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Oh, look! A new idea! - An unfiltered, unconcentrated devlog

A topic by DasBilligeAlien created Dec 01, 2015 Views: 1,019 Replies: 4
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This will be my Idea pit. My place for all things that erupt in my brain. A crude mixture of art, game ideas and other mind barf.

I am a artist / game designer thing from germany. As you can see I love making up new stuff. But of course finishing stuff is also important. (Some would say its more important :D )

Here I will talk about my current projects and show stuff taht comes to mind, like game mechanic ideas and sketches. So lets start with a list of active projects:

  • Initiation - A sci fi visual novel short story. I use the unfinished but open source tool Belle. It is very WIP. I try to focus (haha) for a while, so you can play it soon.
  • A Star Trek: Voyager fan game. Made using RPG Maker VX Ace. I am only doing the graphics for this. Very fun.
  • Apokalypte - A 3D arcade game made in the unreal engine 4. Another Team effort. Very slow development as we are learnnig UE4 while doing stuff.

I will write a Introduction post to every project when I am first updating on it. There are also a miriad of other projects abandoned or otherwise. I will just dump my mind here and hope one person will not hate me for it :D

A list of tools and knowledge


  • Photoshop - 20 years of of being ok
  • Krita - still learning
  • Gimp - forgot nearly everythign, why is it even listed?
  • SPriter - Nice tool for 2D animation
  • Aseprite - My pixeltool of choice (PS is also good)


  • Blender - I can use ist. But I am a shitty modeller
  • Sculptris/ SculptGL - Sculpting is fun :D


  • I love design and perception theory, (Book reviews!)

Strange lists... Lets get it on!

Random Game Idea Of The Moment!

Feud For All - A 1v1 2D MOBA/ Fighting game.

Some Ideas:

  • Every player chooses a chieftain as a hero.
  • Every chieftain has a unique base, unit set and combat abilities
  • Combos and counter complexity is reduced
  • Crowdcontroll and pin mechanics to let your units pass the enemy chieftain
  • 3 or 5 rounds of play for a set
  • Brawl between chieftains is deadly for the small units.
  • Lanes that can not be used by Heros/Chieftains (underground maybe)

A sketch:

A sketch it is!

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This a VERY much work in progress. Please do not play it if you want a finished experience.

The contraints for this project were:

  • very fast and simple artwork
  • 3 short branches
  • kind of a fan game to the manga Blame! or Tsutomu Niheis work in general.
  • Use the Bell Visual Novel Maker

Originally I wanted to finish the game fast. Something that could be done over a weekend. Well like always I kind of struggled with tons of stuff. Run into bugs with the editor a few times.(thanks to freemind for fixing my stuff) Had to start from scratch a least once. That kind of killed my motivation. So stuff lay around fo some time sat in the bakc of my mind for way to long. A few weeks ago a had short burst of motivation and wrote the beginning of the first branch. But I had not thought out the plot enough to finish it.

Which is what I did today.

Rough plot of the game

Any comments, ideas and critics are welcome. I will try to write a bit more about the VN tool next time.


Small update. Help a friend with a Ludum Dare 34 entry. I only made some art stuff.

Back to my own projects now :D

Time sure flies.

Made some progress on several fronts.

First I made the last two characters for Star Trek Fan game. B'Elanna and Tom join the frey.

I hope we can show you more of the game shortly as I reaches completion.

For Initiation I plotted al of the story and I am now writing the branches as a "rough cut". The first mayor branch is ready for polishing. I hope I can finish this early January.

I also joined the 1Game A Month challenge.

Hope with this I will be able to finish most of my ongoing projects.

Lastly I made some Pixelart to Brainstorm another RPG Maker Game.

Thats it for now. More later.

Time sure flies. Finally can talk about the Star Trek Fan Game.

It's made with RPG maker and I am just the Artist. As it is a Fangame we are not even sure where or if we can release it. I will show you soem screenshots.

As you can see the characters are based on a very popular basesprite

I was new to pixelart at the time we started. Used this to get fast into producing results. For the next pixel game I will definetly make everything from scratch.

For the environments I made most of the basic tiles. But a lot of the decoration is from free sources. All Star Trek themed decorations like tables, stools and replicators etc. where made by us.

The game itself is a short story exploring an uneventfull day on board the Voyager. The game well be realeased for free.