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Where are the results?

Sorry, wasn't sure where the best place to post this was!

Ah yeah, I figured it was probably the doing of a 3rd party library. I'll give it a try again when it's updated with the vsync method. Thanks for looking into it.

MasterPlan community » General · Created a new topic High CPU Usage

MasterPlan sits at around 30% CPU usage on an empty board, which is considerably higher than I'd expect for a productivity application.

I'd love to use it because it has a lot of cool features, but I can't justify dedicating so many resources to it.

Are there plans for optimization?

Really good atmosphere. The puzzles require quick thinking but never feel unfair.

Was looking for a theme like this, and it looks sweet, but the dither pattern seems to be stretched for me in the current release of Aseprite.

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Congrats, you came in 2nd place in Stencyl Jam #18! If you could reply here with a link to your Stencyl profile, we can get you set up with a year of Stencyl Studio.

Edit: Oh actually, you posted in the results thread on the forums, ha.

This game is divinely inspired

Thank you!

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Here are some things, mostly for pixel dailies:

I'm super happy with this. I like I don't know how active I'll be.