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Can this game be played SOLO?

I was trying this from this page

Clicking the link to download the assets has a CORS issue: 

Tried to visit the site and it keeps saying connection refused.

Just grabbed a copy on ipad

The music alone pulls you in and really gives you nostalgia vibes. A great game!! 

Love it!

This is great! A very much PS1 kinda experience. Keep going!

This app is cool! I just got it to try it out and I was wondering if you have posted anything about your experiences working with Godot to create apps?

Thanks for this! Hoping to make a fun web game with this

I just found this on Twitter - I am looking forward to the game!

So cool that you made this game! Can't wait to check it out! I couldn't find the SRD at, but I did find it at . Very curious about games like this. 

These are perfect for a little project of mine. Awesome!

These are amazing! Such a unique set of games and I imagine perfect for being on

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If you are looking to learn about Godot, I would humbly submit that the tutorials over at GDQuest are really good.

The tutors are long time Godot instructors, and the material is well curated and up to date.

Lots of the content is free and give a good foundation. They also have lots of Youtube videos.

Thanks! Google Chrome folks are out to get things like alert and prompt deprecated. I don't think they should but it's good to not depend on those methods for the engine.

Awesome! I'll take a look and see how I might help in some way.

I put one of your sample games up on Observable to test out the export. It works great! ( Except save game which depends on prompt() but that's easily fixable )

This is amazing! Since it's open source does that mean you might accept pull requests? As a webdev passionate about IF it'd be great to contribute if possible?

What game engine / art engine are you making Bramblewood in?

I only recently discovered this genre of solo journaling rpg. This looks so amazing.

So glad you are using Godot Engine!!!

Sounds cute. But kinda scary?

I love this game.

This is such a fun game. It took a few levels to realize you don't pick a tentacle to move, but once I figured it out, I understood the puzzle nature. Thank you!

I really enjoyed trying this out. Such a great use of Godot Engine to make a game tool. I'm very impressed and happy by this tool! 

I love this a thousand times over.

Can't wait to make a game with these!

So excited to (re) discover these icons! I'm going to use them in a game soon! Thanks so much for these and all your great icons and game tiles.

Thanks for making this. I played this early in the AM on a Sunday while pondering life. I empathize with this a lot.

My pc is ready

I love bullet hell shooters so this one looks pretty awesome!

Can't wait to see it!

Thanks so much for this!

For payment it depends on the client. For many folks, they are using the Coil plugin. You deposit a small amount of money in Coil ( say $5 a month) and it will know when you are on a site that accepts web monetization and send drips of pennies to that site as you spend time there. 

You can add the meta tag to your HTML content but has that in an IFRAME. So needs to add an attribute to that Iframe to allow web monetization:

<iframe src="/wm/example.htm" width="600" height="800" allow="monetization"></iframe>

Super cool!

Web monetization is an open javascript api that allows content creators to receive money for their works in various ways - in an open and secure way. You can see other creators sites starting to adopt this:

It would mean a lot for creators if offered this possibility as well.

I tried to send a $2 payment via paypal but it said "error this transaction cannot be completed" ... tried twice. Is there something going on with your account?

Looking forward to playing!

Thanks! I'll try again.