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holy cow, i was not expecting the level of fun and polish this game has! you should be charging money for this dude!


yeah I could never get the swimming controls the way I wanted for that demo. there's no extra suit upgrade for that, it's just bad design :P.

And the digging--I've decided I'm going to remove digging. It's a good way to hide secrets, but having to put rocks down everywhere just sort of spoils the look of the game. beyond that, digging kind of messes with the core concept: you're here to observe, not to destroy. digging destroys.

I made the game in openfl, using haxepunk as my framework. mostly because I started with flash and flashpunk--I don't know if I'd heartily recommend haxepunk. haxeflixel is probably better.

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hey! thanks so much! I do plan to have flavour text for life forms, and you actually do get more for scanning new species in the demo--it's just not communicated particularly well there :P

there's definitely going to be a bunch of places! im planning about 4-5 areas. this is just a small sampling to introduce people to the game :)

a lot of the stuff suggested already exists? you can follow developers, there is a feed (top bar, on the left) where you get updates from the projects of the developers you follow. there's no way to follow projects right now which i agree would be cool, but everything else already kind of exists on the site


will this be a paid position?

having said that, i just looked ur game up on greendb (http://greendb.net/greenlight/) and ur at 164, which means u can basically be greenlit at any moment now. star surveyor got greenlit at 140-somethin? so i wouldnt worry about the stats at this point.

i think the issue that you have right now (other than the fact that greenlight is a bit of a shitshow and its really hard to get an unknown game greenlit) is that the game looks nice, but watching the trailer / reading the description doesnt give me a solid idea of how the game plays. i havent read the book of changes or used the i ching, so i cant understand the symbols or what they do.

yeah the darkness stuff has been plaguing me performance-wise for quite some time. with the library im using there really isnt a better way to do it, unfortunately.

the audio stuff should be compressed directly into the executable but i couldnt figure out how to do it in time for demo release...it won't be accessible once the full game launches. i'll probably compress them into ogg as well, if that produces a smaller file.


I just released a demo for my game Star Surveyor!

If you like exploration, jumping, digging, frog-feeding, dino-riding, and other such activities, you might want to try it out!!

You can download the demo for free right here: https://slimefriend.itch.io/star-surveyor

this looks incredibly cool! especially love the color palette and the bands of color across the screen.

hey again,

i posted this on the main page but it didnt update so i thought id post it here: the star surveyor greenlight is up!

upvotes are super appreciated, its kind of stalled out right now but its actually very close to the top 100, so a little boost would be awesome!


another update: the demo comes out on wednesday :P. GET READY!!!

oh man this boss looks super fun to play

i think the blur looks really cool, actually :P makes the world seem like its made out of actual lego.

i like it! that run animation is sweet. you should try moving the tail a little while hes running!

i think you need a little bit of info at the start of the game (or maybe the visuals can help) to tell the player what they're doing, and why they're doing it.

Hey again!

So the demo's juuust about done.

I thought while a friend of mine is finishing up the sounds for the game I'd open it up to some playtesters!

If you're interested in playtesting the game reply to this with your email and I will send u the build as soon as I can.

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i agree. mk-zebra seems to fit the aesthetic of the game better (at least, the aesthetic of what has been shown in this devlog)

really loving the look of this game by the way!


So updates are going to be sparser now because I've (finally) moved on from making the content, to actually arranging it in a way that is nice and makes sense and helps teach the player how to play etc. etc. Building out the world, although one of the more important things I need to do for this game, can't really be tracked using gifs.

I did make an intro for the game recently! That's the other thing I'm starting to do: actually polishing some aspects of the game that I've more or less forgotten this whole time.

i really like the color in this--how the bottom purple of the water/floor plays against the very bright yellow/brown of the pillars

this looks super cool! very stylish

go to 'edit game' and then at the very bottom on the right theres a little 'delete' button


looks like a lot of my gifs are broken. kind of a bummer. oh well!

in this weeks update (im pretending i have a scheduled update time now fyi) we have:

more water life!

you'll also notice the lamp which kinda...mostly...hovers over the players head in this gif (theres no animation for swimming and holding something yet).

so the swamp's gimmick is 'light' which originally meant your scanner got upgraded to a flashlight which you could use to explore and stuff but i found that kinda....boring? and limiting? so i replaced it with a lamp you can carry around (and throw! which isnt shown in this gif). so now you can use the light to interact with different things!

secondly, something i havent implemented yet but have been thinking about a lot lately: the logs.

