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Ooof you know, I had worked before on fixing some issues with chunks (10x10 sections of tiles) not unloading properly, but forgot to get that merged in. It also means that the more you explore, all those tiles just stick around (along with the weather particle effects etc)... which I'm sure slows stuff down... will try and get that fixed this weekend, and hopefully it'll help with some of the slow-ness issues.


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Best place to check is usually the game's itch.io page - I always post the latest build notes there, and I try to cross post the info over to my other social media accounts.

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Nope, still busy working on stuff. Just been taking a while to get it ready to publish as a build.

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Hey! Thanks for the bug report.

Are you saying if a module is leaking air, and you right click to pick it up - the airleak sound fx stops, but the visual air leak particles/fx persists? I couldn't get it that to happen in the latest version v0.33.1, is that the version you're playing? (Although I was cheating to trigger the airleak disaster, so it's totally possible it could still happen in that version somehow).

Are you talking about a different button than the one in the screenshot I posted above? The game itself has no such button in it.

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Are you referring to this one?

If so, I'd recommend reaching out to itch.io support.

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What'd I'd recommend is copy-pasting over your "world" folder and your "moonbase_settings.json" files over from your old mewnbase game folder, to the new one. Run the new app, check that your save file loads/works... then delete the old version's folder. Hopefully that's pretty straightforward, but if not, feel free to ask for clarification.

For a more hassle-free updating experience ;) ... try out the Itch desktop app - it can auto updates games automatically without the need to manually download and transfer saves etc.


Yeah, I gotta look more into it. If I can't figure out where I made a mistake or why it keeps crashing on resolution change, I might end up just removing the resolution options for a while (and just keep the fullscreen toggle), until I can get a better handle on it. We'll see.

The resolution list is all of the display modes that the game thinks your "primary" monitor supports. My guess is that if there's duplicates in the list, it might be because there are multiple color-depths or refresh rates available for the same resolution (and my list of buttons are just showing the resolution width and height). I'll add in the extra display mode info to the button list to see if that might be why.

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Thanks for the post. I'm going to have to look through the screen-resolution code since the previous version to see if I unintentionally changed something... clearly something is messed up.
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Ah! so close :D

Unfortunately the actual cause is a few lines above that probably (before all the "at ..." lines) - should be a line that says what type of Exception occurred - probably starts with something like "Exception in thread..."

Thanks for your patience with me here, I do really wanna figure out why it's crashing here for you so I can get it fixed.

Hey, to clarify, the Target field in the shortcut properties should be the full path to the exe...

Example: c:\Users\Steve\folders\MewnBase\MewnBase.exe -c --console

Blah, that's no good. Sorry about that.

Did this crash happen to you multiple times? I've never seen the game crash and hangup my entire computer before (with multiple monitors). When you run the game in fullscreen mode, was it filling up a single monitor, and just showing your desktop as usual on the others screens?

Another random question, are you using the NVIDIA "Surround" mode for multiple displays?

Hey Brentnor,

But it works if you change the resolution in-game? Weeeeird. Are you running the latest version? (at least v0.33), on Windows I'm assuming?

Try this out if you can:

  1. Create a shortcut to MewnBase.exe (doesn't matter where)
  2. Right click shortcut -> Properties
  3. add "-c --console" to the end of the Target field so that it reads
    MewnBase.exe -c --console
  4. Run the game via the shortcut, it'll open up a little console window behind the main game.
  5. Try changing the resolutions again as you described - if it crashes, it should still print out some errors at the bottom of the console window, paste some of that here if you could.


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Thanks for the suggestions!

That's a pretty cool idea and would probably make sense to do.

When I get back to working on the weather-related stuff I'll probably try to have the solar panels do something like this, so that there's a difference between just getting a little bit of dust, vs the results of a massive sand storm.


That might be the case - I just tried doing this myself and couldn't get it to happen. But there might be a way that the timing is just right for it to throw a null-ref. I'll probably at least add in some extra checks around canceling things in the queue just to be safe.


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Goooood call :)

+1 for Dune

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Hey - sorry, forgot to reply to this the other day. The previous Linux version was 64-bit only, but over this past weekend I added a 32-bit Linux version of the game. Try giving that a shot and see if it works for you (fingers crossed).


Typing "help" will give you a list of all the console commands.

Right now, there's still a bunch of world-loading/rendering optimization that I need to finish... but if the game is starting to lag after a playing for a while, sometimes just save+quit -> load clears it up for a while.

If the game is running slow right off the bat, then not really sure at this point besides lowering the resolution. Do you know what kind of video card and processor your machine has?

Just for comparison... I do most of my development on an older Thinkpad (Core i5-3320M CPU) - that just has a non-dedicated Intel HD 4000. It runs it more or less okay; not perfect. Does get occasionally sluggish though.

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Half bug, half bad design: try rotating the airlock after selecting it form your inventory bar but before building it (default mapped to the R key)

Replied to HolyHugo in Known Bugs

This issue should now be fixed in v0.32

Heh, no problem at all. Speculate away ;)

F1 -> console:

  • giveitem medbay-builder
  • giveitem sci-scanner1 (no current use)
  • meteor x y (where x and y are the tile coordinate)

Thanks for clarifying. I get your point on the scope of the game. There's definitely more in there than last July (which is when the price changed from free to paid), but maybe not leaps and bounds more. Still the basic set of biomes, similar planet resources etc. Just been a slow and steady process.

