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I cant stop playing this! Im almost to day 70 on my endless and its just so fun. I would like to see these in the game.

1: lakes on some moons, you can collect the water with a bucket made with scrap metal

2: thirst so you dont just have to worry about hunger

3: more ways of energy for your base like generators and such

4: abandon moon bases so you can get some more materials for your base

5: plants regrow randomly on moons, i need this because i have to go so far out to find food

6: crafting benches inside of your moonbase

Woah, nice! These are pretty cool ideas! Each would be good things for me to try out.

Water I definitely want, would help tie into making water/water-supply modules more useful, I'll add that to the list when I give the biomes/terrain generation an overhaul!

You can *almost* have a crafting bench inside your base right now by putting the bench right next to a habitat module, you can still click on it when you're inside the base through the wall haha.

It would be cool if the water is like a choice. So you could tell what you want on your moon so you can make a super challanging moon or an extremly easy one.