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Cool puzzles. Took me a while to realize what you meant by having B mean "Back" but not undo.  I'm so used to PuzzleScript lol. Interesting how some puzzles are dependent on it.

Great game! looks pretty too.

Wonderful game, loved it! The audio made it nice for atmosphere and the puzzles were challenging and satisfying!

Cool game!

Great puzzle game! It's cool that you keep score and have a par for each puzzle. I wound up 398/233

Great puzzle game! Really enjoy it.

Great game!

Cool game. Thanks for posting. is this your first game?

Great game. Tough!

Fun game!

Thanks for the feedback!

I've got 10 simple puzzles so far. Thinking I'll add at least a couple more. Not sure if I want to add any new mechanics.

I've got my test file  posted here and will be updating occasionally before posting to my account and submitting.

I set up most of the basics for a new PuzzleScript game a couple years ago but put it aside after making just a few puzzles. This jam is just the motivation I need to make a few more levels and put it out into the world.

Nice! This was fun.

Fun game!

Terrific game! Love the humor and how you made jokes though such a simple set up as PuzzleScript. Fun game.

Fun game, great graphics

Cool! Relaxing. Slow...



Beautiful puzzle.

She's running in the rain, late to meet him for coffee. He's confused, trying to figure out what went wrong. They' ve found each other, now waiting for the bus to take them away.

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Great game. I like the way you introduce new mechanics. I wouldn't have been able to play without undo and level reset! I'm stuck at level 16 now. There are so many squares the possibilities seem endless :(

Update: Finally got it and finished the game!

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I got a different ending than either of those.

Great game. Hits close to home at some points tho.

It's a never ending journey.

Great game! A lot of fun, cool colors and great way to increase difficulty and complexity.

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I drew all the elements of this pixel GIF from life while sitting outside using EDGE Touch on my iPhone. EDGE Touch is a great little pixel art app that allows you to create color palettes and work with layers. It's fun to be able to make pixel art on a phone. I animated the GIF in Adobe Fireworks afterwards on my Mac.