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Love the art and concept! ^_^

Impressive how you drew a lot of poses, feels very alive. Neat concept!

Thanks for the very kind words ^_^ ♥

Il faut configurer un mot de passe pour rendre ton serveur accessible depuis l'extérieur, voir Lancer Superpowers en ligne de commande :

10/10 spicy af


Go to 3D view and double-check the depth of the various actors. Make sure the camera's viewport contains the sprites on the Z axis. That's probably the issue.


There is no "cameraPixelPerUnit" but for an orthographic camera, the orthographic scale is the vertical number of world units that will fit on screen. The horizontal number of units can then be calculated by dividing by height and then multiplying by width (aka. multiplying by the screen ratio).

Hope that helps!


Sorry about that, this is a bug. Created an issue for it here:

Will be fixed for the next release.


"Where's my data stored?" in should help.



I have juste installed Superpowers with the ArchLinux repository given in Antergos

What's a repository in this context? Can you explain what is Antergos? Did you not install Superpowers by downloading it from

By the way, is there anyone working on the Import feature, as mentioned in the issues in Github? If not I would like to help, as far as I can as I am a very beginner with Electron and Nodejs ^^

I don't think anyone is working on it at the moment. If you start working on it, just post a comment on the issue on GitHub so people know you are.


Search is provided by the CodeMirror editor widget. I think the best approach would be to submit an enhancement request or a patch to CodeMirror's search.js addon, and then update Superpowers to use that new version of CodeMirror. Would be much simpler than trying to fork and maintain our own version of it, which would become an on-going maintenance burden.


Glad you got it working. I created a bug about it here:


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The scene editor doesn't generate code, it generates a JSON description which is then used to build the actors.

Basically, each actor does:

const myActor = new Sup.Actor("My Actor", parentActor);

Then if you have a sprite renderer for instance, it'll do:

new Sup.SpriteRenderer(myActor, "Path to sprite asset");


You can find the whole code for setting up an actor component from its scene configuration in its runtime folder. For the SpriteRenderer for instance:

Yes, it should work. Check out "Running a Superpowers server from the command line"

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i lov yuo cooldog. edit: thanks for teacing me how to type!!

Hey! I think we should look into it (and decide whether submitting to Steam is a good idea or not) after the redesigned app (v1.0 and beyond) is out.

Thanks for the video! You can enter the mine with the weapon you get during the first boss fight.

The music was written by Robin Dussart and Dimitri Guindet. I don't know that they do tutorials...

Some GPU drivers seem to have issues with the various shaders on Linux and OS X. Are you running one of those? Try updating the drivers if possible.

Everything looks good except for the fact that your server isn't running. Did you uncheck the "Auto-start server on startup" checkbox on purpose? If so, you need to click on "Start".

Looks like a GPU driver bug, not much we can do about it on our end I'm afraid.

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OK so the fact that one can't include manage a subtree as its own git repository is indeed not very convenient. But I'm not very enticed by the idea of complexifying project structure with nested entries.json. What do others think?

We haven't really given much thought to reusable engines built *within Superpowers*. I mean, there are project templates (which you can put in systems/game/public/templates) which are one approach, but it's not quite the same. Maybe your engine would be best built as a plugin for Superpowers Game? It could expose its API like the sound play exposes its API for instance: I feel like that's a good match.

It would be a very simple plugin that only have a typescriptAPI bundle and no editors or data folder.

You can upload them to or any other services and post the link here.

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I feel like what you really need is the ability to export and import a bunch of scripts at once easily from one project to another, right? If that's the case, this will be covered by implementing

Can you post a screenshot of your server list in the launcher? Also of your server's settings tab? That should help diagnose the issue.

La démo RPG le fait :, tu trouveras peut-être ton bonheur dedans ? Sinon hésite pas à nous montrer le problème que tu rencontres spécifiquement.


