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Yes; you can use these resources commercially, and with any development engine, just so long as they don't appear in any logo or trademark.

Just paste the URL of your image, press enter and it should bring it in. If you haven't already upload your image to an image sharing site like Imgur to get a link to it.

I assume you mean has a game been rejected coverage from a news outlet because it wasn't on Steam. If so the answer is probably yes - many people use steam and if a game isn't available on the service or one of the other well known platforms (GOG, Humble) then outlets have less reason to cover it if they're focusing on popular games. It isn't some shady move for profit, it's just the business decision that makes sense.

"Your project should not be constantly on sale"

This will probably be what affects the most people at the moment.

Is it possible to add further donation to the developer of a purchased product without having to just buy a second version of the product?

I think the tag is still there.

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Just post the url in the text and it'll show up.

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A dump of some of my older pieces.

And some of the icons I've been working on for my asset pack.

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Well already lets you choose fully what to give them. So upon withdrawing your profits you could just decide their cut based on how much you've earned like you describe here. Making it an official system seems unnecessary.

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- Vampires spawning (not with bats) naturally are basically a game-ender. I think that their damage should be limited to 1 heart (total) whenever some of them are concentrating.

- When you pick up an item with a full inventory there should be a way to decline throwing one away (i.e. a back button), like you have with the keys. This might already be in but I couldn't find out how to do it.

- Heroes being lost isn't really a fun mechanic, especially when they don't offer much advantage over the starter character, if any. If they're going to be lost maybe they should actually accompany the starting hero in some way (i.e. only in the dungeon where you free them), else a permanent unlock system of some sort would probably be better.

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Any game with an 100% discount can't be downloaded in the app because the 'Buy' option is still the only one available. Because this just brings you to a page where you can redirect directly to the download, there is no way to launch the game from the app unless you purchase (i.e. donate to) it.

Any game that is 100% off also doesn't show up in the 'Free' tag on the site; basically 100% discounts haven't been accounted for. :P

How do you save your game? I only saw an exit to main menu option, then I couldn't load my game.

The demo was great! Surprisingly addictive and with a great art style. Can't wait to buy the full product!

The game is great, but I think there could be a lot more to it than just the initial exploration for the one treasure.

- 'You are here' icon on the map. It's hard to decipher it at times, especially on the ocean.

- General Options Menu; Mute Sound/Music, Full Screen Option, etc.

- Save/Load game option.

- More things to dig up (permanent boosts to energy or food?).

- Shelter built out of 3-5 wood stacked up (automatic jump to day with a loss in food).

- Rock as a new resource; usable to build torches and maybe roads to increase your movement speed.

- In-game day counter.

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Axe - Hold the button down (x or c depending on which hand has it) while moving towards the trees.

Shovel/Sickle - Hold the button down while standing where you want to dig/harvest.