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I'd curtail the length of the margin; .community_post_list_widget .community_post_replies has margin: 20px 0, unselecting that rule equalises the length of all the dropped margins across the page. Frees up vertical space at least.

Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum etc etc etc.

This is actually fine as I'm on a widescreen laptop, heh.

Yes, I am aware, but thanks regardless! :)

I honestly have no idea about pricing, or what I'm going to do around this, and the name is something I've held onto for a while. If it's a problem, I'll end up changing it, but that's not a concern right now.

This is always a pain to think about, though I guess that's just a criticism of the genre and plot I've got more than anything else. Ah, well:

Phantasmagoria is a world where vicious, godlike beings have come to reclaim a power thought theirs . . . and you're not entirely sure they're in the wrong.

(work in progress, no links available, got a lot of tech to work through)

Very likely session-based. I do wish Firefox let us delete stuff for individual domains, Chrome's control over that kinda stuff is much better :(

I don't think it's actively-maintained anymore but the source is up on Github from what I remember. Been a while since I checked out that side of things, so many of my own projects to sort out!

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Firefox Developer Edition, works for me (C&P'd that link into my browser). Could be a session-based issue, have you tried flushing your cache / deleting cookies?

Well I only have one game up on at the mo and it's Honeycomb! (which requires Java 8), ironically a pet project I didn't intend to be a game.

Lots of messing about with hexagonal maths and creating a lot of basic 2D tech for my future projects, and I turned it into a simple clicker game somehow. Worth five minutes if you have the time :)

All of my projects feed back into my ideal game, one of Those Ones that you've always kinda wanted to make? Codenamed Phantasmagoria (I love that word) with something of an established universe behind it (it's something I've written about on and off for years), it'll be a 2D elemental RPG where dialogue and brains feature just as much as action (whatever you're into, basically). I've done a lot of the data layer for it already, Honeycomb! was my practise at a 2D graphics stack in Java. Working out pretty well so far!

(graphics and palette are all works-in-progress as I develop my art further)

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Cursor issue, not sure if it's my browser or something I hit on the keyboard but every now and again my cursor keeps on getting sent back to the start of the reply box. I'm not hitting Home or Page Up or anything like that.


Updated OP.

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If we've got Visual Studio up, might as well throw in a vote for eclipse -

As I do most of my work by hand, and my day job features it, it's what I use. Platform has drastically improved since they pushed the Luna re-release, now comes with an inbuilt dark theme that doesn't suck (mandatory for constant programming I find, especially at night) and Java as a whole is really pushing usability improvements since 8 was released.

(automatic generic classpath var, no more multiple conflicting Java versions, eclipse has an auto-installer / updater, all sorts of nice stuff. As someone who's used eclipse since Ganymede and Java since 1.5, these are actual real improvements I value)

Note: is an IDE for programming, is not a game engine. Use at your peril, Your Mileage Will Vary :P

Time to be That Guy™.

What's the intent with handling non-web / platform-dependent projects? Happy to accept "hahaha no" as a response, especially given stuff like the Java plugin's recent security history :P

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I practise pixel art on my phone for the time being, I've done bits and pieces here and there for incomplete projects but the most fun I have is doodling in a wonderful Android app called Pixelesque. Practising different palettes and shape-building, mostly.

I love working within constraints and pixel art both caters to my good eye for simple maths (height / width / x / y) and my love of testing myself with constraints. I used to do a lot of pencil art, back in the day, but little time for that anymore.

Everyone else. Their work, their projects, their hobbies. Games developers are a fascinating lot, especially at the indie level. Positive encouragement is a must and I'm glad to have (virtually) met so many folks who give so much of their time to positive feedback (heck, look at!).

Well, that and a bunch of stubbornness and curiousity. I program in Java (and web stuff) for a living (awkward mix of backend service developer and front UI / UX developer) so sticking with Java is at this point more of a conscious stubborn reliance on something I know more than anything else :)

I have a basic understanding of C# and even though C++ moderately terrifies me, I could learn it (time permitting). That said, I've sank so many hours into understanding Java it seems a shame to throw it away now (especially since I don't have the luxury of going full-times with games stuff at the moment). I kinda actually like working in it at this point.

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Hopefully a helpful thread!

All issues encountered in Firefox Developer Edition (44.0a2 (2015-11-22)) or reported by other users (see posts for browser reference as a rule).

  1. Clicking HTML source in any post editor and back out auto-selects a bunch of text on the page and you can't click onto something else.
  2. [FIXED] Editing a post and completing the Edit redirects you to the beginning of the thread, wherever you were in it.
  3. [FIXED] Missing word in subforum rules.
  4. Cursor vanishing occasionally.
  5. Cursor redirecting to start of reply box occasionally.

Will update with more, as I find 'em (and cross them off whenever people sort them out or correct me) :)

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Some posts aren't appearing on here for some reason, but I was directed here by the lovely DarkestKale!

My name is Sean and I'm having a jolly old bit of fun making little projects in Java, including my latest public offering Honeycomb!

I mostly used to focus on GUI-driven stuff for modding games; the leap to 2D is more recent and teaching me an awful lot about the graphics stack that I never knew (or willingly forgot, hah). You can find me on Twitter though I often just stick to Retweeting more interesting folks than me -

Ahh, brilliant. Just submitted this as feedback, haha.