system (same one is used for both the Workbench, Greenhouse, and Garage right now).

I've played around with a map that shows you a bigger, zoomed out view of the places you've explored, but it had tons of bugs since only so much of the world is actually loaded at any given point. But I'm going to try and revisit it in the future. Setting up a radar/compass style thing to help players find their bases might be a cool (and easier) solution.

Water supply module: it just doesn't do anything yet. I made the art a long while back, but never really figured out what purpose it should actually serve. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears :)

Cheers! - Steve

Hi Steve.

Thanks for getting back to me so soon.

I am still loving this game. Just reached day 53 on endless mode.

I have a few suggestions that might be interesting, but again just suggestions and nothing more.

1. Mouse controls so the character walks to where you point and click. (by the time I got to day 27 my wrist was messed up! I actually had to take a break!)

1. A shovel upgrade that turn it in to a drill. (for breaking large rocks in to gravel to fill in craters)

2. A radar/compass that could upgrade (to possibly to a second needle for a compass) to locate water deposits beneath the ground.

3. Okay, stay with me on this one.

-An Industrial strength drilling unit (to drill down to water deposits.)

-A water pump ( for drawing up said water.)

-pipe units (that can be laid from your water pump to your water containment unit/Moon Base.)

Water could then be transported directly to multiple greenhouses, creating a sort of hydroponic system.

Now this is where it gets a little out there!

I don't know what level of realism you wanted to stick to, but how about being able to build a communications array to be able to contact the base on your home planet other space craft in the area. That way you could open up a whole trading aspect of the game!

Trading food, water, seeds or even "plant water" (plants+water=plant water "It's as delicious as it sounds!") in exchange for new tech, seeds, animals or whatever!

Anyway like I said, these are just suggestions and nothing more. I'm in no way telling you how to build what is my opinion an already brilliant game. I hope this helps you figure out where you want to take the game.

P.s. I'm an Illustrator and I'd love to help work on this game for a credit.

Check out some of my stuff here and let me know what you think

Thanks again for a great game.



I found this game by chance looking at 'BaronVonLetsPlays' YouTube channel and I just had to buy it, loving it so far!

I have a few suggestions to make, which I'm sure you might have already thought of!

Longer day/night cycles, I find that the day goes far too quickly as does the night, in my opinion.

Decrease the Hunger speed, I also find that I am hungry within 1-2 minutes of eating, perhaps make it so that a full meal lasts at least 5 (real time) minutes.

Slower oxygen/suit depletion - Again, I find that my suit's power and oxygen levels drop way too fast, even if you stand still, it drops too rapidly. I understand that there are oxygen tanks, but I think that the rate of which it depletes is still too fast.

As those above me have said, a map/radar system would be perfect.

Cheers for making such a cool little game and I look forward to seeing it grow and being a part of it's community!




Hi Jono!

Glad you're liking it! Thanks for the suggestions. Here's some quick thoughts:

Day/night cycles: fair point - day length is pretty short at the moment.

The rate that you burn through O2 and Food is something I'm still tweaking. Right now it's the main thing that can kill you (the challenge of the game) - so maybe once I can add in more stuff that can kill you (e.g. meteors, building disasters, and other hazardous terrain), maybe can make the air and food supplies last longer so that it isn't toooo hard haha.

Eventually I want the ability to upgrade your character to hold more O2, maybe craft better food that'll keep you full longer etc.

Some sort of map/radar system (something to help you find your base) is definitely something I'm still working on.

Thanks again for the support! Cheers,

- Steve / @cairn4

Deleted post

I love the game. It is fun and addicting. But I have a few things I wish you can add. (i am going to sort this in a top 5 list, 1 is the best)

5. Make days Longer - This will be great because you can do more things before it becomes night

4. Mobs - Add some mobs that populate the moon (like some passive and aggressive mobs)

3. Weapons to fight the mobs - If you have mobs you need something to fight them with

2. More stuff! - Add stuff that you would use on the Moon

1. MULTIPLAYER!!! - I would love to play this game with my friends

I really hope you can add these things! If you do I will rate this game 100/10!

also add Generated structures (villages, dungeons, ect)


Hey! Thanks for checking it out :)

Haha that's quite the list. I can say it'll definitely have *more* stuff, more structures to build, more tools to craft, more resources to find etc.

As far as combat and mobs are concerned, really trying to keep the game more of a passive exploration/discovery game, where the environment is the primary threat. There may be mobs in it someday, perhaps even aggressive ones that you need to avoid, but combat probably won't be a core part of the gameplay.

Multiplayer: the short answer: Multiplayer is a LOT of work, and I'm just one guy. So hate to say, probably isn't going to happen in this game.


- Steve / @cairn4

thanks for replying so fast. And one last question. What engine are you using for Moonbase?


Using libGDX :)

add a quick save! ;)

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I love this game! It's easy to get started and makes for interesting playthroughs.

My own five cents on what I would further like to see;

1. As mentioned before, crafting a compass that shows towards the base (or smth) would be nice.

2. I, too, support the opinion for longer day/night cycles (with the same hunger speed reduction).

3. I think vehicle controls are too hard; maybe just move like the character? (I end up not crafting a vehicle) A flying vehicle that would ignore craters (but be either super-hard to craft and/or a bit slower) would also be nice.

