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Thanks for playing :)

This was fun! I liked that I could move and shoot in all 4 directions. I used a strategy of starting each wave by shooting to the right, and then when the wave got close to me I walked forwards and around them and shot upwards. I also liked that as it got to the later waves, the shooting speed increased, and it felt good being able to shoot so quickly. The ending was also funny! Selling that hat might be a good place to start :)

This was cool! I think the art and sound matched well, I really liked the espionage feel it had. I also liked figuring out the puzzles. I think you chose the total times well, because for some levels I thought I would run out but in the end I just made it :)

This was fun! I usually get overwhelmed by rhythm games but I really like that you showed the direction with the background and added the particles ahead of the shapes. I also think the music fit well and I like how it sped up. The song got stuck in my head :) My high score was 355!

This was really funny! The first time it was fun learning how and when to move to avoid the attacks. Then I saw there was a second mode and I liked learning the new timing and platform breaking mechanics. The true ending made me laugh :)

Thank you :)

This was fun! I liked the feeling of moving through space and shooting down the ships, and it also felt nice how there was a magnetic effect to bring the money to the ship. I also like that I was able to use the money from the previous attempt to help me in the next attempt. I used a strategy of trying to only gather as much money as possible without getting killed, and then in the next attempt I got my ship to 99% and spent the rest on ammo. Then I got a score of 1217 :)

This was fun! I think the difficulty scaled well and I liked having to be careful not to get surrounded. I used a strategy of trying to stay in the corner and shoot them as they were coming, then move away at the last second to get the mana. It was satisfying seeing my score rise faster towards the end. I got 2649! :)

I really liked this! The art was cute and I think the idea is very creative. I used a strategy of moving in vertical lines, first all the way up then moving sideways a bit then all the way down. My lowest score was 130 :)

This was fun! I like puzzles and it was fun figuring the level out. I kept thinking after I died that I would soft lock and be stuck, but I found it very impressive that there was always a way to progress no matter where I restarted. I also like the interpretation of the theme to make a game with one button. At first I wondered what the squares were for, I thought they were only checkpoints, but then at the end I saw them all line up and I thought it was very clever :)

This was cool! I really like puzzle games and it was fun trying to match the current pattern to the remaining hexagons. I also found it impressive that even as the patterns and configurations got more complex, there was always a solution. My favorite puzzle type was when the pattern alternated between straight line and the diagonals, because those were easiest for me :) The last puzzle was tough but I was able to calibrate my own ship! I also really liked the references to movies, like the wizard brothers and The Matrix :)

This was fun! It reminded me of Undertale :) I liked the dark and spooky environment created by the art and music, and defending against the minions was exciting. I used a strategy of trying to get rid of the health cards, and trying to click when 2 minions were close together so I could damage both at the same time. The blue minions were my favorite because I could hover the mouse to kill them :)

This was fun! I think the difficulty was chosen really well, because towards the end as the projectiles increased I was afraid of dying, but I was able to survive, which made it exciting. I mostly used a strategy of moving around the perimeter and aiming towards the center. I also like how each level had a different setting and enemy types. My favorite was Death Step :)

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Hi, could you maybe play mine if you still have time :)

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Hi, here's mine if you have time :)

Thank you for playing :)

This was beautiful! The backgrounds and environment were charming, and I really liked listening to the music too. The swimming also felt nice, and it made me feel calm and happy to play :)

This was exciting to play! I like that it was a word puzzle, and it was fun being against the timer. My main strategy was to use the first letter, because it made it easier to come up with a word. I also found three letter words but then was able to put 's' at the end to make it plural. Sometimes I also made up words and got lucky that they existed :) My best score was 23700!

