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Hmmm, that's strange.  To my knowledge, the game should only be touching or creating files inside of the actual game directory (the one that the executable is in). 

At launch, the game tries to make sure you have a file "settings.json" in the main game folder, and if there isn't one, it creates it. 

Could be tricky to do, but could you send me screenshots of your antivirus report? or copies of those files that it's flagging somehow and email them over to me (cairn4games@gmail.com).   And could you send me the full path of the file that the AV is flagging?

> When I click on the "Check for Update" button, nothing happenes.

That could be a bug with the Itch app if *nothing* is happening... but I have one more idea to try: Right click on the Version number in the Itch app (right above the "Check for Updates" button...

-> Advanced -> Revert to Version -> Select the top one in the list, should read something like "#30996 - 23 May, 2017..."  (that's the latest 0.35 one).

After you click it, it'll close the popup window and you should see the game start downloading.  Then try launching again when it's done.

So the other behavior you noticed (Clicking the "Update Available" button from within the game, and being shown a browser page to buy the game again) ... is probably just because you're not logged into itch.io in that particular browser.  On one of my computers, using that button always opens Chrome for me, even though my default browser is Firefox.

Sorry this has been such a pain. Not really sure whats going on.

Where did you suddenly get the 0.32.1 version?  that's way older... 

If you've installed the game via the Itch desktop app, it automatically installs the latest version.

Click the "Check for Update" button - make sure you're launching the game through the Itch app and not from somewhere else on your machine.

What version of the game does it say it's running? and what OS is it on?

That's weird that it'd suddenly start crashing on launch on a machine that it was working on minutes before.  Could try deleting the "settings.json" file to see if that makes it work.  (Although the same crash issue could potentially return).

Have you tried re-downloading a fresh copy of 0.35?  Give your machine a reboot? (On some of my older machines, sometimes Java applications would suddenly all suffer from performance issues etc, and only rebooting would clear it up).

If those things don't work - and to really figure out what's going on, I'd need a copy of the log file. The easiest way to get that is launching the game through the Itch Desktop App.

Install and try and run it through the Itch App, let it crash... then on the game's page: 
Right click "Show local files" -> Advanced -> View logs
Send that file or copy/paste the text into an email and send over to me cairn4games@gmail.com

(Screenshot of that stuff)

If you're using Windows, and don't want to use the Itch app, then you can also follow these steps so that it outputs the debug log into a console window at launch: https://itch.io/post/125800  Just make sure to select it all (or as far back up as it'll let you) when you go to copy it into an email.

Things to check:

  • Title screen says InDev 0.35 - 5/22/2017
  • Create a new game, grab and place the crafting table. Open up the crafting UI. You should see the new foods along the top row - and the Comms Tower, Power Switch and Repair Drone Base are all down near the bottom (scroll down).
  • Options Menu should have sound and music volume sliders on it.

If you're continuing a previous saved game, you'd need to walk to a previously-unexplored area of the world for the new plant to start showing up. The rest of the new base modules and craftables should be available regardless if you start a new game or continue an old game.

Got a good chunk of work done on it this past weekend.  Going to try and get it posted this evening (May 22), barring that I don't find any last minute game-breaking bugs.  There will be some known issues (with the minimap in particular) - but it'll be nice to get this update out finally, since it's been a long time since the last update.

I've recently been working on an automated Repair Drone that will fly around and fix leaks!  Will be in the next update (once it's ready, still has bugs to work out).  Preview video: https://twitter.com/cairn4/sta...

A water supply is used to continuously provide a greenhouse with water. You place a water supply connected to a base in which you have a greenhouse, then drop ice onto the water supply (you'll see the little meter on the side go up). The greenhouse will slowly consume water stored in a water supply over time.

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I'm guessing it was an itch.io-hiccup. Did you manage to get it downloaded since then?

If not, try checking out this support page: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Created a new topic Roadmap to v0.35

It's been just about a month since the last update - so just wanted to share with everyone what I've been working on, and what's still left to do before version 0.35 of MewnBase can get released.