from just about the beginning ive known that there has to be some sort of 'log'. at first it was just gonna be a log of all the creatures and plants youve scanned, with some hopefully funny/witty descriptions for everything that kinda showed the personality of the character

in the process of making this though i've kinda come around to a different kind of log...sort of like a daily journal thing, that would correspond with an upgrade. itd go like this: you scan a bunch of creatures, you come back, you upload the data to the ship, if you've uploaded enough for that day, the spaceship opens up, you go inside it, and your done for the day. then the screen would go black, and you'd get to read a short thing that the character has ostensibly 'written' before she went to sleep for the night. and then youd wake up, and you would have a new upgrade.

its important to note: these logs aren't gonna be just like, her accounting what she did for the day. thats not why i wanted these here. i wanted to introduce a different dimension to the game, a sort of story, but not really a story. just mostly the astronaut writing down her thoughts, her history, why she took this (dangerous, deeply lonely) mission, stuff like that. hopefully it'll be interesting and not dumb! i used to be really into writing fiction, but i havent written anything in a long long time, so we'll see :P

thats it! if you've got this far: congrats! that was ramblier than most posts!

i like this guy! the way he bounces is really funny :P have you considered adding a little bit of shading to him?

i really liked the demo! felt like something you'd play at an arcade cabinet. a few suggestions:

-the cursor movement felt a little slow to me. although im sure you plan to put a mouse sensitivity slider in the final game
-it was kinda difficult to gage how badly i was hurt? it took me a while to find the healthbar in the top left corner
-those guys that shoot--it seemed like they took more than one shot to kill, but i never really got a good indication of whether i hit them or not. with the knights it was no big deal because i mostly just stood in one spot and unloaded on em, but with the shooty guys i had to do a lot of ducking and dodging to avoid their bullets and so it was hard to see if my shot actually hit em.

-the hitbox on those powerup things is a little too small i think, i kept walking over it to try and get the little popup text to appear

overall though, really solid game so far!

this looks cool, but its kinda hard to get a good grasp of what the mechanics are from the gif. how does the game work? what is your goal?


So, I figured out what the dino should do.

Now you can use the dino to get to higher places, and go across spiked moss and other dangers. All you gotta do is feed him some fruit!

With this I think I'm moving on from the flatlands for now. I think the dino was the missing piece of the puzzle and now I have everything I need to build a nice starting area. Gonna finish up the swamp next!

(in case you didnt notice, I also updated the tileset a little bit so it looks more natural).

yeah, like $110 :/ it can be a major downside for sure.

this looks really cool! have you considered putting it on greenlight? if you put four months into it, and it looks (and sounds) like that, you'd probably have a pretty good chance!

yes, definitely :P

even though i couldnt understand most of the words used in the trailer...that is one badass trailer :P


so i've gone back to figuring out what this game needs to make it as fun / interesting as i want it to be. as i was building out some initial parts of the world i kinda ran up against the fact that...im really lacking on the creatures. all my biomes need way more creatures than they currently have.

so ive started to add creatures to the flatlands, starting with...the rhino!

i think that gif explains pretty well how that rhino works. ive kinda gone back on my philosophy of 'only plants can hurt you' because if im goin to create a bunch of new creatures, i need to start removing my limitations for how to mix them up :P

the second creature ive added i havent fully designed yet. all it does right now is walk back and forth, but i wanted to show it off anyways.

i think having a bunch of differently sized creatures really gives the game variety and makes it interesting, so i went ahead and created a (maybe) friendly dinosaur :)

thats it for creatures, for now!! i think im either gonna make one more creature for this biome or start building it out more. we'll see.

in other news, the way i've been embedding gifs on this devlog is kinda hacky and probably kinda irresponsible (i basically upload a bunch of gifs on a secret itch.io game page and then copy their links) and its starting to break down so i'm gonna try and find a better way to host all these gifs in the near future...

thats been by far my biggest problem, and its one that i havent totally solved--ive just got it to a point where im not super frustrated with it, cuz i really should not be focusing on other things :P

maybe like a robot-pogo-stick? you could also try just creating a new creature altogether if you dont wanna use a frog!

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hello again!

so what i really should be doing with this game is figuring out exactly how its gonna flow and if the starting area is fun, and if the fruit/wood log stuff works or is just kind of filler content.

that is what i SHOULD be doing.

what ive actually been doing is making the grapple hook much, much cooler.

now, instead of just being pulled towards it when it hits something, it can actually act like a rope and let you swing thru the treetops (u can also pull urself in by holding right-click after its been extended).

ive been wanting to figure out how to do this for a long (looonnnggg) time, so im glad i finally got around to it. BUT, im gonna go back to some actual game design stuff now :P

yeah these are some good suggestions. a blog is a bit tricky cuz this forum works well as a devlog, but maybe posts from those forums you've subscribed to show up in the feed?