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Another question, Are you still going to update the game? I really like this game and it would be awesome if it got updated

Replied to Zero Dimension in Playing?

oh, ok thank you. Will buy when I find friends lol :D

Created a new topic Playing?

Are people playing? How many? Will buy if people are playing.

Please make it so i can pay with card so I can buy.

When will it be done?

ok thank you

Also, is it in english?

So, is this like pokemon?? If it is a monster-catching rpg, im buying this

Replied to Cairn4 in Message board!

thanks for replying so fast. And one last question. What engine are you using for Moonbase?

also add Generated structures (villages, dungeons, ect)

Posted in Message board!

I love the game. It is fun and addicting. But I have a few things I wish you can add. (i am going to sort this in a top 5 list, 1 is the best)

5. Make days Longer - This will be great because you can do more things before it becomes night

4. Mobs - Add some mobs that populate the moon (like some passive and aggressive mobs)

3. Weapons to fight the mobs - If you have mobs you need something to fight them with

2. More stuff! - Add stuff that you would use on the Moon

1. MULTIPLAYER!!! - I would love to play this game with my friends

I really hope you can add these things! If you do I will rate this game 100/10!

I might buy it. It's on my wishlist though. I might not buy it because I do not know if this will run on my pc. (and is there a way to make the gore less gorey?