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hell yeah. i need a gif of this

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Hello! I’m putting together a single player physical card game for the jam! It’s called Let’s Kill the Gods and it features you fighting through all the face cards to kill the Jokers. I would really love to get some eyes on this game to see where it can improve, what needs clarification, etc. As you might guess, all you need to play is a deck of playing cards.

The rules can be found here:

Thank you!

wow these are actually so amazing. i kinda wanna participate in 7drl JUST to use these.

of course! go for it!

oh god i’m mortified, but i don’t think it actually got published and the market seems to have closed down anyways

(these are from a while ago, i don’t actually know why itch is displaying it as “Fresh”)

Hey, I’d love to join with my game Currents!

thank you so much for playing!! i’m glad you liked it! and yeah all the music and sounds are done by austin miller, they are truly a treasure

the issue’s been fixed! no more progress bar on flower, and it can’t be watered

ohhhh dang i didnt even think of that, im a dummy haha. in a previous version the plants grew of their own accord, so looping the state around made sense. and now it really doesn’t! glad you liked it though!

ah true, that explains it. thank you!

I’m not sure how much info I can give, but I’m finding when I convert my canvas to world space if I have text with a Shader of STM/Unlit/Dropshadow (or STM/UI/Dropshadow) the actual drop shadow shows up, but the main text doesn’t. Do you have an idea of why this might be happening? I had been seeing this kind of behaviour before, but it seemed sporadic and only limited to the Editor window so I ignored it.

the wings give you a double jump!!!

hahaha thanks!

heeeell yeah

I found it! Amazing. I have another Q / maybe feature request: is there any way to scale a given shape? like creating a curve that is 2x2 or 3x3 instead of just 1x1?

Specifically I’m trying to change the size of the canvas, but it’d be nice in general to have a reference

this was a-MAZE-ing!!!!!!

In the future I’ll be giving rewards for solving puzzles with the minimum number of paths, couldn’t get it in in time for the jam. thanks for playing!


I'm a bit confused on the workflow to get a mac export up and running from Godot.  It seems I need to sign my code for it to even run on Mac machines, does anyone know how to do that?

I love how ambitious this is, with the map menu and the shop and everything.  I also found it very intuitive to get around everywhere, which was nice.  My one suggestion would be to make the fish move slower so you maneuver around them better.  Good job!

Genuinely unsure how to play this one! I'd suggest adding more specific instructions -- i typed 10, 10 in the x/y input, but it said it was an Invalid ship destination :/ maybe mark the coordinates?

I love how the fish rotates when you move, that's some nice game feel.  Could've used a bit more variety in the obstacles, but when they started moving at different speeds it was a bit tricky which was nice.  Good job!

This is super fun!!! I especially love the gaps with the spikes on both ends, they are super challenging with the momentum based controls.

Yeah I definitely want to implement a more fully featured "minimum paths" system, right now its just when you finish the game you have the option to play again with  the minimum paths to beat each level shown on the bottom

thanks for playing!!!

What the title says. Is there anything that can be done to sneak my game in there? it’s here:

yes! username is slimefriend#0076

Hello! Is this a paid opportunity? I have plenty of experience with Unity and have been working with it for many years, working primarily with pixel art.  I would be very down to come on as a programmer on the project if that position is still open

no concrete plans, but this is one of my most popular games so there’s a good chance i come back to it some day. 

thats weird, its possible that the two pico 8 buttons are different on your keyboard? i assume its not a US keyboard

Ah, sorry about that. This game was made about 5-6 years ago and tested on Macs at the time.  I personally no longer own a Mac, and it’s an old game, so unfortunately I don’t think I can restore that support.  I will indicate on the game page that it no longer can support Macs. 

Hey! I’m glad you liked it despite it’s big flaws. Yeah, I made this before I really knew how to do proper procedural generation, so the levels aren’t really generated properly unfortunately.

Hello everyone! 

I just released my new game Bean & Pesto!

It's a shoot em up about two friends breaking out of space prison together! Fight various mechanical sea life on your path to freedom, utilizing Bean's blue sniper and Pesto's green machine gun.  Swap between them to parry bullets and destroy color-coded shields, and build up your combo!

If you like cute pixel art, fast-paced arcade action, or strong friendships, considering checking out Bean & Pesto here:

Thanks for reading!



I'm using Unity 2018.3.6f1.

I wasn't using the most up to date Super Text Mesh, but I just updated it and got the same result.

Whoa I found something even weirder.  I built and ran the game on a whim and it worked as-expected there.  Seems like running it in the editor breaks it somehow?