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Ah ha! I was able to reproduce this bug, and I now know why it's happening. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

Yes, the "mission" mode is definitely too easy right now. I do not currently give this game away for free anywhere.

Thanks for the suggestions! Really good stuff. Bunch of them I have in some form on my list of things to eventually update, I'll pick out a couple to discuss real quick:

I kid you not, I had actually written up some ideas for more resource items over the weekend, and one of them was for a resin material ;)

Using it as a means of sealing leaks is a cool idea. Along with plant fibers, to make some sort of "natural" duct-tape perhaps. Air leaks can definitely get annoying, I think they also need a clearer reason for happening - like you crash your buggie into the side of a module or or they get hit with a small meteor or something... vs just happening randomly... all the time haha

Gravel roads I also really want to get working at some point, there's a half-baked version of them in the game right now if you use the cheat-console (F1) and type "giveitem gravel-builder 10", but I stopped working on them once it was obvious that it was going to need a bunch more work - right now they're treated as a "base" object (and therefor transfer power, water, air between other habitat modules, solar panels etc).

HUD health/hunger etc absolutely needs an overhaul at some point.

Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to share that. Cheers!

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Good call - I could see ice becoming scarce by that point around your base - especially if you're growing lots of plants in greenhouses.

I have a Weather Manager half setup. I suppose I should figure out how that could be used to replenish the world ice tiles over time.

Thinking out loud to myself here... could be like:
Rain storm deposits water puddles scattered around the planet surface -> that after a few minutes have a chance of "freezing" into collectible ice tiles. Or maybe there's some other base module / tech that lets you generate water (like an underground well, or moisture vaporator like in Star Wars)

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Hey DrNoodles85 -

Oy, sorry that it's not working for you. But thanks for sending those log files. I've seen similar crash reports from a couple other people. The top line of the Java Frames section:


... seems to suggest to me that it's having trouble creating the OpenGL context. Search results for that line always brings a bunch of Minecraft bug reports, in which the usual recommendation from people say to try updating your graphics card drivers. So that might be something you want to give a try? I'd have a hard time believing that an Alienware M17xR4 hardware wouldn't be able to support OpenGL haha

I know it's not the most convenient thing to test out, but not sure what else I could suggest at the moment (besides the 'ol Turn It Off and On again). If you try updating your drivers, let me what happens.

Random other idea: see if you can force your laptop to use it's dedicated graphics instead of the integrated Intel HD 4000 one?

Replied to HolyHugo in Known Bugs

Hmmm were you trying to use the control mapping popup? During a game (Pause -> Options -> Controls), or from the Main Menu -> More -> Options -> Controls?

If after changing some settings the game keeps crashing you can always delete your moonbase_settings.json preference file to have it reset.

Replied to mbra in Known Bugs

Oooo thanks for catching that one. Was easy to figure out, got it fixed on my end. Will release it in a point-update soon.

Thanks again!

Most search results suggests your computer is missing "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1", might want to try installing this and see if it helps: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.a...

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What .dll does it say it's missing? First I've heard of an issue like this.

Are you running it via a zip download, or through the itch desktop app?

The java / .jar version requires that you already have at least Java 7+ installed on your machine (https://www.java.com/en/download/)

Another suggestion: If it's crashing on launch, make sure your video card supports OpenGL, and that your video card drivers are up to date.

Awesome progress!

Replied to B-Fitz011 in Wont run.

Emailed you a build to test out with "allowSoftwareOpenGL" enabled.

Replied to B-Fitz011 in Wont run.

Thanks! Main symptom of the issue looks like it's here, near the bottom of that log file:

err: Exception in thread "LWJGL Application" com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: OpenGL is not supported by the video driver.
[2017-01-23 @ 15:24:10.262] [tasks/launch/native] err: at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglGraphics.createDisplayPixelFormat(LwjglGraphics.java:322)

A quick search recommends a couple things:
Try just giving your machine a reboot, and run the game again.
Try updating your video card drivers in Windows.

There's also a few posts on StackOverflow that suggest allowing the game to run in SoftwareOpenGL mode - In a couple hours, I can put that into a quick build and email it over to you so you can see if it works for you.

Replied to B-Fitz011 in Wont run.

Actually, if you have the itch app installed, try this:

Open the MewnBase page in the app. You should see the red "Launch" button, "Uninstall" options etc on the right side of the screen.

Near the bottom one of the buttons should say "Version 0.30 (mewnbase-win32.zip)" -- Right click on that, should open a little context menu -> Advanced -> View Logs...

Email me the contents to cairn4games@gmail.com - and I'll take a look asap to see what might be going on.


Replied to B-Fitz011 in Wont run.

When reporting issues like this, please tell me what OS you're trying to play it on (and which zip file did you download). Have you tried running it using the Itch Desktop App? Can you try running the executable via command line to see if any errors are printed out in there? I need more information in order to try and help.

A follow up for translation stuff: https://itch.io/t/57572/mewnbase-localization