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Created a new topic Amazing

It looks amazing! Can't wait to play it!

My experience has been the opposite. In my opinion this place is growing leaps and bounds.

It seems there are several differences between the Lua of Pico-8 and PV8. It would be cool if there was an importer for Pico-8 games and Tic-80 as well.

Hi, I'm new but I've been playing around with Pico-8 a bit and I love the fact that games are so sharable and playable on the web. Is there or will there be an option to output the game to play in a browser context?

I have a feature request - allow folks to save pictures of their outfits when they are done :)

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Hi I'm Andrew and I've been trying to build HTML5 games for many years. I first started creating my own JavaScript based RPG engine and had some success with that, but eventually the real world of jobs, family, and time just prevented me from creating anything really interesting. I've had a game idea for a long time but I've never found just the right engine to build it, but from what I see in other Superpowers based games, this could be it! I'm not a big fan of TypeScript but perhaps I can just ignore that and build something fun. I started looking at building a game in Electron, and that led me to rediscover Superpowers. Are you continuing to add features and extensibility to the framework? I hope that this engine gains more adoption as it looks very promising. I think that my game idea will be something that takes advantage of all the features of Superpowers, and I hope to start posting updates here in the WIP forums.