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"reminds me of the sprites that came with the RPG Maker tools."

That's upsetting :P Trying to get very much far away from the default RPGM look.

"I think the bow-shooting one is a bit off because her elbow doesn't come far back enough - it seems kinda short to be pulling a bowstring...? Maybe it should also be raised, toward her head?"

Couple reasons that could be, one is the limited amount of frames we did at the time of that one, we do more now so we'll likely change that. Also different artist for that one then with the 8 frame walk cycle.

"It seems like her legs are "shortening" as opposed to bending (the feet don't seem to change perspective; it just looks like you're moving the foot up the shin).

The lighting could be a bit more consistent and direct, as well; it seems a bit diffused at the moment. Lowering the color count and upping the lighting might help to make the shapes and clothing patterns a little more defined, I think."

I'll forward this to the artist and see what we can do. Thank you for all your feedback!