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Another question, Are you still going to update the game? I really like this game and it would be awesome if it got updated

oh, ok thank you. Will buy when I find friends lol :D

Cerebrawl community · Created a new topic Playing?

Are people playing? How many? Will buy if people are playing.

Please make it so i can pay with card so I can buy.

When will it be done?

ok thank you

Also, is it in english?

So, is this like pokemon?? If it is a monster-catching rpg, im buying this

thanks for replying so fast. And one last question. What engine are you using for Moonbase?

also add Generated structures (villages, dungeons, ect)

I love the game. It is fun and addicting. But I have a few things I wish you can add. (i am going to sort this in a top 5 list, 1 is the best)

5. Make days Longer - This will be great because you can do more things before it becomes night

4. Mobs - Add some mobs that populate the moon (like some passive and aggressive mobs)

3. Weapons to fight the mobs - If you have mobs you need something to fight them with

2. More stuff! - Add stuff that you would use on the Moon

1. MULTIPLAYER!!! - I would love to play this game with my friends

I really hope you can add these things! If you do I will rate this game 100/10!

I might buy it. It's on my wishlist though. I might not buy it because I do not know if this will run on my pc. (and is there a way to make the gore less gorey?