Done and ready for v0.35:

  • Camera zooms out a bit when entering Buggie (so you can see farther ahead when driving)
  • Base repair drones that can help auto-fix air leaks, dirty solar panels etc.
  • Nav Beacons that can show the location of distant bases on the map.
  • Map now shows 9x9 chunks instead of just 7x7.
  • Map now shows loading text, added some animation to it (so that there's less of a noticeable game-freeze when showing it).
  • Updated crafting recipes for modules you can walk around inside of (like Air Cleaner) so that they require a basic Habitat Module.
  • Light on Battery module goes out when it's out of power.
  • Fixing some tile colors on the map.
  • Subtle sound FX for placing and picking up base modules.
  • Fixed some issues where passable tiles were preventing the player from exiting the Buggie (pavement, conduits etc)
  • Slightly wider flashlight cone angle.
  • Air Cleaner drains less power when the base has full Oxygen.
  • Sound and music volume sliders on the Options menu.
  • Fixed issue where Buggie physics weren't being removed after the Buggie explodes.

Performance updates done:

  • Redid a lot of how world chunks are handled, loaded, and saved.
  • All base tiles are now kept in memory, vs before where if you walked too far away, they would get unloaded, causing some odd power supply issues etc.
  • Making it so that only tiles (and weather FX) near the player are rendered.
  • Fixed an issue where terrain tiles were being drawn multiple times on top of themselves.
  • Map popup now caches each chunk (less to re-draw each time you show/hide it).
  • Most particle fx are now pre-loaded during the loading screen instead of repeatedly on the fly.
  • Fixing memory leaks. Lots of objects are now pooled.

Still to be fixed:

  • Fixing some issues with the volume sliders for sounds that are continuously playing/looping (such as the wind noise).
  • Still more memory leaks that need to be fixed, especially for larger worlds.

For v0.36+

  • Trying to fix/minimize the black seams that can appear between terrain tiles.
  • Hopefully more biome art.
  • Fixing any user-reported bugs with the Repair Drone.

Posted in Win and Win32?
Yep, "Win" version is 64-bit. Called just "win" because for a long time, that was the only type of Windows build I was making, didn't add a 32-bit version until later.
Heh, yeahhhh - Slowly trying to shift the game more science-fictiony, with alien plants/lifeforms/landscapes. That way it doesn't feel like it's supposed to be set on The Moon (or Mars, which lots of people also associate the game with).

Ha! good catch. Yeah when trying to exit the buggie, the pavement tiles are probably currently considered "occupied", so that I'll definitely fix.

I'll have to try testing out the red particle issue - they should immediately stop once the buggie has driven (or been pushed).


Thanks for the suggestions! And the bugs :)

Already managed to fixed a couple, and made the camera zoom out a little bit when driving the buggie. Check it out! https://twitter.com/cairn4/status/848212978851868672

Ooof you know, I had worked before on fixing some issues with chunks (10x10 sections of tiles) not unloading properly, but forgot to get that merged in. It also means that the more you explore, all those tiles just stick around (along with the weather particle effects etc)... which I'm sure slows stuff down... will try and get that fixed this weekend, and hopefully it'll help with some of the slow-ness issues.


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Best place to check is usually the game's itch.io page - I always post the latest build notes there, and I try to cross post the info over to my other social media accounts.

Replied to Brentnor in Known Bugs

Nope, still busy working on stuff. Just been taking a while to get it ready to publish as a build.

Replied to Haaspy in Known Bugs

Hey! Thanks for the bug report.

Are you saying if a module is leaking air, and you right click to pick it up - the airleak sound fx stops, but the visual air leak particles/fx persists? I couldn't get it that to happen in the latest version v0.33.1, is that the version you're playing? (Although I was cheating to trigger the airleak disaster, so it's totally possible it could still happen in that version somehow).

Are you talking about a different button than the one in the screenshot I posted above? The game itself has no such button in it.

(Edited 1 time)

Are you referring to this one?

If so, I'd recommend reaching out to itch.io support.

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What'd I'd recommend is copy-pasting over your "world" folder and your "moonbase_settings.json" files over from your old mewnbase game folder, to the new one. Run the new app, check that your save file loads/works... then delete the old version's folder. Hopefully that's pretty straightforward, but if not, feel free to ask for clarification.

