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It is not easy for those not familiar with Blender nodes. Struggled myself before figuring it out...

Select the "Input Image" node, hit Tab to edit the group. 

Then you can use the "Image Texture" node in the middle to select your source image.


That's fair criticism. Thanks for giving it a try!

Please put this on mobile! I'd buy this so hard.

Bizarre. I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing this.

Superb.  As a huge fan of Spelunky, this was very pleasing to play. The sounds are really immersive!

No, it's all animation until she gets hit, then it switches to the ragdoll.

Thanks Evan!
Yep, all the 3D models were created by me during the jam! The sound effects I got from Soundly.

I like the "Snake but X" design philosophy and having this timeless classic re-imagined in 3D with physics was really fun. The downside to the physics is that it is near impossible to carve out a strategic path around the play area to avoid doubling back on yourself like you can in the original. Still, I loved the fact that my body could pile up in the middle.

I got close to 50 points on my third attempt until a ball spawned in the middle of my coils and I was unable to progress. Instead, I took to coiling around the ball like a mother snake protecting an egg.

Death sound is strong contender for best jump scare in 2021!

Amazing work guys. Top notch stuff.

This felt really good to play. It wasn't very clear what the enemy spawn portals were until I saw enemies coming out of them. I first thought they were puddles or something, I think that could be made clearer, but the on-screen instructions were very helpful!

I loved the animations, colours, sound effects and screenshake! Everything worked together nicely in a way that made sense.

What didn't make sense was the UI buttons. I got stuck on the game over screen for 30 mins lol.

Who doesn't love a classic game of asteroids?

The movement of the ship confused me until I realised that you can just hold w to fly toward your cursor, then I was alright.

Not much to the game, but I think the sound design was great. I definitely felt like the end of the world were at stake. Also I enjoyed how you leaned into the MS Paint art style and turned it into a feature rather than a flaw.

Aw man, I thought this looked like such a cool concept, but not much to this I'm afraid. Feels more like a toy than a completed game...

I really like games that are a different from the status quo, and I think this would fit in that category nicely. Just not sure how I would improve upon what was already attempted here.

Perhaps if the player had a character in the room and they had to evade the monster when it got unruly? That could be fun.

Very atmospheric! I got a strong "Thomas is Alone" vibe (but I guess that could be said of any rectangle-jumping game, heh)

It's very hard to get an audience to connect emotionally with a simple shape, but this game achieves that!

I will say that I struggled a little with the platforming aspect, especially having to control everything with the left hand. When playing a platformer I prefer to have all the controls on the keyboard, instead of spreading them between mouse and keyboard, which I personally find cumbersome. Seeing as the only mouse control was to hover over the diamond to unlock the door, I feel like this could easily be achieved, but that's just my 2c, not all will agree with me there.

Overall, a solid entry with a touching story. The color shifting and cinematic bits were all spot on! Well done!

Amazing for your first project! I think you did a superb job at keeping the scope minimal for a first jam entry which is something a lot of first-timers don't get right (myself included!).

Platformers are tricky because they require solid controls to feel fun, but luckily you didn't fall into this trap either.

Not much for me to critique on here, other than I think the levels could benefit with having more visible on the screen at one point.

You definitely have a skill for this, keep making more!

Loved the concept! A little rules-heavy but once I got going I started to have quite a bit of fun pulling out daggers and raising the dead.

Most of my gripes are with the spoke-aloud spell system. I don't know if I would obscure this from the player. Not knowing which syllables are bound to which keys results in a lot of trial and error and when you do hit a wrong key you have to wait a good 5 - 6 seconds for the spell to reset and in a game where every second counts this is painfully long. 

Finally, I'd cut down the time between uttering syllables. Once I become familiar with the combinations I wanted to chain them together in a second or so, but found myself having to wait 2 - 3 seconds between each key press.

Otherwise, a charming little game, well done!

Thanks for your comment Zayd, I will add a tip to the instructions!

Hahaha! Ouch man that had to hurt!

Hell yeah! Will definitely take a look.

Gets stuck on loading for me

Is this the coolest thing I've ever seen? Quite possibly.

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Fantastic entry! Absolutely love the song. The game has a very SMB feel about it.

The itch app has made my Ludum Dare rating so much easier!

This is amazing. Great work.

Me Miltage. Me make game.