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I love this game! It's easy to get started and makes for interesting playthroughs.

My own five cents on what I would further like to see;

1. As mentioned before, crafting a compass that shows towards the base (or smth) would be nice.

2. I, too, support the opinion for longer day/night cycles (with the same hunger speed reduction).

3. I think vehicle controls are too hard; maybe just move like the character? (I end up not crafting a vehicle) A flying vehicle that would ignore craters (but be either super-hard to craft and/or a bit slower) would also be nice.

4. I would prefer if the base was somewhat more important. I think that being able to create more special modules that require entering it to operate would be more engaging (e.g. a high-tech room to craft things like wires, electronics and solar panels instead of these being on the starting workbench).

5. Brainstorming on water (i.e. ignorable rant) ; it could be a vehicle fuel, a lesser way to restore hunger (hey, water has some nutrients) or a way to recover against random fires breaking out inside base modules. I really like the current usage of it being distilled to produce "emergency oxygen".