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Thanks for the feedback @Ameey, appreciate it!  

Might want to try seeing if it runs via the desktop app - the game does require a 64-bit OS, so would be worth also double checking that, and that your video card drivers are working properly (requires OpenGL support).

Thanks for the report!  Don't think I've seen that first issue before, but the second one I definitely have.  Will look into it.

Just released an update to fix this problem

Oy, sorry to hear that - can you see if there's any crashlog .txt files in the game's folder?  (might be inside the .app package here: - can't remember exactly where they end up on macOS)

Thank you havok ^___^

The newer radioactive rocks will def glow in the next hotfix update - great idea!  

Thank you!  Will get that sorted out for the next hotfix update.

This is super helpful, thanks again!  After 0.53 is released as Stable, I'll try making some test/beta macOS builds using the latest libGDX snapshot 🤞

Steam keys should be available for anyone that bought the game directly from at any point in the past -  but not if it was bought as part of a larger bundle.

Hello!  Sorry for the late response.  Definitely a bug / not intended haha - thank you very much for reporting it! ^_^

Hmm, no hyperlink to where / what?

Possibly, or stone ruins with loot. 


Never noticed that multiple recipe thing!  Thanks for calling it out :)

Hmm, will look into this.  Thanks for letting me know.

Hello, yes! the unstable versions are also on Steam. You just have to opt into the "testing" beta channel: Right click on the game in your library -> Properties -> Betas tab -> then select the "testing" option in the drop down, this will queue up the update for 0.52. 

BIG NOTE:  they're labelled unstable for a reason ;)   Playing certain saves in 0.52 will prevent them from working in 0.51 or an older version of the game anymore.  But 0.52 is almost done and will hopefully be promoted to stable in the next few days hopefully 🤞

Eventually, a bed for NPCs.  But wasn't supposed in the 0.52 release haha

Hey JanJan64 - if it's crashing, there should be a crashlog_[datetime].txt file in the same folder as the executable, if you can find any - please email them over to me at so I can take a look and try and figure out why it might be happening.

0.47 is pretty old, try updating to the latest?  And email any crashlog .txt files in the game's folder over to me at please.

Hi Ethren, thanks for the thoughts - that's definitely been on my mind.  The game won't be turning into a run-and-gun action game, blasting all the creatures with lasers or anything.

Have been thinking of ways to have a small mix of creatures, some hostile to add a threat/challenge to exploration, and others as passive (that perhaps can provide you with some benefit/resources in ways other than killing them).  And making sure however they're designed makes sense in the generally casual game-play the game has now.

There will definitely be an option to disable the hostile creatures so they just ignore the player.

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Dark grey cubes with a paw print on the side of them - those are "Artifacts".  You research them in the Research Lab module to turn them into "Samples" (tech points)

NobodyZero is correct, you'd connect the Airlock to the Air Cleaner / Habitat module (the one with the fan on it).  

Example of the usual early base layout... (ignore the old style wood floor)

Do you remember if the light was still on in the Air Cleaner?  and the little fan running?  

If you were standing inside, and none of the modules had the "no power" icon on them, then the Air Cleaner should be able to make enough oxygen to keep you alive and slowly fill the base.  But maybe there was a bug where the air cleaner thought it wasn't powered for some reason.  Not sure.

See if you can grab a screenshot of it next time if possible?  Or if it always happens to you with a particular saved-game, zip it up and email it over to me and I'll gladly take a look (


For the art I use a combination of Procreate, lots of Photoshop, and then Spine for animation.

Phew! Glad that's all it was.  Cheers!

F1 -> type in "god" without the quotes, and hit return.

Oooo good ones.  Not sure if i'll be able to fix the getting wedged issue (maybe just shrinking or expanding the collision size? Will look into it) 


Hotfix version 0.51.1 is now up that addresses the issue of the missing Dozer storage items!

Will also think about ways of trashing/recycling un-needed items.


Thank you for letting me know - I've heard a couple other people mention this as well, and will be looking into fixing it ASAP.  

The_Observer is correct - if you bought MewnBase (by itself) on it comes with a Steam key. However Steam keys are not included if you got the game as a part of a larger bundle.

Just uploaded a new build that addresses this issue!  

Thanks for the report! Will hopefully get a fix out for that later today.

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If you attach your normal power source / base to one side, and something else to the opposite that you don't need power running to all the time, you can use the switch to prevent power from going to those un-needed modules.  In this example, the construction yard still uses 2.5 power even when not in use, so flipping the switch to off keeps that power and stores it in the batteries instead:

Deconstructing the conduit cable would have the same effect.

It looks like the game's running out of memory when it's saving.  

You could try upping the amount of memory that the game can use - open the "config.json" file in the same folder as the exe. It should look like this:

  "classPath": [
  "mainClass": "com.cairn4.moonbase.desktop.DesktopLauncher",
  "vmArgs": [
The line "-Xmx1G" is the max Java heap size (1 GB) -  you can try increasing that to see it it runs smoother and crashes less often.  Like to set the max to 4 GB, make it say "- Xmx4G"

Hello!  haha thank you!  

I've had one other person report a hard-crash when clicking that button (I believe they were playing on a less-common Linux distro) - what OS are you playing the game on?  And if it is Linux, what file manager do you use?

Several components that MewnBase requires have dropped support for 32-bit OSs over the years - so I can't really offer tech support for those systems - sorry :(