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The Obligatory Pixel Art Thread

A topic by Breogán Hackett created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 12,956 Replies: 83
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Post all Your Wonderful Arrangements of Pixels Here!

So in the spirit of getting the ball rolling on these forums and building this into something great for everyone who uses itch I decided it might be time to make a thread in one of the art sections.

Quick Note on Embedding Images:

So one of the confusing things about this forum currently is the way you embed images. It's pretty simple really but if you need help here's where to find it.

  • To embed an image you will have to upload it to somewhere else first, such as an image sharing site.
  • Then you need to right click the image and in the drop down click copy image URL.
  • Then simply paste the link and hit enter.

So here's a few of my better pieces of pixel art:

Swiss cheese army knife

Top Hat Skeleton

The Power

A self portrait of me in some of my favourite clothes

A logo I designed for my colleges Game Dev society (DCU Game Dev) with alt colour schemes.

Wow this takes up a tonne of space...

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Looks pretty cool :O I really like the skeleton, the cheese looks good too.

A portrait a made recently for my game, rather happy with how it came out, even if it doesn't looks amazing.


I Lik this, but I feel like you have too many colours going on. I often attempt to limit myself to say 8 colours. I usually pick one for light and one for dark of each. Even with larger colour pallets It's best not to over complicate.

I dunno, I feel it would look a lot worse with less colours, but then again, I don't know much about pixel art XD

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I think Broegan may be right, not less colors, but less tones of the same color? The gradients make it kinda muddy, if that makes sense, especially with your muted colors. The pose is great though, I always have trouble posing my characters, and this conveys a lot of action and personality :D


Thanks! I'll try and mess with the colour and see if I can make it better!


I don't draw myself (it tends to look pretty bad :P) but I do make pixel based games so here's a look at our main character...

Wearing a dress...

Walking in three frames...

Shooting a bow...

Walking in eight frames...

and that's about it for now :P Will add more when we have some!

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I think the bow-shooting one is a bit off because her elbow doesn't come far back enough - it seems kinda short to be pulling a bowstring...? Maybe it should also be raised, toward her head?

That last walk cycle's smooth as butter, though, so GW on that one.

It seems like her legs are "shortening" as opposed to bending (the feet don't seem to change perspective; it just looks like you're moving the foot up the shin).

The lighting could be a bit more consistent and direct, as well; it seems a bit diffused at the moment. Lowering the color count and upping the lighting might help to make the shapes and clothing patterns a little more defined, I think.

Anyway, nice work, overall! I like how detailed it is; reminds me of the sprites that came with the RPG Maker tools. Nice spriting work on the hair, as well.

"reminds me of the sprites that came with the RPG Maker tools."

That's upsetting :P Trying to get very much far away from the default RPGM look.

"I think the bow-shooting one is a bit off because her elbow doesn't come far back enough - it seems kinda short to be pulling a bowstring...? Maybe it should also be raised, toward her head?"

Couple reasons that could be, one is the limited amount of frames we did at the time of that one, we do more now so we'll likely change that. Also different artist for that one then with the 8 frame walk cycle.

"It seems like her legs are "shortening" as opposed to bending (the feet don't seem to change perspective; it just looks like you're moving the foot up the shin).

The lighting could be a bit more consistent and direct, as well; it seems a bit diffused at the moment. Lowering the color count and upping the lighting might help to make the shapes and clothing patterns a little more defined, I think."

I'll forward this to the artist and see what we can do. Thank you for all your feedback!


Yay pixel thread! Looking awesome everyone :D

Here's something I did a while ago for a @pixel_dailies

Image threads on this type of board seem like they'll get bloated easily...does anyone know of any way to embed galleries or anything? Maybe that's a feature request we could ask for :D



I like your pixels <'3. The gallery idea seems like a good one.


Really great colors, I only did one pixel-dailies though, it's from last spring through

Thank you! <3 Yeah, the pixel-dailies is great in concept, but I always spend so much time fiddling with them that they don't go very quick and I could be working on other stuff, so I stopped doing them x.x I'm not very fast at art :P

Thanks! <3


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Woohoo a pixel thread.