For a more hassle-free updating experience ;) ... try out the Itch desktop app - it can auto updates games automatically without the need to manually download and transfer saves etc.


Yeah, I gotta look more into it. If I can't figure out where I made a mistake or why it keeps crashing on resolution change, I might end up just removing the resolution options for a while (and just keep the fullscreen toggle), until I can get a better handle on it. We'll see.

The resolution list is all of the display modes that the game thinks your "primary" monitor supports. My guess is that if there's duplicates in the list, it might be because there are multiple color-depths or refresh rates available for the same resolution (and my list of buttons are just showing the resolution width and height). I'll add in the extra display mode info to the button list to see if that might be why.

Replied to Kargul85 in Known Bugs
Thanks for the post. I'm going to have to look through the screen-resolution code since the previous version to see if I unintentionally changed something... clearly something is messed up.
(Edited 2 times)

Ah! so close :D

Unfortunately the actual cause is a few lines above that probably (before all the "at ..." lines) - should be a line that says what type of Exception occurred - probably starts with something like "Exception in thread..."

Thanks for your patience with me here, I do really wanna figure out why it's crashing here for you so I can get it fixed.

Hey, to clarify, the Target field in the shortcut properties should be the full path to the exe...

Example: c:\Users\Steve\folders\MewnBase\MewnBase.exe -c --console

Blah, that's no good. Sorry about that.

Did this crash happen to you multiple times? I've never seen the game crash and hangup my entire computer before (with multiple monitors). When you run the game in fullscreen mode, was it filling up a single monitor, and just showing your desktop as usual on the others screens?

Another random question, are you using the NVIDIA "Surround" mode for multiple displays?

Hey Brentnor,

But it works if you change the resolution in-game? Weeeeird. Are you running the latest version? (at least v0.33), on Windows I'm assuming?

Try this out if you can:

  1. Create a shortcut to MewnBase.exe (doesn't matter where)
  2. Right click shortcut -> Properties
  3. add "-c --console" to the end of the Target field so that it reads
    MewnBase.exe -c --console
  4. Run the game via the shortcut, it'll open up a little console window behind the main game.
  5. Try changing the resolutions again as you described - if it crashes, it should still print out some errors at the bottom of the console window, paste some of that here if you could.


Posted in suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions!

That's a pretty cool idea and would probably make sense to do.

When I get back to working on the weather-related stuff I'll probably try to have the solar panels do something like this, so that there's a difference between just getting a little bit of dust, vs the results of a massive sand storm.


That might be the case - I just tried doing this myself and couldn't get it to happen. But there might be a way that the timing is just right for it to throw a null-ref. I'll probably at least add in some extra checks around canceling things in the queue just to be safe.


Replied to suicidejunkie in Water

Goooood call :)

+1 for Dune

Replied to forsakenskys in Wont run.

Hey - sorry, forgot to reply to this the other day. The previous Linux version was 64-bit only, but over this past weekend I added a 32-bit Linux version of the game. Try giving that a shot and see if it works for you (fingers crossed).


Typing "help" will give you a list of all the console commands.

Right now, there's still a bunch of world-loading/rendering optimization that I need to finish... but if the game is starting to lag after a playing for a while, sometimes just save+quit -> load clears it up for a while.

If the game is running slow right off the bat, then not really sure at this point besides lowering the resolution. Do you know what kind of video card and processor your machine has?

Just for comparison... I do most of my development on an older Thinkpad (Core i5-3320M CPU) - that just has a non-dedicated Intel HD 4000. It runs it more or less okay; not perfect. Does get occasionally sluggish though.

Replied to aydouk in Known Bugs

Half bug, half bad design: try rotating the airlock after selecting it form your inventory bar but before building it (default mapped to the R key)

Replied to HolyHugo in Known Bugs

This issue should now be fixed in v0.32

Heh, no problem at all. Speculate away ;)

F1 -> console:

  • giveitem medbay-builder
  • giveitem sci-scanner1 (no current use)
  • meteor x y (where x and y are the tile coordinate)

Thanks for clarifying. I get your point on the scope of the game. There's definitely more in there than last July (which is when the price changed from free to paid), but maybe not leaps and bounds more. Still the basic set of biomes, similar planet resources etc. Just been a slow and steady process.