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Forums: Clicking on the Last Topic should take you to the last page of that thread.

A topic by eggboycolor created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 419 Replies: 2
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It's kind of minor, but I just noticed this: when you click on the thread link under the Last Topic column, it takes you to the first page of the thread, instead of taking you to the latest post. It could probably go directly to the last page of the thread and scroll to the bottom post, with some kind of name/id anchor?

For that matter, the pagination links could maybe be made more visible? Not a huge deal, but might make navigation a bit more clear.

Thank you :>


i actually just spoke to leaf about this a moment ago, and it turns out that's actually a bug. clicking the "last post x minutes/hours ago" space is supposed to take you to the most recent post, but it's not working right now. thanks for letting us know regardless, though!

Ahh, brilliant. Just submitted this as feedback, haha.