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Did you know that Dominos stopped using the Noid as their mascot after Kenneth Lamar Noid held up a pizza joint and forced them to make him pizza, thinking the Noid ads were a personal attack against him? Pretty interesting stuff.

I'm glad to hear it! Thank you for your support Wolfie!

I sent the copy of the keys to Remute the night the game launched, and got a reply from him the night after that they were going to be distributed. I'm not involved in the distribution process of that, but I'll be checking up a few days to see if they've been all sent out or not.

Love the game, but I'm curious: Is there an actual end, as in can we find Princess Mango? Would be fun having a "goal" to work towards!

Yeah! I'm doing some final touches. I really apologize, combination of MFA classes and burn out has been causing the huge delay. Thank you a lot for your patience. I'll be sending an email on news of the release soon. Maybe a week or so!

I played this game in its original version some time ago. It's a really cute and fun experience. You can do neat combos like making one enemy into an ice block that you push and hit multiple guys in a row. It reminds me a lot of Bubble Bobble!

Kune worked hard on this originally for a game jam, and has been polishing it since. It can feel clunky at first getting used to spell switching and moving around, but the challenge is fair and I enjoyed practicing until I could beat it without using a continue. While the graphics look simple, I think they're still cute and charming, and they aren't confusing or anything.

I love this game a lot and Kune deserves support! I look forward to the sequel in the future :D

Hope it's not too late, but I finally added it to Steam! Took a while due to school ha.

It's really hard to pick just one game, and if I started listing favorites it'd go on forever. The ones that most consistently come to mind are Wario Land 4, Symphony of the Night, and Metal Gear Solid 2. You can tell by the first two I really like pixel art, and MGS 2 did a lot of really neat themes and ideas that work well in the game medium. Usually when people think of 4th wall breaking they look at that goofy psycho mantis fight, but MGS2 did a lot by commenting on game sequels in general and subverting expectations.

Wario Land 4 I love the personality and pacing of, as well as it's sound track (too bad GBA isn't that good at outputting sound). SOTN I think most people know is great already, I love all the options it gives players for how they want to go around the castle and play.

I think I chose these three because of all the games I like, these are the ones that I would like to make something most similar to one day, or at least let influence me the most. I don't think I'm skilled enough for it yet though (maybe for Wario Land 4, but definitely not the others).

Hee ho, I'm Cleave! I'm still in college but I'm trying to make games on the side. I really love 2D games and working with characters, I can do some art and programming but only enough to realize game ideas.

I submitted a game about a week ago, Carrie's Order Up. I'm making some updates based on feedback and am currently juggling some ideas for the next project. I like so far and it's really awesome it started up a community forum after joining it, I hope I can meet some cool people.

Visual Novels are cool, I'm messing with one in Game Maker as a side project. I never heard of Fungus but I looked at Ren'Py, what kind of VNs have you worked on?

Damn sounds like you do a bit of everything! I saw your pixel art elsewhere, do you have any of your music or works posted elsewhere? What kind of projects are you juggling?

Ohh neat, I remember looking at Joylancer while browsing, I really liked its aesthetics and the gameplay looked really fast-paced and kinetic. I wanna try it but there's a ton of stuff I wanna finish before getting around to new games.

This was a pixel-dailies thing for making a mock-up rpg battle screen, that I was late for (I think). I did make the menus and stuff, but I've omitted it here, since I might work on it more one day.

I referenced Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for it, you can see it with the water. I'm terribly unconfident with backgrounds so it's surprising when I can finish one.

It's pretty neat, I like the subtle wall texture. What was the game going to be about?

Really great colors, I only did one pixel-dailies though, it's from last spring through