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For some reason I can only grab with one hand (I'm using occulus touch controllers )

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I have recently found another version, which I'm guessing is not by SteelRaven7!

You probably would want to get this removed as soon as possible.

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Please continue work on this! Maybe in future you can add different levels and (possibly) the ability to move the camera e.g. rotate it around your character and a first person mode would be AWESOME!


please no spamming

Please add crawling, more melee (knives that could also be thrown) and maybe another map?

PLEASE ocntinue work on this and add a save feature!

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Please add melee attacks (punching, knives etc.) and maybe a snowy forest map, also please add a practice range (like what's in the main background) where the bots respawn in the same places and only do certain actions (e.g. walking left and right) :D

Love this game!

P.S. If you add knives please make it so you can throw them and retrieve them as well as being able to melee with them! :P

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PLEASE add a melee attack (punching and maybe knives, axes etc.) also please add a crosshair that can be enabled/disabled. :D love this game so far!!!

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Please make a complete time-freeze option! My game glitched and did it before and it was AWESOME! (tHIS WOULD BE GREAT FOR PICTURES!)

In Beta 6 please add a snowy map (like a forest)

There is only one developer :P

that is why things take longer


Thank you for fixing download! Now it works again! :D

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Big problem! for me it says 'Not available on Windows'

This is wierd as the manual download it windows only...

Where are the game files saved?

Love the secret weapon! :P

After some experimenting I managed to finally turn myself golden (sitting on the back of a quad and whacking it)

Keep up the AMAZING updates!

Is there any way to teleport the player to a co-ordinate?

(i.e. tpplayer 505 505)?

Please add a snowy winter map! :D

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In beta 6 could you add camo gear and maybe a type of knife (sneak up on people and stab them :P), also a flamethrower would be awesome!

BTW still LOVING this game so far keep up the amazing work! :D

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Is it possible to play with keyboard controls?

Nice idea for the shield! I would love to see this added! :D

Is the update out yet?!? :D

???What is it about???

That fine, half the time i just get killed before I even fire the lock-on :D

btw you seem to be much better that me at this game! :P


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Just a question did you choose not to auto lock on to the tank or didn't you know how?

(don't mean to be rude but once I found that out it was a game changer) btw nice vid :D

Awww! :( Maybe in future

Will you be making a version for windows?

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Could you make something like this but with portal2?

btw nice game! :P

Could you please add a battle mech style thing? I would love to see this in game! :P

Cool trailer!

YES! Please add mech suits!!!

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Could you please work on a swamp/ forest map that would be awesome!

Also... Grappling Hooks would be AMAZING! Love this game so far! :D btw saw what others said and switching teams (blue/red) would be cool it can get boring only starting on one side of the map the whole time :P

I remember seeing something like this years ago! cool! :P

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YESSSS! Beta 4! :D

btw please add sticky bombs!

PLEASE continue working on this it is !AWESOME! I love this game and hope to see many more cool updates. :D