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All legs might need to be the same color, the spider is reading more like a crab XP

I haven't done any music yet, but I have a vague idea of what it will be comprised of.

In the best of situations it'll be influenced by the kinds of flora and fauna that are hangin' around the garden, and maybe modulated by the growth stage of the love tree. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else, but it does to me! hahah

I think it'll be neat.

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Some character sketches. I'm also starting to put together a palette.

Solid idea.

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Took time to revamp Lettuce's look (Before, Transition, After)

Thanks, Pug :)

Trying to flesh out my and ideas for NPC creatures to come wandering into your garden and different plants as well. Catnip for the kitties!

Here are some prelim pixels for Lettuce Grow The Love Tree that I drew today: Cow, Hay, NPC, Hanging Tulip, Cat, Cactus Flower. I'll clean them up later, but I like how they turned out for a first pass.

Some prelim pixels I drafted up for an NPC, cow, cat, hay, and cactus flower that I'll throw in the game soon.

Sign me up as well.

Absolutely, a well designed world is important for metroidvania like that. Well good on you for having a vision of sorts already. It's always fun to do new things. I have a bunch of dumped projects, but the tools and code that I tried is always available for me to lean back on, plus the experience is invaluable. The more you code the better you get.

Thanks Robbie, that is a cute song too!

I actually am a musician myself, it is my primary skill, so I have a really neat expressive music plan laid out for this, but I do appreciate the offer.

Maybe if I end up doing another small project I'll hit you up? I'm always down to help people get things into their portfolio if I can.

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Hey if you have a twitter handler I'd be willing to throw your name out there. I can't make any promises, but I do know some people in the dev community and people are always looking for help. If you want tips on how to put yourself out there I can help with that as well.

This stuff is cool, I love Clockwork Factory, reminds me of old niche Japanese rpgs from the PS1 era in way. Also Regiment of Dwarves is great.

I do music as well, so feel free to hit me up. I like helping people out, there's more than enough room for everyone to create something, the gaming community only benefits from having more people.

This is a good idea.

Hey all, I'm Craigory. I'm a game dev @Vg_Collective, producing the music for our games Steal My Artificial Heart and REV/ISION.
I've also done music for Verbum Dei, SK8 PUNXX 19XX INFINITY, and a few cassette tapes for Dropsy.

I'm currently making a game by myself called Lettuce Grow The Love Tree. Yes, it's as quirky as it sounds.

I like helping and meeting people, so feel free to drop me a message or add me on twitter.

Omg this is a lot like an idea I had a few years ago (that I still want to get around to)! yay for collective consciousness!

I like the idea. How much do you plan on diversifying what's going on in each biome? Is the system for building the world procedurally generated?

Thanks! I'll do my best :)

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Haha, it's a representation of a seed at the moment, although walking lemons are definitely a possibility.

I want things to have a sense of magic to them, like in the above gif with the seeds picking themselves up and hopping into Seedy's mouth to store themselves from the elements. I think it's kind of a quirky fun detail in a Studio Ghibli/Fantasia sort of way.

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Lettuce Grow The Love Tree.

It's about a sad, loving, lonely head of lettuce who decides to tend to a forest garden and grow a Love Tree, a tree that will hopefully bring every creature everywhere happiness when it reaches maturity.

The love tree grows by tending to the garden and giving the fruits of it's labor to other sad and lonely creatures that come in hopes of finding some happiness in the Love Tree Garden.

Although this is currently represented in the game (and this post) via the little kiosk shop setup, the goal of this idea isn't to run the game like a shop, but to actually grow a vast garden that attracts all sorts of creatures seeking joy and happiness to your garden, which in turn will grow the love tree (or, you know, a garden full of lemons if that's your fancy).

The game will feature:

Procedurally generated ground cover that bends to your weight, because why not? No two ground covers will look the same!

1) Weird seeds that magically sprout legs, and Seedy, your trusty seed bag who happily stores seeds for our lettuce friend.

2) Hoeing, seeding, watering....

3) Giving

4) A Love Tree

And many environmental details, particles, animals, etc, procedurally generated and specific quest characters with their own wants and sadnesses, some of whom will gift you seeds for different plants for you to grow.

I want things to have a sense of magic to them, like in the above gif with the seeds picking themselves up and hopping into Seedy's mouth to store themselves from the elements. I think it's kind of a quirky fun detail in a Studio Ghibli/Fantasia sort of way.

Also I post things on, if you're into tweets.

I'll update this page as LGTLT updates.

Comments, critiques, suggestions, and questions are welcome.