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Thanks! Nice job finding the sweet spot, as for the ending, I feel like I did a good job following the inspiration, Kiwi!, with the story parts.

Thank you, I was thinking of adding more feedback to the game but ran out of time, so go game jams!

Didn't move anything and tried again and now it's all good, don't know why though, weird.

console log: Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).

I'm guessing you're hosting the assets remotely and doesn't allow for cross origin request?

Thank you!

Thanks, my QA Testers said the same thing about the power, guess the controls weren't clear enough

Thank you, really proud of it!

Thank you, and yes, 1000M for the final cut, health does regen just very very slowly had to make nerf

Thanks, the story element was a last minute idea, glad I implemented it


Cute game, but I think it's broken? Nothing damages me, or is the bird just op? 🤔

Very cute and clean click and point game, good job

Clean crisp gameplay, accompanied by fresh music

Asteroids is an obvious classic, but I feel like you should of adapted it in your own way for the jam, even just a tiny bit

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Excellent concept for a game, but I just found it too nauseating

Not going to lie, I was expecting at least one jump scare from a game, but I did not expect it from this one, good job

Nice and relaxing game, only issue is, and I don't know if it's just me, but I had some texture errors at the beginning

The moments of flight where so satisfying, the grounding not so much

I loved the idea of drawing your track to the funky beat

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I like the concept, but for the materials it's too far and too little

Very surreal game, I was sure a jump scare would happen at any time

Not sure what I was expecting, but definitely not that,  found it very funny, gave me Plug & Play vibes

I like the art a lot, the music and sounds was good as well; side note: I found that the best strategy is button mashing

Nice little simple game, adding a bit of music or objectives might spice things up!

I can't be the only one who it took a minute to figure out how to get to the second platform, right? 😅

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Nice, very smooth camera control, simple yet fun gameplay, only complaint is I can't go back when shopping

Done, added a objective section to the page, hopefully that will explain the game's objective and mechanics :v

Hello, I’ll be submitting my game soon, I’ve noticed that I need to make a new repository in order for my submission to be valid; however, I’ve been using a old rep of mine to work. I did this because I liked the name, pocket smash, and was too lazy to delete the rep only to make it again. So I decided to remove all it’s contents, and start work on the game I’ll be submitting; in other words nothing was worked on before the game jam. Hope you can look over this technicality, here’s a link to my project's repository in case you wanna take a look :v