Y'a des chances qu'on utilise des trucs qui ont été ajoutés dans la version de développement donc ça m'étonnerait pas que le jeu ne marche pas avec la v0.19. Si tu lances avec F6 ou bien si tu appuies sur F12 pendant que le jeu tourne, tu pourras voir les éventuelles erreurs dans la cosnole.

If you do edit the script files on disk, make sure to do it while your server is off, otherwise it might overwrite your changes.

Global replace would be a nice addition, just created a ticket for it on GitHub.


The Superpowers RPG demo project might help, it has dialog boxes and 2D exploration. It's not quite what you're looking for but should be a good start to learn how to build your own.

(I'd love to have a native visual novel project type at some point too, so that it doesn't require any special coding, but I doubt I'll have the time to tackle it anytime soon so hopefully someone else in the community will take it up ^_^)

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Hey! I haven't posted here in a little while!

Make sure to check out This Week in Superpowers #2 and This Week in Superpowers #3 for the latest development and community news. Loooots of stuff has happened.

Last week end, we took part in the Global Game Jam and made Lumberjack Jacques and the Ritual of Doom.

Also, we've posted our first Secret Supporter Update on Patreon, featuring a sneak peek at our next game! :D

Project Sustainability

It's been a year and a half since the three of us started working on Superpowers. Thanks to generous support from the community on Patreon and during early access on Gumroad, we've been able to do it full-time so far. But with our current financial situation, we can't afford to keep going like that for much longer.

So we've been looking for work on the side, in order to continue this awesome beast of a project... and, well, good news! Bilou and I have found long-term gigs and Pixel-boy will be doing some contract work soon.

What does that mean? Well, we'll definitely have less time to spend on Superpowers every week. Buuuuut! now we don't have to worry so much about making rent every month, and it's remote work with a pretty flexible schedule so, short of being paid to work on Superpowers itself full-time, it's the best outcome we could hope for!

More Open Source work!

We'll do our very best to keep earning your support by releasing more cool open source stuff! On top of our ongoing work on Superpowers, we're recently open sourced, migrated to GitHub and/or improved:

When's the next release?

Check out the latest edition of This Week in Superpowers for info about the next release and why we haven't pushed out a v0.20 yet.

Talk to you soon! ♥

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It's the Teleport Behavior that does the trick:

Each marker has the Teleport Behavior on it and will check if the player is close enough before fading out and loading the new map.

Cool stuff! :) If anyone wants to help get batch import directly into Superpowers, see

This demo project might prove useful too:

It's planned! We'll have user settings soon (see and that will allow customizing things like the text editor theme.

At the moment, Superpowers Game has a plugin for the client, but for the server part, you'll need to use Node.js directly. We have plans to build a "Superpowers Server" project type later!

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I believe it's the Games from Scratch tutorial that needs to be updated. I'll let them know.

EDIT: Done,

Haha, I wrote the "crazy in the coconut" bit and it definitely comes from Frontier Psychiatrist, now that you mention it :D. Glad you liked the game!

"Error creating WebGL context" seems to indicate some graphics driver issue. A reboot or driver update might fix it!

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What happened this week?

Since we're hosting a weekly livestream in French, we thought it'd make sense to have something for the English community too.

Doing a second livestream in English would take a lot of time and effort so instead,
we've just kicked off a weekly community report on our new wiki!
Check it out, it's called: This Week in Superpowers #1!

Lots of games and contributions being made :)

Hey Zach,

Subclassing the Sup.Actor class isn't really supported, you should be able to accomplish everything you need with Behaviors, I think. You can access properties and methods on a behavior from the outside like so:

Sup.getActor("Some Actor").getBehavior(SomeBehavior).someProperty

And if you need to build a complex reusable actor made of multiple components or with children actors attached to it, you can build your reusable actor hierarchy in a separate scene and then import it many times in your main scene with the "New Prefab" button.

Hope that helps.

Hmm, that's weird. Can you open the devtools with F12 and report any errors in the Console tab?