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Unfortunately not without porting the whole game to another engine :(

Chopping down trees with an axe has a 25% chance of dropping a seed.

You can currently plant tree seeds anywhere outside as long as the tile is clear.

On a Mac, right click on the -> show package contents and then in one of the subfolders you'll find the "saves" directory. You'll want to copy that over to your new machine.

It reminds me how ideas I've had for a quest-system of sorts.  Just to give the player something else to do. Having "unknown signals" appear on the map for the player to investigate could def be part of it. Just gotta think of what the rewards would be.  Like free base modules, resources, research points etc

Haha no that's def a bug, leftover from when I was re-doing the map UI stuff ^^;

All you need to do is log into, and go to the game's page and click the download button up at the top to grab the latest version.


I just reproduced that very easily, can't believe hadn't noticed it before.  Figured out the issue this evening, was a leftover bug from my last round of item stack refactoring. Will get the fix out in the next update asap. Thank you for posting it!

If the game's cheating you of precious resources, cheat back by using the F1 console -> "giveItem researchObject 5"  ;)

Hi Schwarzstier!

Thanks for finding that one. Realized last night that I had only setup the pavement tiles to check to make sure they weren't being placed on top of an existing floor tiles. Made a fix for it to include wood ones, and it'll be out soon in the next update.


More tooltips on the crafting screen recipe ingredients is def a good idea.

You can re-arrange your inventory by drag and dropping items.

You can also transfer whole stacks in the storage UI via Shift-Click.


Hi neenonay! Thanks!  It was mainly written in Java, using the game framework libGDX:

Should just be a matter of parking the buggie in front of the trailer so that the joints are semi-near eachother, then get out of the buggie, and left click on the trailer and it should auto connect. If that doesn't work let me know.

Hey! Happy that the macOS version is working for you :O  (there's a launch crash for a lot of mac users, but haven't been able to figure out any rhyme or reason to the issue yet).

Out of curiosity, what kind of year/model mac do you have?

F1 is the default key to show/hide it.  

The update (0.46.1) is now out on and Steam that should fix both a crash-bug with lightning strikes, and the issue where they were draining all a base's batteries.

No worries.   Cheers!

I confirmed last night that there was definitely a bug causing ALL the batteries to get drained by a single lightning strike.  Fixed the problem, and will have an update coming out later this evening with a bunch of fixes to issues that had been reported over the past week.


Yep, as @nooneimportant12321 mentioned: hold down right-mouse button to pickup base modules. It's mentioned in the tutorial.

They're pretty easy to reconfigure. I'll take a look at it again to make sure things are all getting unlocked in the right order.

Hey - someone else recently pointed that out.  The strike is supposed to drain 1000 power from a hit base's power supply.  A single battery holds 750, so 2 full batteries should be enough to withstand a single strike.  I'll make sure to test this out some more.

I think a lightning rod is would def be a good idea though, especially for larger bases.

If you've bought the Itch version, the downloads page for MewnBase that emails to you.  If you're logged into itch you can also find the key by clicking the Download button on the top of the page here:

Steam version is being released Friday (Dec 7th).  So look at your download page (the url that is emailed to you after purchasing a game on sometime Friday afternoon.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Steam Release Info
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MewnBase is coming to Steam this Friday!

Store page link:

Having had a wonderful home on for the past two years, my little weird space-cat/survival/base-building game is making the next step by launching on Steam Early Access.

What if I already own the game on

If you own the game on (thank you), you will be able to get a free Steam key for it on your MewnBase downloads page (once the Steam version is available for sale).

What will happen to the version? is an amazing platform and MewnBase won't be leaving it anytime soon. The version will continue to receive updates at the same pace as the Steam version.

How much will it cost?

The game will be launching at $5.99 USD on Steam, the price will also be rising to match.