This was fun! I liked combining the units together to see what was next, and also fighting the bosses. The music was fun too :)

This was really fun! I used a strategy of staying near the store so I could always find it, and using the narrow corridor below it as a bottleneck to slow down the ghosts. When the waves were large I backed into the side corridors to slow them down as well. I also really like games where I can power up my character. At first I was just surviving and spending my money on hearts, but then I started to increase my aspiration power and made a lot more money. After that I upgraded to aspirating 2 at a time, then increasing max health, and eventually I could afford the auto revive! It was satisfying getting the aspirator powerful enough that they vanished almost right away. I also liked the music and ghost laughter sounds, and the fact that there were different ghost sizes with different speeds. The big ghosts were my favorite because I could run around them in a circle while aspirating them and they couldn't catch me :)

Also, in terms of just walking forward, I understand what you're saying but I would just add for future readers that there's strategy in e.g.:

- timing when to pick up a health

- judging when/where it's safe to explore for items after finding the exit

- using your limited vision to look down corridors and try to avoid getting caught (which sometimes you can't)

So that is where the nonlinearity / decision making comes in, but I get what you're saying :)

This was fun and spooky! I used a strategy of doing a continuous loop around the house so I was always checking each spot frequently. I also liked the audio signals like the running water, as well as the cartoon setting and cute ghost voices :)

I really liked this! The music was fun and made me happy to listen to. I liked playing as the dog, and the setting of being in the park at night with the brightness of the tree and the dog was very charming. I also liked the enemies, especially the sound they made when they got hit and having to find the green ones in the trees. I got all the power ups to full, and after getting to the boss 3 times I beat it! :)

Thanks for taking the time to play and give such detailed feedback! I'm really happy you got to the end :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

This was exciting! I like tower defense games and it was fun having to decide between staying near my base versus going out into the dark. The strategy I used was to mostly use the gun and stay near the center of my base so I could upgrade my towers as soon as possible. But between waves I liked going out and shooting the enemy structures. The beginning drawings were also very nice and I liked the way the enemy eyes glowed in the darkness :)

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Thank you for playing and I appreciate the feedback! I'll remember it when I have a chance to make an update.

For now, if you'd like to play a similar platformer with jumping, you might like one of these:

There are also puzzle-platforming levels (2D and 3D) in this game:

Have a great day!

1 week, so it will end 7 days after the submission deadline

I'm happy you like it! I hope a lot of people submit, and I'm sure they'll be happy if you played some of the games :)

Yes that's fine! The scoring criteria is how wordless the story was. You can also see the Rules and Voting sections of the jam page for more details :)

Thanks for asking, it's not a dumb question :)

Yes those are fine! It doesn't form a word so I'd say symbols are fine to use :)

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Thanks for your questions.

  • You can see the "Rules" and "Voting" section on the jam page for more information. The goal is to have no words in the storytelling, and that includes no audio words
  • For words outside the story, like instructions, I personally wouldn't take any points off (for either text or audio), but the ratings will be done by other participants (I'll play the games but not rate them) so it's possible that if you were thinking of having a lot of words as instructions, and if you can find a way instead to teach the player without words, some players would prefer that
  • Similarly, for sounds like "oof", or "haha", I personally wouldn't take any points off, but it might also depend on the context. For example, if you could convey the same information with a facial expression, some players rating your game might feel those sounds are unnecessary

Basically, I would encourage everyone rating the games to judge the wordless category on the game's ability to tell the story without needing to rely on language. I don't want people worrying much about words in other parts of the game.

Yes that's fine! Like you said they overlap, so you would still be making it in the same time period as everyone else.

Thank you for your question, your game looks very professional :)

I think in the spirit of the jam we can keep it to people who make their game during the jam period. Maybe not a lot of people will join, but that's okay, sometimes small jams are good so people can get feedback and feel less pressure.  I think it will be fun for anybody who wants to join to try making a game in 3 weeks. Sometimes people also only join when they are about to submit, which is near the end of July.

Have a great day :)

Thank you so much I'm glad you liked it :)

I had fun stopping each wave! I liked having to carefully choose the best points to maximize my damage, especially for the first wave. I like tower defense games and even though you didn't finish everything you wanted I am happy you will continue :)

I really liked this! I like the contrast of the third evolution to the first two, and the ending made me happy. The art also looked really pretty and I thought the kicking was fun :)

I really liked this! It was fun to figure each stage out and I felt very happy when I finished! :)

Hello, perhaps you can play mine if there's time :)

I really liked this! I used a strategy of starting with Infinity and choosing the Evo points. Then I upgraded the auto fire so I could focus more on dodging, as well as bullets because they were my favorite. After that I could destroy a lot of the enemies before they got near me by using the radar. Then I had lots of Evo points so I went to History and beat the boss! EVO UNIT-01 LAUNCH! :)