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For the art I use a combination of Procreate, lots of Photoshop, and then Spine for animation.

Phew! Glad that's all it was.  Cheers!

F1 -> type in "god" without the quotes, and hit return.

Oooo good ones.  Not sure if i'll be able to fix the getting wedged issue (maybe just shrinking or expanding the collision size? Will look into it) 


Hotfix version 0.51.1 is now up that addresses the issue of the missing Dozer storage items!

Will also think about ways of trashing/recycling un-needed items.


Thank you for letting me know - I've heard a couple other people mention this as well, and will be looking into fixing it ASAP.  

The_Observer is correct - if you bought MewnBase (by itself) on it comes with a Steam key. However Steam keys are not included if you got the game as a part of a larger bundle.

Just uploaded a new build that addresses this issue!  

Thanks for the report! Will hopefully get a fix out for that later today.

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If you attach your normal power source / base to one side, and something else to the opposite that you don't need power running to all the time, you can use the switch to prevent power from going to those un-needed modules.  In this example, the construction yard still uses 2.5 power even when not in use, so flipping the switch to off keeps that power and stores it in the batteries instead:

Deconstructing the conduit cable would have the same effect.

It looks like the game's running out of memory when it's saving.  

You could try upping the amount of memory that the game can use - open the "config.json" file in the same folder as the exe. It should look like this:

  "classPath": [
  "mainClass": "com.cairn4.moonbase.desktop.DesktopLauncher",
  "vmArgs": [
The line "-Xmx1G" is the max Java heap size (1 GB) -  you can try increasing that to see it it runs smoother and crashes less often.  Like to set the max to 4 GB, make it say "- Xmx4G"

Hello!  haha thank you!  

I've had one other person report a hard-crash when clicking that button (I believe they were playing on a less-common Linux distro) - what OS are you playing the game on?  And if it is Linux, what file manager do you use?

Several components that MewnBase requires have dropped support for 32-bit OSs over the years - so I can't really offer tech support for those systems - sorry :(

Hi!  Sorry for the late response - does it always do this when starting a new game on your machine? Or did it just happen once?  

It'll keep generating new chunks of the map "forever". But it will start bugging out after a while (and probably result in FPS slowdowns).

While at some point I might hire more help to work on the project, I have no plans to open source it.

I've added that library.path argument to the launcher in the macOS build labeled 0.51 "unstable" - if anyone had trouble getting the 0.50 version of the game working on macOS, give that one a shot and let me know if it works for you!  (or if it still does the same) 😬🤞

Not sure why that wouldn't be working.  The only other thing I can think of is checking to make sure your copy of Windows the 64-bit version?  

If there's no crashlog files and assuming you are using Windows, take a look at the FAQ thread for info on installing the Visual C++ redistributable from Microsoft

There's no plans for making a mobile or console port of the game, sorry.

Hmmmm, If it's possible to get it to happen again, could you try seeing if you could grab a screenshot of where you're placing it? Right clicking I'm assuming build? Very strange - hadn't heard of this happening before.

Hi!  As it states on the bundle page, Steam keys are not included with the Racial Justice bundle.  Players that buy MewnBase by itself however are able to get a free Steam key for the game.  


I've tried a few things over the years regarding click-to-move.  Gets messy when there's some tiles you can be standing on as well as interacting with, and having the game know the difference was kinda tough.  There is a virtual joystick option in the settings but that's a very different feel from what you're probably looking for.  Dragging items up off the inventory bar to drop them would DEFINITELY be nice.

The artifact-research UI is in dire need an overhaul.  Originally designed to have a lot of different types of research artifacts you could collect and use in there, which is why it shows you your whole inventory on the left. 

Thanks for the feedback!

v0.50 has a Creative mode (with unlimited / free crafting) - and you'll never run out of health/oxygen/hunger etc.

Thanks for the tip, didn't know there was more URL fields available in there!

Hello!  There is an easy workaround for that issue listed in the FAQ post  :)   But please let me know if it doesn't work for you!

Ohhhhh, interesting - thank you a_v_a.  I'm gonna try and modify the launcher config to include that library path and see if it helps.

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Not sure started happening, but than you for pointing it out!  Will take a look into it.

Hey!   Oy, I've tried some attempts before at preventing players from picking up the base modules until they've finished the right tutorial step - but it got a bit too complicated, if I recall correctly. Will have to revisit to see where I left off.   ❤️

There can be cases where sometimes the Java process isn't getting terminated correctly/completely (which can also cause this issue).  Hopefully I fixed at least the more obvious culprits of that in the latest update, but if it's still happening to anyone in 0.50+, just let me know :)

Hmm that is strange - sometimes it takes a while to sync up all the cloud saves after closing, but I don't think it'd appear as "still running" - will keep an eye out.

If you get stuck in a situation like that could you try grabbing a screenshot if it happening?  Curious as to what kind of tiles are around the buggie, possibly blocking the player from getting out of it.

Also try to see if using the Enter key lets you get out (and in) of the vehicle.

I will look into seeing if there's ways of improving this though for the next update. Thanks!

Hey, thanks for letting me know.  

I've seen this happen recently while my daughter was playing it, and a couple of other people had pointed this out as well. It usually clears itself after save+quit and reloading - so I'm not sure the save files would help at this point. But I'm going to take another look at the new(ish) code related to the base module construction and try and get that fixed soon as I can.

95% sure the game thinks there is an entity / object / player standing in the way, even if there visually isn't anything there.