Protagonist from one of my current projects:

The hair is really nice and smooth and the colours are phenomenal <'3


I agree! Love the colors. The run cycle could use a little more overlap on the arm. It feels like they don't go back far enough. Otherwise fantastic stuff!

Sweet. I agree with the hair being smooth - nice work on that. I think I would push that darkest blue up a little bit - it's pretty dark at the moment, I think.

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Sweet thanks for starting a pixel art thread!

Did the cast of Aladdin for yesterday's Pixel Dailies. Inspired by the Super Time Force art style. Would very appreciate feedback!

Not much to say besides it's awesome! Good job :D

This is amazing. Great work.


This was a game I was working on for a while but eventually abandoned. I didn't do any of the graphics but I really wanted to share it because it looks so damn good.

It's pretty neat, I like the subtle wall texture. What was the game going to be about?

It was going to be a game where you'd just walk around, talk to people, and look at stuff. The story had gone in all sorts of directions and I couldn't settle on anything that I was happy with. Kinda why the game fell apart.


This was a pixel-dailies thing for making a mock-up rpg battle screen, that I was late for (I think). I did make the menus and stuff, but I've omitted it here, since I might work on it more one day.

I referenced Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for it, you can see it with the water. I'm terribly unconfident with backgrounds so it's surprising when I can finish one.

That came out great, especially if it's out of your comfort zone! I love the colors ands the ky and ocean are so tranquil and gorgeous :D

The water is so gorgeous and dreamy. And those clouds! I've fallen in love~ <'3


Not final art for my game (Roses Will Rise), I just that I find it's much easier to to design characters in pixel. some of the character went through a few changes but I'm pretty proud of this one:

I've also made some Gameboy demake screenshots of Diablo 3 and Velocity 2X:

Show post...

You're art is great! Also, LOVE the Diablo work. I almost want to commision a female Witch doctor version. ^^

Thank you! I don't think I have the original file on me anymore to make that a quick fix, if I do find it and have some spare time I will let you know.

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Sounds good to me. :)


I have very, very little experience with pixel art, but one afternoon I started messing around in Photoshop and made this little guy

Then, I started experimenting with animation and after about a week or so, I'm now looking at this

I'm pretty proud of this little froggo, and I want to maybe put him in some kind of adventure game! Any feedback would be appreciated!




This is super adorable! I think my only criticism would be that the movement is very slow.

Messing with the delay in Photoshop's timeline window, I'm torn between 0.08 and 0.07

BUT you were right, I'm definitely noticing how slow the first gifs were now!


Much better! If I had to choose, I'd say 0.07. But it depends on the game.

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I practise pixel art on my phone for the time being, I've done bits and pieces here and there for incomplete projects but the most fun I have is doodling in a wonderful Android app called Pixelesque. Practising different palettes and shape-building, mostly.

I love working within constraints and pixel art both caters to my good eye for simple maths (height / width / x / y) and my love of testing myself with constraints. I used to do a lot of pencil art, back in the day, but little time for that anymore.


just looked up Pixelesque, and wow, this program looks cool! thanks for mentioning it, i'm looking forward to trying it myself :)

and great art too!

I don't think it's actively-maintained anymore but the source is up on Github from what I remember. Been a while since I checked out that side of things, so many of my own projects to sort out!

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Just some doodles I did in my spare time:

Those are some sweet pixels y'all are posting, nice work everyone!


hello! some really neat pixels in here. heres some mockups ive done recently

Nice! The iso one looks like something I really want to be a real game, the colors on the bottom one are hawt


Here are some prelim pixels for Lettuce Grow The Love Tree that I drew today: Cow, Hay, NPC, Hanging Tulip, Cat, Cactus Flower. I'll clean them up later, but I like how they turned out for a first pass.

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Here are some things, mostly for pixel dailies:

Love the colors in these!

Thank you!


Yea, I'm game for this! Loving the art I'm seeing here!

Here's a few bits and pieces I've made a while ago.


For the daily drawing streak club streak I tried doing some chrono trigger portrait pixel art with aseprite

Here are a few, they were all done from reference from the official game art:

all of them:


I like this streak club thing, I'm totally doing it.

