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Arclands community · Created a new topic Love the art style

What a wonderful game so far! Can't wait to get to play it!

This is such a great set! Will definitely be getting this soon when I make a cooking game!

OHHH you are using Godot! You have just jumped 1000% in my eyes!

Checking it out now!

I really really loved this game. I hope you consider making a ... sequel :)

This is amazing

Is there any sort of tutorial or starter game you can walkthrough that we can use to learn how to use this tool?

I see. I understand.  In the past when I have seen folks referring to their project as open source it would imply that they have it up on some version control system so that other folks could contribute changes and improvements in a systematic manner. And in that repo you'd see the license for which to share the code. I see that you do have a sharing license ( ). Thanks for answering my questions.

That's good. Where are you hosting the sourcecode? Github link?

Really excited to discover this! I look forward to exploring what you are building. Is this open source?

Thank you !

I tried to buy this asset pack but something went wrong in the transaction, is there a way to contact you directly?

If you want a really easy to use but powerful game engine for free you might try GDevelop , if you want something on par with Unity / Unreal but completely free for any use I would encourage you to try out Godot Engine : 

Really intrigued by the idea of using storylets to create a game. Do you have any good references to learn about building with storylets?

Is this made in GDevelop? I see that they retweeted this game. 

Thanks! I'm super excited.

How do you play on a phone.

Just got the game. Love the memory style battles! It crashed on me after the first battle for some reason, but I was able to reload the game. Very cool!

Can you but a beta of the mac version with debugging and folks could help test? 

Hi, I just got this, but what is the license? Can I use in web games? That's my main interest.

Seaside community · Created a new topic Great!

I really like this. And the fact I can play on my phone is awesome.

Bought as soon as I saw this. Thanks!

Thanks! I'll do what I can. 

Hi, I've bought quite a few sets, because I love your work. If I create a web based game, can I use them in the game? I ask because sometimes with web games it's possible for folks to try to download and rip the assets, so I want to make sure it's ok to use these in a web-based game?

Thanks for this! Look forward to more of your creations!

Look forward to playing it. What did you create it in? Ren'py?

This is awesome! I am going to try this out this weekend.

Hi! I want to make extensive use of this for my own apps and games in Godot. Do you have a sample app or tutorial to get started?

Can't wait to try it out!

I'm working on a Godot game that is a combo slot machine and RPG , and these images are perfect for it. Thank you for creating these!

Just bought this! Can't wait to use it!

Its sweet

Any plans for a mac or web build?

Just sent $2 your way - I love the tiles and want to support you making more! I'm thinking about using these in a game making tool -- would that be ok if I attribute your tiles in the credits section of the tool? It would mean other people would be making little web based rpg worlds with your tiles -- I know it's probably covered by your license above but I just want to check first. Sok with you?

Yes, please!

I love it! This should get more attention as it's and excellent game. 

Any plans for a version for Mac or web?

IttyBittyRPG community · Created a new topic First post!

Hi everyone!  I know the halls of this building are empty right now.  There's no sounds of talking, or signs of occupation. That's ok. I can be the first to walk the halls, check the paint, and get everything ready for folks to pay a visit.  I hope I can create a place where someone might want to try out the editor. Or have someone create a game that blows our minds.  I have recently realized that I've been wanting to do this for years. I spent time look at other tools like Twine, Bitsy, RPG Maker, and more. There are things they do right, and things I think could be done differently.  So I get to do something with my ideas, and I hope I can encourage other travellers to come and give feedback, and help me make something cool.  So, if you are reading this and wondering what I'm  talking about, just hang out and you'll begin to see what I mean. Here's to hoping!