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Hi zonemaster, shoot me an email (steve@cairn4.com) - would love to send you an updated build to try out with better crash reporting to see if we can figure out what might be happening.

Hey! First of all, thanks for checking it out :)

When was it first released back in January 2016... I had no development plan. It was just a prototype I had been working on for a couple months, totally just for fun. It was a very rough "game" thing. Oxygen didn't last very long, and it all made using pixel art, which was nice because it's fast to whip together and test.  Back then it was also free - definitely didn't feel like it was something worth asking for money for.

You can checkout an early build of the game here: http://cairn4.com/downloads/moonbase-jan20.jar  (Requires Java installed on your machine)

(FYI, Tab key opens inventory, walking movement and colliding with objects was pretty bad)

It wasn't for another 6 months or so of development, and the first main art overhaul that the game started getting some attention from players.

Anyways, to address your last point - I think you can start trying to get a following as soon as you have something half-interesting to show people. Having art goes a long away in being able to post screenshots online etc. But even if the game is all temp art ... having something unique/interesting that you can screenshot / record into gifs etc and show people that make them go "oooooh, I wanna try that" ... will help you out.

Yes.  Didn't have a lot of time to work on the game over the holiday season. Also currently in the process of buying/packing/moving to a new house. Can see planned updates on the game's Trello board:  https://trello.com/b/cCbkn0N8/mewnbase-by-cairn4

It's supposed to be endless, but it gets pretty buggy if you go far enough south-west into  negative chunk numbers. Ideally it'd wrap around.

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Thanks for catching that! :)

Will add that fix to the next build.

Yep, will try and get the Steam store 'coming soon' page up as soon as I can. There's been a few extra life-related things going on this month eating up my time to get that finished.

Soon as it's up I'll definitely be posting about it everywhere. If you "follow" me on itch.io, you should see it come up in your "Feeds" section.


Woo, glad that worked. I've added a note about to the FAQ and I'll also add it to the download page information as well.

The game "should just work" in high-res mode (like the main menu etc)... but clearly I'm doing something that results it it not working in-game.  Will keep trying to fix (or at least make it default to low-res mode so players don't have to do it).

Try turning on "Low Resolution Mode" in the app's  Get Info panel.


The game stores your files in the same folder as the app itself. So if you're playing it through the Itch Desktop App, click on the Show Local Files button on the right side.

Did it look like this screenshot (see below)?

Do the other 2 game modes seem to work?  Could you zip up and email me (steve@cairn4.com) your Saves folder so I can see where the tutorial might be getting stuck (leading to a crash)?  

Interesting - 15 doesn't seem like that many, I've seen some pretty massive bases. Mind sharing a screenshot? 

The Windows builds of the game come with a bundled version of Java that the game uses, so probably not that.

Sometimes I get issues with several Java games/apps where the framerate will just be really bad for unknown reasons - rebooting usually clears it up at least for me. 

Do you notice it happening consistently after reloading the game?  Just in a particular area near your base or everywhere in the map?  Is there a lot of base modules in that one location perhaps?

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Also check this out :P  (TEMP ART, WORK IN PROGRESS...)

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Several players have suggested having Thirst as a player stat. It would certainly be easy to add, but I don't know that it would necessarily make for a better game? Would people want one more progress bar / number to keep an eye on and be replenishing?  It's something I could try out eventually.

As a side note, I'm probably going to be adding some sort of "water tap" as a base object so that players can take water back *out* of the Water Supply modules (and use for drinking / cooking etc).

@dikktor - what sort of info are you looking for about the RTGs?

It is Java (using libGDX) which supports both desktop and mobile - but I don't have any plans to make/support an Android version of MewnBase at this time.

I've tried compiling the game for mobile earlier in 2017, and performance was just wayyyy to slow.  And none of the player-input stuff has been designed for touch (aside from something simple like the Main Menu).

Woo! glad to hear that it's working now :)

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This should now be fixed in v0.40!  

Will probably try to make it so that you can transfer either 1 item, or the whole stack by holding Shift in the next version, since there's probably times when you don't want to bring the full stack with you.

Thanks for the bug reports!  Will work to get this fixed in the next version.

I think I want to have a bigger discussion, probably on the forums sometime soon about how people feel about the "Normal" / Mission mode.  As it is now... I personally think it's pretty weak - all you need to do survive X days, and the payoff isn't very exciting. My hunch is most people play Endless.

As much as I like the idea of having the game have more "goals" in it... I might just swap out the "Normal" mode for a basic "Creative" mode for the time being.  BUT... wanna see what everyone thinks about it first.

Huh! I just noticed this.  I must have broke something along the way - could've sworn it used to work and count properly haha.  Thanks!

Fixed this! Will be in the next update :)

In the next version, I'm going to (hopefully) be adding in bodies of water like ponds / lakes - so trying to think of ways to allow the player to pump/collect water from those. Would they actually be drinkable water? Would it need to be cleaned somehow? Is the pump->storage flow automated?

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Getting the ball rolling...

Signed up and started filling out the Steamworks Developer forms over the weekend.

Does this issue still happen on the latest version (0.39)? Will definitely look into it.  Cheers!

Thanks for the bug reports!

Hmm the game should give you a lame "You win!" message if you reach the end of a Normal Mission - will have to see if that got messed up with the latest update.

Will also look into the other issues. Totally forgot about the cat color stuff for driving the buggie haha

I would like to add some hostile creatures to encounter - to make exploration a bit more hazardous. Things that you need to keep from eating your base perhaps.  

And there'd need to be some sort of way to deal with them. Offensively, defensively... not sure yet :)

Agreed - a lot of testing and bug fixes to get 0.39 out, but not enough time to get much new in-game stuff for players to chew on.

Hoping to get the biome update (or at least part of it) in the next version: adding water, sand, snow areas etc.

Other half-baked features been working on in the past month: Creative Mode, enemies(?), fixing z-sorting (so that sprites are better layered and go behind each other properly when you're walking around).

Replied to neobeo in Steam edition?

As far as gameplay features go - will try and keep the Itch and Steam versions of the game the same, just for my own sanity haha.

Might include Steam-platform specific stuff like trading cards and achievements?

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Sorry for the slow response... I try to read almost all posts on here, even if I don't get a chance to reply to them. 

Unfortunately not planning on adding multiplayer in the foreseeable future. There's still a *lot* of work to do on the game as it is.

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Yeah, it's been a few weeks since the last update.  More will come, just gonna take a bit of time.

If you follow my Itch.io account I think you should be auto-notified when the next update is out.

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You're probably right. Tried doing lots of stuff to fix it, such as setting the texture-filtering to Nearest-Neighbor, tried messing with the padding and bleed on the texture packing.  Even tried increasing the tile size by like less than a pixel in each direction so they'd overlap a teeny tiny bit.  I'm currently working on drawing lots of new biome art - so I'll probably try and revisit this issue when putting them in. Fingers crossed!


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Definitely possible, and planning on it eventually. Just not sure when.

There's a bug related to loading games in which a Base Module was still under construction at the last time the world was saved. It will be fixed in the next release.

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Making it free wouldn't help pay my bills. 

Boooo, bugs!

Please feel free  to email your broken saves over to me (cairn4games@gmail.com) so I can figure out what's breaking with them.

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Thank you! Hearing a bit of positive player feedback every once in a while means a lot to me :)

Definitely going to keep working on it!

- Steve / @Cairn4