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Puzzler about painting yourself into a corner. · By davemakes

Level design feedback Sticky

A topic by davemakes created Oct 09, 2016 Views: 470 Replies: 6
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Noru is a work in progress, so your feedback on the level design will help make it better. What did you like? What was too hard or confusing? What do you want to see more of?

Please be kind and constructive with your comments. Thanks!

Loved the title screen that it is part of the gameplay too.

Managed to reach level 12 so far.

Now I realized I need an undo button especially if the puzzle get bigger and trickier.


Z or K will restart the level. I may look into doing a step-by-step undo.

Thanks for the reply.

I did use the Z for restarting the level often when I got stuck :).

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Great game. I like the way you introduce new mechanics. I wouldn't have been able to play without undo and level reset! I'm stuck at level 16 now. There are so many squares the possibilities seem endless :(

Update: Finally got it and finished the game!


Thanks for playing! I agree that 16 is definitely too hard, but I'm glad you got it!

18 is tricky bc you don't need the buttons