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My plan is for it to be very business diagram & data-sheet. The goal would to have a stockticker, financial software feel to it - like a stock trading application with graphs and analytics.

I have had an idea for a while for a purely economic management game where you are the CEO of a beverage company and you research flavors, package products, do marketing and manage production and logistics for your growing corporation. Your primary resources would be cash and administrative power (like mana) which would allow you to do actions. The main actions would be purchasing facilities and hiring personell. More cash is earned by either selling your product or by increasing your loans, which require regular interest payments. Admin power is earned from certain facilities and personell.

It's always great to see what ideas people are exploring. Anyone want to share?

I haven't got anything on AI for you but I found this what makes management games fun on reddit. I am taking a few notes from that for my potential entry into this Jam.

The game I was involved for Global Game Jam 2017. https://agilejoshua.itch.io/wave-squash

Drive into the ball to push and lob it around. Making the ball hit the walls gives you points. Landing the ball on a shark results in bonus points. Hitting a shark with your water scooter reduces your points.

Nice to see interest in the Superpowers IDE & Engine - I'm Joshua, an Englishman living in Sweden. 15+ years experience as a professional software developer, 30+ years playing and dabbling with making games, Microsoft certified developer trainer, Agile Coach, father of 2. I've participated in Ludum Dare, organised a GGJ location and tried out a bunch of game IDEs & engines. Attempting to do #1Gam this year!

My interest in Superpowers stems from a desire/need to Game Jam together with my kids and their friends. Teaching them the intricacies of a distributed source control system like GIT and having them all install an IDE and keeping it updated is an impossible task... It looks like Superpowers hits the sweet-spot of enabling enough to actually make an advanced game, providing real-time collaboration and integrating it all in a simple to use IDE! I'm impressed by what the team have accomplished.

Follow me here: @agilejoshua Github itch.io #1GAM

For info - There is a problem with the 0.19.0 release which broke RNG class. Yvanor's tip fixes it for now, but for future randomization RNG is the way to go, Math.Random doesn't support seeding so it becomes very difficult to find bugs with randomized behavior. The fix was commit on Jan 15 Github 589a6d9