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Guide ships with ocean currents
Submitted by slimefriend (@ttl_anderson) — 49 minutes, 2 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
Currents is a game about guiding ships to their destination using only the currents and the winds.

How does your game tie into the theme?
Currents is a game fundamentally about directing oceanic currents to guide ships travelling across the ocean. The game relies on the theme of the ocean to make its core mechanics logical to the player.


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This is my first!

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I thought the concept was super cool, just that the execution needed a little bit more, but other than that I liked the experience!


Unique and clever idea, well done! I feel like I hacked my solution to most levels. Are there elegant ways the levels "should" be done?


In the future I’ll be giving rewards for solving puzzles with the minimum number of paths, couldn’t get it in in time for the jam. thanks for playing!


This was an extremely fun game and the ability to free draw was very cool too! The only thing that I'm still confused about are the differences between the currents and winds.  Another thing is that since the amount of tides/currents is not limited, I think I cheesed it a bit.


Very cool puzzle game! The only thing missing is a chill soundtrack.


Very cool idea and I like the sort of minimalist but very neat execution. Sometimes less is more! (This is a compliment, in case this wasn't clear.)
I can second that the controls were a little bit unclear to me (especially deleting paths). Some music also wouldn't hurt. But all in all, a very well executed project built on a brilliant core concept.


These puzzle mechanics are pretty novel, and work pretty well. It's pretty interesting to try to manage the relationship between the different boat paths. One fun strategy there is trying to get a couple boats with a similar destination onto the same path.

Some of the levels were pretty hard, and I admit that my solutions probably had an element of randomness to them. But it was still fun to try to manipulate them to work better, and the moments where things just kind of worked out well were pretty fun.


Nice and fun. A minor suggestion will be to highlight the edge area where the player can start dragging the path and also add other visual indications so it knows it has to reach the edge again to close the path.


This was really cool! The level with 3 whirlpools took me a while to figure out and I felt proud of myself for getting past it :)


Very nice! This game is different to most of the other games I've seen so far in this jam. Great job!


Love it! I found the mechanics super original and fun, great use of physics! Definitely try to refine and expand on this, I see great potential to make this into a casual phone game. Also, awesome job with the UI and art!


Wow! This is really cool. I didn’t understand at first but once I did it’s super intuitive and fun! I could really imagine this game polished up a bit and released as a full experience. I could go a bit crazy with the currents to make a ship do what I wanted, but it would be nice to see either a limit, or some kind of goal to hit. Great job!


Yeah I definitely want to implement a more fully featured "minimum paths" system, right now its just when you finish the game you have the option to play again with  the minimum paths to beat each level shown on the bottom


This game is really cool! The only issue I have is that the controls weren't too clear, I didn't know how to stop paths, and I didn't know where the currents could start and end, other than that, great game! I love the effective use of sounds and the unique idea overall!