If you've enjoyed the game, I would greatly appreciate if you could help spread the word, add it to your wishlist, leave it a review once it launches, tell your friends ❤️


- Steve / @cairn4

It's up! :)

Oh weird :O  Think you could send me a screenshot or something of it?  Do you know what videocard / driver you're using?  Fairly certain I'm just running the Mesa driver on my Linux Mint machine with an ancient Intel HD4000.

Another possibility is that the game just isn't putting a light object on top of the module in the first place, or rendering it for some reason. Like a max-number of lights the game will bother drawing or something if you have a massive base? Will investigate :)

They're not made to light-up the area around them, kinda more like small runway lights or something, just visible by themselves in total darkness.  This is about as bright as they currently get: 

Hey there!  Yeah the next update is loooong overdue.  Going to aim to get it out within a week  :fingers crossed:

Yep. Still working on the next one, can see some of the things slated for it here on the game's public trello board:

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write up those ideas.  Few real quick reactions/responses:

1 - Creative mode is on my longer list of things to look at doing.
2 - There's wayyy more scrap than you'll ever need in the world. (which why scrap recycling exists). Also want to just encourage players to travel farther if they're that late in the game to collect those kinds of resources. The world generation is (almost) infinite in each direction.
3 - Have considered having multiple planets you could jump between a while back, could be cool, but also a lot of work to add in enough new planet biomes and content to make it interesting and worth while. But going to keep thinking about it.
4/5 - So like a RV / caravan?  There'll be some new vehicle stuff in the next update (trailers), and more vehicle types coming later.
6 -  Wind turbines would be neat, but it's more of a balancing / usefulness thing.  Sandstorms don't last very long (or usually happen that frequently). And if they always provide a low amount of power (and more during sandstorms), is there a way to make them different enough to warrant building vs solar panels or RTGs.
7 - Been looking into this recently. But no timeline for it right now.
8 - Console support unfortunately won't be possible without porting the whole game to another engine.

Item names are case sensitive (commands themselves are not), so if you want ore, type in this to get just one:
giveItem ore


giveItem ore 10 get 10 of them.

Use "listItems" to see all available item names.

Sorry the game didn't work for you.

Yes, you can get a refund if it's not working for you on your machine, just shoot me an email ( from the one you used to buy the game and I can forward the request along if you'd like. 

Have considered removing the Mac version, but haven't because on some Apple machines it works fine without any issues (like on my Mac mini), while others experience the launch issue you mentioned. Still haven't been able to figure out why.

In the meantime, will at least either make it super clear to buyers that the Mac version might be crashy or drop it from the store listing for now.

Hey! So you were next to one of those modules, but after dying and reloading, you spawned right on top of it?  Were you able to walk off of it?  Which item was in your inventory that got double? 


Sorry everyone, wasn't getting/seeing notifications for this thread...

Is anyone with this issue able to run the game by downloading the zip from the store page and running it there (instead of through the itch desktop app)?   Or running the game/desktop-1.0.jar file (if you have Java installed on your machine)?

I also put up a new build 0.44.1 last night that has some engine and library updates - might be worth trying out.

Also also, after this crash happens, are there any crashlog_[datestamp].txt files appearing in the folder with the game's EXE? 

First time I've seen an error like that, will try and look into it more.   In the meantime, as a long shot... have you tried the plain java version?  (assuming you'd have OpenJDK or Java installed on your machine).

Sorry it's still being crashy on macOS everyone :(

Thanks for posting those attempts at running it bytesoup.  Found a bug/issue post for libgdx (engine that MewnBase uses) that sounds like it might be the same issue:

Although I'm not able to test this on my end... the post suggests trying to disable the dedicated/integrated gpu switching on your system (probably like this - and then running the game again. Would you mind trying that out and letting me know if it fares any better?  

Hey! Thanks for the feedback. That was def something I realized after I got them in: that the warning color of red wasn't looking good the way I had it setup before (when both bars were just orange by default).  Will have to think about how best to make sure that players can still easily notice at a glance once something has run low / run out.