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There's a bug related to loading games in which a Base Module was still under construction at the last time the world was saved. It will be fixed in the next release.

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Making it free wouldn't help pay my bills. 

Boooo, bugs!

Please feel free  to email your broken saves over to me (cairn4games@gmail.com) so I can figure out what's breaking with them.

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Thank you! Hearing a bit of positive player feedback every once in a while means a lot to me :)

Definitely going to keep working on it!

- Steve / @Cairn4

If you want to zip up your saves folder and email it over to me I'd be happy to take a look:  cairn4games@gmail.com

I'm assuming by "does not work" you mean that the game crashes when you try to load your 53-day save?

> Do not prompt please how to remove it???
Not sure what you mean here - could you clarify?

Thanks! I'll try and set that to be enabled by default in the next update.

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I'll test this out - I definitely changed some inventory stuff in the last release that could possibly be related to a crafting bug.

Do you know if you had a full or empty inventory at the time?

Yay! Glad you're liking it. Really appreciate your patience and testing this stuff out for me. Thanks!

Definitely seems likely that I'll be going with the LWJGL3 version for the next release then :)

Woah! Great news! :D

I uploaded a win64-experimental and linux64-experimental build yesterday that use LWJGL3 and a newer version of OpenJDK... would love to know if the mouse click issues still exist in those. Not getting my hopes up though haha.

The .jar file is already in the Windows version you've downloaded (see path in prev post).  Or, you're already logged into itch.io...  just go ahead and download the standalone java version.

Hey JacketyJack, thanks for the additional info!

Some Win10 machines definitely seem to have an issue with the win64 and win32 versions of the game (where the game doesn't even launch) - but if Java has been installed, the .jar files will at least run.  There's probably a problem/conflict with the bundled version of Java I'm using with those versions. 

As for the mouse issues, I'll post a sticky thread to mention that Gigabyte machines might be problematic, so that maybe some other people could add their 2cents in case that's the source of the issue.  Still going to keep trying to figure this out.

Hey Seth,

Thanks for the post and log file - I've been getting a few reports of the Win10 version crashing on launch recently. I suspect it's a similar issue to the one you're experiencing (with the bundled Java version).

I'm using the libgdx packr + OpenJDK 7 to create the platform specific versions, with a few build-scripts so that it's as automated as possible.  I should give launch4j another look though, it's been a while. 

I'm considering switching to lwjgl3 and the Azul OpenJDK 8 builds in the next version of MewnBase, with the hope that it might clear up some of these issues :/

Probably won't be making a mobile port anytime soon.  Just focusing on desktop versions for now.

That's no good. Hmm...

So few things I can suggest you try: 

  • Try installing the game through the Itch Desktop Client - this will at least give you an easy way of seeing the log files and may have some clues as to why it's crashing / not launching (feel free to email it over to me at cairn4games@gmail.com if it's still not working).
  • If you have Java installed - try running the .jar file directly (MewnBase/game/desktop-1.0.jar) and see if anything happens.

Do you know what kind of video card (if any) your machine has? 

I'll be sure to test this out and compare it to the previous version. Thanks for the post!

In making it so that Pavement tiles are now on their own layer (and allowing things to be built on top of them) - I forgot to update the player walk-speed stuff so that the player can walk faster on Pavement. Will fix asap.

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Yaay! Really happy you're liking it so far   ^___________________^

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Wooo Linux user :D

I haven't tried it specifically on Fedora, but I'm pretty sure it should work fine.

The "Linux" versions of the game come bundled with a specific 32/64-bit version of the Java JRE (OpenJDK 7).  The Java version is a stand-alone .jar file that should work on any machine that supports OpenGL and has Java 7+ installed.

Last thing I'll mention just as a FYI, is that the game doesn't come with any sort of installer or package support (.deb or .rpm files) - it's just a folder with the assets and an executable).

Happy to answer any other questions if you have them. 

Hey @JacketyJack, thank you for testing that out.  Still baffled as to why it wouldn't be working - are there any common/shared hardware features between your two machines that it *doesn't* work on that you can think of?  Like manufacturer, motherboard brand, some specific mouse/input driver maybe? 

Here's a very quick app I threw together that anyone with this issue can try out. (Requires Java)

All it does is print out the incoming mouse clicks, done in a similar way that I'm handling them in MewnBase for gameplay stuff. Would be curious to know if it works/doesn't work - and whether they seem mapped correctly for you.


Plot thickens!  I'm going to try and make a test app later this evening for anyone that wants to to test - something that'll just print out what buttons are being pushed on your mice/touchpads.  Whatever LWJGL+ libGDX thinks is your "left" and "right" mouse buttons is clearly incorrect, but more general "is the screen being touched / clicked" is working (menus). 

Replied to mrocks22 in Addition?