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Ooohhh, is it possible to buy a print from you? My husband collects Chrono Trigger Frog art. ^^


A more detailed version of my current game's protagonist, not final art of the game

Overall it's nice, but the proportion needs work. There's also a whole lot of pillow-shading going on, which is harshly detracting from the quality. The light source also appears to be coming from multiple different directions, which is a bit visually confusing. Keep at it! :3

I know, I drew this nearly a year ago and need to relearn doing shading in pixel art. Thanks though!

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Something old I made awhile back for a Pixel Dailies challenge, I think, on Neo-Geo-esque fighters?

EDIT: Hm, seems like the forums doesn't support GIFVs, or perhaps GIFs in general yet? Not sure.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

love the use of color on this guy.


Still new to Pixel art. Backgrounds are really hard for me. Need much more practice.

My first pixel thing around 6 month ago.

It looks horrible. After some more reading abut hte topic i made this:

Can you believe its from the same day? :D

After that I tried to make a grass tile. Not easy

Version 1 on the left was very unsatisfying so I tried to copy the secret of mana grass. While the tiles itslef looked better now I have a strong grid look. I have no idea how to get rid of that effect.

Back to characters. Wanted to make a pixel illustration. Theme: Duck


Decided to go for no. 3

The final piece after colour correction.

After that I joined a friend on her Star Trek Voyager fang game.

I found the base sprite in an RPG maker forum. Forgot the link.

I also started on some tilesets but they are very heavy under construction I will show them later.

Latly I am on a 1 bit trip but i only found this one:

As we plan a new RPG maker game after the Voyager thing is over. I started to research and experiment different styles.This is from todays session.

Colour is even more imortant in pixelart so I will continue to work on that. Comments & critics are welcome. I would love to improve.

I used photoshop for most of them. The last 4 are made with Aseprite.

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That duck picture is really good because it has a nice base as a drawing by itself, beyond it being pixel art.

I think you need to cut down on the dark, dark lines everywhere, light it more consistently and constantly, and clean it all up, and you'd have an excellent piece, really. Nice work!

Thanks. Yeah you are absolutly right about the black lines. But it's hard for me to go back to an old piece. I will incorporate it into the next. (My newer sprit tests allready avoid to much blacklining.)

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I drew all the elements of this pixel GIF from life while sitting outside using EDGE Touch on my iPhone. EDGE Touch is a great little pixel art app that allows you to create color palettes and work with layers. It's fun to be able to make pixel art on a phone. I animated the GIF in Adobe Fireworks afterwards on my Mac.


Messed around with this mockup again



Trying out some Anime/fantasy inspired stuff.

I really like the proportions of these! So wide and chibi :) Are they for a game?


hi heres some snk vs capcom style cards


Hi i made some pixels. I like doing Pokemon style sprites. Most of these are for a fangame I am making in RPG Maker.

(from an animated cutscene.)

I flipping love those backsprites. <'3

These are really nice! Great forms and angles :)


rpg battle stuff maybe

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Here's a few I did for Pixel Dailies:

Oh, and a couple of days ago I wasn't feeling too great, and didn't feel like getting work done, so I instead spent the day doodling random things. Here's what I managed to 'accomplish' that day:


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A dump of some of my older pieces.

And some of the icons I've been working on for my asset pack.

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Behold the Grand Egg

for some reason i tried using bbc code to show it here but it wont do it...

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Just post the url in the text and it'll show up.


Yay pixel thread! I love these - lots of great stuff in here :) Here's a new mage enemy I made.

Can someone please tell me how to post images here? I'd like to show some of my creations and I'm not sure how you guys are doing it.

Just paste the URL of your image, press enter and it should bring it in. If you haven't already upload your image to an image sharing site like Imgur to get a link to it.

It doesn't seem to work.


That's because you linked to a page on imgur. It needs to be a link to an image file.

Cute sharks, though.

Well thanks, but how do you do that?

Oh, figured it out.

Which one do you prefer?

Left one.


This is Sir Squid.

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