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I love this

Nice work Eric! I had a huge grin on my face when I realised why this game is called what it is and who doesn't love a good bit of physically simulated destruction?

Totally fair! Thank you for giving it a go.

Spot on with the feedback, thank you! 🕺🏾🎵

"Paint the streets!"

Splatoon, but with cars! 

The vehicle handling is really good! I like the different multiplayer modes but, alas, had to one around to play with so I was left juggling both controls like a multitasking lunatic. I will have to wait for the online multiplayer update.

Would have liked a way to return to the main menu to try the different game modes without having to restart the game. If there was a way, I couldn't find it.

Nice work!

Love the idea of a freestyle section during the song!

Thank you for playing! I agree with wanting to watch the character dance, which is why I added the Silent Disco mode! 😁

We welcome our first member to the F club! 😂😂

Glad you liked it Rodwin, but in the interest of everyone's safety, do not attempt the third track!

Not sure what's up for you, seems to work for me and everyone else... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

May the Yetis forever prevail!

Fun idea! The way the icebergs and ships bob around in the ocean is so satisfying. The half-submerged text is also such a neat little detail. Everything is really well put together here. Well done!

Holy moly, what a fantastic little entry! The polish on this guy is phenomenal. Well done!

The concept is simple but your presentation is superb. I think your choice of colour is fantastic!

The swimming animation was so simple and "reel" effective! We need to do something about the trash in our oceans though.

But the real fun is chasing a skier down for 15 seconds until he collides with a tree

I love this, the music, writing, and premise fit together really well! Only downside is I got 3 exact same cards in a row once.

I saw that "*" thing once in the final hour of the jam and thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. No idea why that happens, must be something funky going on when converting an int to a string. I'll see if I can fix it post-jam.
Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Hello, enjoying the rules so far! Reporting a minor typo on page 45:

> Phantom creatures may attempt to terrifying wanderers into running away

I know all too well how quickly those 48 hours go by!

I think you guys have a great visual style here and the game feels really solid to play. Would have liked to see the puzzles explore one or two more mechanics on the later levels to make them more challenging but otherwise this is a charming little puzzle game!

Really clever and fun take on the theme! The only drawback was the speech bubbles covering the dice while I was trying to stack them.

Ah,  you make a very valid point!

Higher rolls mean you get to shoot first. If you roll higher than someone aiming at you, you can potentially kill them before they even get their shot off, saving your own neck (dead folks can't shoot). That's the idea, anyway.

Thanks for playing!

Wow, this feels incredibly polished for such a short amount of time! Very simple and clever game mechanics that were together into a super cohesive whole that felt great to play. Excellent work!

Really enjoyed the music! It's a big task to create a networked game in just 48 hours, very impressive! Visually the game looks but it seemed to be a little buggy for me. After playing my cards I was unable to finish my turn...

"Another cursed day" I say that every morning when I wake up lmao

On the second day, I spawned outside of the world and then couldn't get back onto the map to find the crystal... 😭

I like the idea of the dice rolls determining aspects of the world before you spawn, but maybe the powers could have been dice in the world that you pick up? It would add some nice variation to the levels.

Overall, nice work!

The slingshot mechanics were fun! Like other people have mentioned, I think this game could have benefitted from having the entire level on one screen so you can aim at the pizza properly.

Thanks for the in-depth feedback! You are 100% on the mark with a lot of these pain points. Some of them were oversights on my part, but most of them were "it'll have to do"'s while rushing to finish on time. I'm collecting all these great points to address should I continue the game further.

Great entry! A lot of careful thought went into the design of this and I gotta say, you pulled it off. The mechanics are solid and they feel fair, once you understand them that is :P
Lots to take in and the learning curve is a little steep up front, but once things click into place, it's a good time. Well done!

Superb presentation. Super juicy and fun to play. Well done team!

Turns out this is a common issue, sadly. I have made a compatibility build here:

Strange, I'm not having any issues this side. Itch's servers weren't doing so hot yesterday when everyone was submitting their game, maybe try again today?

It is not easy for those not familiar with Blender nodes. Struggled myself before figuring it out...

Select the "Input Image" node, hit Tab to edit the group. 

Then you can use the "Image Texture" node in the middle to select your source image.


That's fair criticism. Thanks for giving it a try!

Please put this on mobile! I'd buy this so hard.

Bizarre. I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing this.

Superb.  As a huge fan of Spelunky, this was very pleasing to play. The sounds are really immersive!

No, it's all animation until she gets hit, then it switches to the ragdoll.