4. I would prefer if the base was somewhat more important. I think that being able to create more special modules that require entering it to operate would be more engaging (e.g. a high-tech room to craft things like wires, electronics and solar panels instead of these being on the starting workbench).

5. Brainstorming on water (i.e. ignorable rant) ; it could be a vehicle fuel, a lesser way to restore hunger (hey, water has some nutrients) or a way to recover against random fires breaking out inside base modules. I really like the current usage of it being distilled to produce "emergency oxygen".


I cant stop playing this! Im almost to day 70 on my endless and its just so fun. I would like to see these in the game.

1: lakes on some moons, you can collect the water with a bucket made with scrap metal

2: thirst so you dont just have to worry about hunger

3: more ways of energy for your base like generators and such

4: abandon moon bases so you can get some more materials for your base

5: plants regrow randomly on moons, i need this because i have to go so far out to find food

6: crafting benches inside of your moonbase


Woah, nice! These are pretty cool ideas! Each would be good things for me to try out.

Water I definitely want, would help tie into making water/water-supply modules more useful, I'll add that to the list when I give the biomes/terrain generation an overhaul!

You can *almost* have a crafting bench inside your base right now by putting the bench right next to a habitat module, you can still click on it when you're inside the base through the wall haha.

It would be cool if the water is like a choice. So you could tell what you want on your moon so you can make a super challanging moon or an extremly easy one.

How do you go into sandbox mode, i want to see what it has.


It doesn't have a sandbox mode, but you can enable god mode through the console (F1) and use the command "listItems" to get the item IDs, then "giveitem <itemId>" to add stuff to your inventory.

Thanks, im just playing around with it right now.

Howdy! Playing some MoonBase at the moment and having tremendous fun.

Some thoughts about the gameplay.

  • Coliding with craters feels very wrong, mostly because it's a hole in the ground not asomething that sticks out. Colliding with it is at a dissonance with how it looks. I would rather make it a difficult terrain that slows you down or something. maybe a bumpy screenshake when using the car.
  • I would put the suit power meter next to the oxygen meter in the same UI element that way you only need one glance to see you current state instead of spreading you gaze on every UI element on screen

A little mockup

I have some more thoughts but maybe for later.

you shold add the option to continue a completed regular 6 day mission so it is more like a endless one.


That's a pretty good idea.

Admittedly, the "Normal Misson" mode is pretty weak / pointless right now. Very easy since it's so short, and doesn't require much in terms of food etc. Gonna have to think more about my overall plan for that mode. I still want the game to have some sort of "goals" in it (in Mission mode) - rather than just being "survive as long as you can", and have the experience last over several missions, kinda like a campaign I guess. We'll see!

Is there currently any feature that allows you to change the Resolution? (I need it to go to 1366x778 and I can't find an option). I tried looking in the code but I'm not good at that stuff so I failed :P.




Not exactly. The game has a base resolution of 1280x720, and then is scaled to fit inside of whatever size window you're running the it in. Or it'll just scale itself up to fill the monitor if you're running in full-screen mode (but as far as I've seen, toggling full-screen mode doesn't change my system resolution or anything).

Sooooo, I don't really have a good answer for you at this point. Sorry :/

Once I start working on the Settings menu, I could try looking into it more.

No issue. (Sorry for the late response, I hadn't logged into itch for a while) :D

how do i irrigate plants

because they are not growing

at all


Good question!

Two things: The base your greenhouse is in also needs a water supply module attached to it (either adjacent, or connected via conduits). Then you need to collect and place ice into the water supply module.

While plants are growing, you'll see the total amount of water in your base slowly getting consumed. I think that greenhouses that are "watered" have a different (darker) soil texture, but that may still be a bit buggy at the moment.

thanks i kept trying to put crafted water into the supply module XD

do you guys happen to have waypoints or beacons sometime in the future?

Getting lost is a big problem

Could you tell me how to have a meteor shower? I've been playing around with the commands, but still can't figure out how to do the meteor command. :(


Ah yeah, it's a little annoying because the "help" command doesn't tell you what the parameters actually are...

The meteor (and movePlayer) command take an X and Y tile-location for where to strike. Like this:
> meteor 505 505

If you turn on the debug overlay (command "debuginfo"), your current tile coordinate is the "pos: x, y" line. You'll start a new game around position x 500, y 500.

The meteor command just drops a single meteor, and they don't actually destroy/do anything when they hit. Still gotta work on that!

Thank you so much!

Hi I was wondering i just downloaded the new update how do i transfer my saves from old mewnbase to new mewnbase?


All you should need to do is to copy/paste over the "world" folder from the previous to the new version. Usually previous saved games will work just fine in newer versions of the game.

You can also copy the moonbase_settings.json if you have any keymapping changes you want to transfer too.

Another convenient way is to use the itch desktop application (which automatically downloads updates as they're released, no manually save-game copying etc!).


ok thank

Is there any way to teleport the player to a co-ordinate?

(i.e. tpplayer 505 505)?

Dear developer, I would like you to add the opportunity to fly out on this module into space, and to other planets!!