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I found the story in the description and the silly art style to be so funny. Very original idea!

I think this was very creative and I like the art!

If you are going to add more slimes later, like SPEED mentioned below maybe you can use the mouse to click which slime you want to summon from a menu, or maybe hold shift and a menu comes up where you can use wasd or the arrows to select the slime to summon. But with 4 slimes I think the way it is now is good!

I had a lot of fun playing with the slimes!

This was really cool! I loved the walking and goo animation, and I think the ability of hardening and melting your slime to add new platforms adds a lot of interesting puzzle opportunities!

I think the ability is very fun! I like that you added a story of how you found yourself in the dungeon and created your weapon.

I found this really fun! I think games that control time are very cool. I used a strategy where I moved in a diagonal across the boundaries in and out to confuse the rockets.

This is really cool! I like the idea of gaining new abilities as you take on different forms.

Ha this was neat! I kept summoning them and then enjoyed jumping up and down with them all together.

Sure! So you cannot reach it in 3D at first. Think of a way you might be able to access that room in 2D. Hint: is there somewhere else you can leave the key in 3D, that it can be found in 2D? Then, if you get the axe in 2D, ask the same question: is there somewhere else you can leave the axe in 2D, that it can be found in 3D? Let me know if you need another hint :)

lol! Thank you for playing it :) -- if you got stuck and would like any hints to finish let me know

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Thanks for playing -- here's a hint: you can't bring the axe with you, but can you maybe leave it somewhere while in 2D that is accessible in 3D...?

I was watching! Great stream, and I appreciate you playing the games that had few ratings.

This was so fun! I think the abilities are really well chosen and suit the character well. I was so proud when I chained the rush and lasso together correctly to finish the first stage.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

Thank you for playing!

When you first go to 3D, it says "use Space to interact" in the bottom text instructions. But I could add the controls to the game description page as well so people can find it there too.

I liked this! It made me laugh and was fun to play. I imagined screaming something like "You'll never catch me alive!"

This was a lot of fun! And I think the music fit the game really nicely.

I really like the idea of using magnetism. My favorite part is when I learned I could fly by pulling up the small block under me. It was fun!

Thank you!

The movement is fun! I can just picture running through a world using this mechanic and trying to figure out which walls to run up and which barriers to go down.

Okay, I'm glad. If you don't mind me asking one final thing, were you not allowed to play it on your friend's computer? During the jam I wanted to ask if you could, because if you had another computer available I felt it would be most fair for the jam if you played it yourself, but I didn't want to be annoying.

Thank you, I am happy your friend got to play.

By the way, in case you care: I believe switching to delta as you suggested will fix it. I think the issue is the Timer I used had an increment which is small and does not work for every frame rate. I have now updated it in case you are interested.

It's a good point, I think I will change it as you suggest

Ok thanks for letting me know. I currently do this with the 3 thin platforms in the Toy Factory, as well as the 3 black platforms in the Ice Castle. They start based on when you flip the switch for Toy Factory and when you step on the previous platform for Ice Castle. I did not do this for the elevator at the start of Toy Factory because I wanted to add a little challenge for the player to time it properly. I added a similar little challenge with making a drop right at the beginning of Candycane Lane if you do not jump right away. But I think people dislike these little challenges so I can remove them. Thank you for the feedback.

I see -- thank you for that information, it is helpful to know

Thank you for playing. I don't mean to take up your time, but could I maybe know where you got stuck? Is it the Candycane level where the goal is 12.5? May I know how close you came to the target time? Also, is there an alternative control scheme you are more used to than keyboard and mouse?

Thanks, I got to see them. Expanding them would be interesting but I also like how right now the normal and good endings leave it up to the player's imagination without explaining all the details. That way the game starts without telling you what happened before and it ends without telling you what happens after, so life just continues. This is kind of what the character outside was saying (Joaquin).

Yes I think so :) Could I perhaps have a hint of how to find a different one?

I think this was very nice. I liked reading all the conversations to learn the story, like putting together a puzzle. The ending made me happy.

haha okay -- also, feel free to clear my score if you want others to get a new high score. I believe the max points per shot now is 10 from the targets, correct? Since you start with 50 bullets until round 7, and 50x10 = 500, that means no one can get a high score until round 7, and people might not want to play that long. Maybe you can make it 100 bullets to start, and 150 at round 7. Also, maybe instead of having an overall high score, you can have a per-player high score? I'm not sure if that is more difficult to do.

haha ok thanks, but you didn't have to do that, I was just playing for fun. If you want to remove it later it's fine by me. And I can always play again and try for another high score :)

lol! I saved my bullets for the back targets. My scores were not very high in the first rounds, but then in the 7th round I got the extra bullets and spent them all on the targets at the back.

I think it is a very cool concept of collecting treasures in this way while descending from a rope! I just feel bad for the thief -- he has to endure a lot!

Thank you!

I liked this! It felt satisfying shooting at the beetles and planting seeds.

Okay thanks for the feedback, but I used the Timer object of Godot which takes seconds as an argument, so I believe considering delta is not needed. I'll have to look into it.

haha me too :D

Thank you!

This was fun! It reminded me of the shooting minigames from Ocarina of Time.

I found that aiming for the targets in the back and just clicking very fast over them was the best way to get a high score. I'm not sure if you intended this or not -- if not, maybe you can make it so once you get +10 on a target, the target goes away.

I enjoyed playing this!

Thank you!

This is really nicely done! It was satisfying to play and fun figuring all the different tasks out.

By the way, I think the art/graphics look really good. I'm new to game jams and still kind of surprised when I see how some of the voting results turn out.