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[ENG/Video] Understanding the 2D Platformer Template

A topic by NotExplosive created Apr 04, 2016 Views: 2,163 Replies: 11
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EDIT: Apparently the videos are showing up as private when embedded to Itch, here's a link to the playlist

Part 1:

Part 2:

I made a short video series to help understand what the 2D platformer template is doing to help on-board beginners to the structure of Superpowers projects. This took waaaay too long to make, juggling this project in my spare time with university work I ended up spending THREE FREAKIN' MONTHS on this video series.

Hi NotExplosive, Good work :) would like to see them but the videos are set to private?

Shouldnt be? They were unlisted until 8pm Pacific yesterday. But by the time I posted this they should have been up.

I am interested as well to see it but they are in private.

What about this?

I would also like to see them, but they require a youtube account I don not posses to view.

Not sure what's going on? Can you screenshot what you're seeing?

Thank you but they now work. I look forward to watching them.

It works now, thanks ;)

Thank you for the tutorial video.

Is there going to be any other tutorial you will explain to us?

Best Regards.

loving it!

Excellent videos, thanks for taking the time to make and post them!