I've thought about adding a cat-bed / living quarters module that lets you sleep through the night.  Here's some of the things that'd have to be considered:

  • Player status stuff would have to be fast-forwarded (oxygen supply, suit power, hunger, health) - player might run out of of oxygen in the middle of the night.
  • All base modules would need to be fast-forwarded - which could result in air leaks / disasters being triggered as soon you "wake up". Need to make sure things like the Green House plants are growing.
  • Base resources all need to be updated (power consumption, base oxygen, water).
  • Not sure what would happen to Repair Drones that are in mid-flight.

May try a hacked in way to do this real quick... just to see how much effort it would actually take ^^;

Replied to mrocks22 in Addition?

Having scrap get smelted into metal plates would be cool, I would probably make it less efficient, like 2 or 4 scrap = 1 metal. The problem I just realized though is that having multiple recipes for the same item would be tricky to convey to the player right now. Would have to think about how the crafting UI could reflect that.  Maybe it could even be done at a separate "Recycling" base module.

Posted in Fatal Bug

If you get a save that won't load, could you please zip up the "saves" folder and email it to me so I can take a look? cairn4games@gmail.com

Great idea. Will do! 

Oy, sorry to hear that @sparxef, hospital trips are never fun. 

I realized at least one thing that is different about the way menu buttons are handled vs in-game world stuff that might be where the game is having trouble.  Wont' be able to check until tonight though.

Crazy follow-up question for anyone with this issue: if you happen to have a different mouse available to try out... does switching mice work (different manufacturer)?  Or using the trackpad if you're on a laptop?  Using any special software for button mapping / customization?

Make sure you're logged into itch.io with the same email you used to buy it.  If it still doesn't show up, try using the "Recover Purchases" field on this itch support page: https://itch.io/support

I suspect this is an issue with the wrapper I'm using for the Windows build (packr).  If I launch the game directly from the .jar file (MewnBase/game/desktop-1.0.jar) - the game launches small, but centered on my display, and fullscreen seems to work properly.

I have the same issue on my Surface Book (and I think it unfortunately happens on most Windows machines with HiDPI displays). Still need to figure out how to fix that.  One thing you can do though is hit F11 to toggle the game back to windowed mode (should work from the Main Menu and during gameplay).

And thanks for trying all that out! Well at least the game seems to know where your mouse is supposed to be in the world.  Really bizarre...

One thing that the game doesn't mention, that I just thought I'd throw out there... is that if you are moving around (WASD) that'll cancel out any mouse input. So that you can't punch tiles and walk around at the same time. 

But if you're standing still, THEN click on the cargo containers... they should get collected with a little progress bar. (takes about 1 sec)

I'm def going to keep thinking about it more this evening after work... see if I can find ways of reproducing it.

Something else that would be interesting to try (assuming the keyboard input works)...

Start a new game, hit F1, type in "debug" without quotes, hit enter.

Bottom right of the screen should be some info, does the bottom line for "Interaction" have numbers in the ballpark of 500, 500 ?  (and does it change when you move your mouse around the screen?)

Hey @Bosniarat and @sparxef - thanks for the report, first I've ever heard of this type of issue.  Sorry that it's not working correctly :(

You're correct in that there aren't any options / settings for mapping the mouse buttons - but it's really weird that they wouldn't be working just during gameplay (but do work on the Main Menu?)  Looks like you're running the game in windowed-mode, correct? I'm assuming you can at least see the mouse moving around during gameplay, just that clicking doesn't do anything?

Apologies for the slew of questions here...

Do the keyboard controls all seem to work?
Can you click on the flashlight icon up in the top left of the HUD, does that do anything?
If you walk up right next to a big rock or plant, and hover the mouse over the rock/plant, does the mouse cursor turn orange/yellow instead of gray?

I'll have to look into this more.

Haha yaaaaaay :)

Posted in Addition?

It has a map you can open using the "M" key - and once you build Comms Towers, you'll even get waypoint direction indicators on the HUD.  :)

And thank you for providing feedback :)  Really helps me focus on ways to improve the late-stages of gameplay... that admittedly, I don't get to very often when testing haha.

Maybe having ice in the world replenish a bit after rainstorms could be cool, as a way of making it so that players don't have to travel super far if they've already collected all the nearby ice... but as you said, rainstorms don't happen very often.

But thinking more about taking water back out of the Water Supply modules... here's a few random thoughts that I've had about it so far, and how maybe it could work:

- Click on water supply -> opens UI popup for depositing ice or water, or retrieving water.  Pretty simple, functional, not terribly exciting.

- Add a new "kitchen" habitat module (which I've considered a few times before) - where most food crafting would happen later in the game. The idea being it could craft more complex food items (or make them more efficiently)...  and it could consume the needed amount of water automatically from your base's supply, instead of requiring you to have it in your inventory.

- Make a "cheap" to craft, outdoor "water tap/faucet" module - that just lets you retrieve water bottles that are filled via the connected base's Water Supply.

I'll probably try the popup or faucet thing as a first try - since they'd require the least amount of design considerations. So stay tuned, hopefully one of those will make it into the next build :)