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Thank you for the tutorial video.

Is there going to be any other tutorial you will explain to us?

Best Regards.

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I see.. Thank you very much @Frostbitee..

So we still do need core files..

Because in the page said:

This should work on any Linux server including a Raspberry Pi.

I thought it was only needed by Linux user..

I'll download the core and games from github right away..

I'll ask here again if I'm still stuck.. :D

Best Regards.

UPDATE: I'm still stuck.. when I double click the server it show message: "Could not download" I've extract and copy the extracted core files to: %appdata%\Superpowers\core , extract & copy the extracted game files to %appdata%\Superpowers\systems\game

So.. I'm confuse on what I've missed here..

Best regards.


Well, I don't know how.. after I read topic "Could not download", I click stop and start again without changing anything in the settings.. it run superpowers and I manage to create new project..

I don't know is it because I have to restart my PC.. have to restart superpowers or.. I don't know the reason.. but it work now.. thank you so much for everyone that give answer and solution..

I'm going to learn how to use superpowers now..

Once again.. Thank you very much.

Best Regards.

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OK, so I'm super newbie about this kind of stuff...

those stuffs you mentioned, where can I find them in the downloaded file?

I've downloaded After I extract it, I can't find the files you mentioned to put in %appdata%/Superpowers, and there're no json file type either.

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards.


PS: I just saw there's new release v4.0, downloading it right now.

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Thank you for the warm welcome.

By the way, just 1 simple stupid question.. when we work in superpowers, do we have to be online all the time?

UPDATE: Sorry, I think I need to read more tutorial about this.. LOL Just forget my question above.. :D

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Hi all!

Name: Victor

Age: Old

From: Indonesia

Never have any experience in writing codes

Never have any experience in game development

Eager to learn how to make a very simple game that at least my children will like it.

I do have limited experience in 3D modelling, maybe that will help me a bit. LOL.

Best Regards.


PS: By the way.. How I encounter superpowers? Well, I want to make a very simple game, and I search about open source game maker, and superpowers were shown in the top 3 in the list.