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Hey, itch app says that the linux version is not a valid zip file. Just a heads up.

I developing on linux, and am working on the linux build. Had an issue with he export templates and not enough brain cells last night. Linux build uploaded.

Best of luck to all from me as well.

Thanks for the feedback, I see I need to make the help bigger, or otherwise more visible. Thank you for showing it off!

Just a heads up, but the itch installer doesn't find your game. Says no executable found.

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Yeah, I forgot to check the "don't allow resize" button. some thing might break, like the starfield and gate positions. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks. I enjoyed your game as well.

**ERROR**: Cannot read property 'split' of undefined
It crashes with the above error as soon as I play the updated version. I am on Linux.

I know you might not want to publish untested builds, but linux users would appreciate them.

Hello. You need to bundle the windows and linux versions with their .pck s or they will not launch. 

I know you might not want to publish untested builds, but linux users would appreciate them.

I understand that you might not want to publish untested builds, but linux user would appreciate them.

Please let me know your impressions. This was my first complete game with Godot and I welcome critique, comments and bug reports with open arms. Thank you for playing it and coming here to give feedback.


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I'd be down for teaming up. I am mostly a programmer, with some 3d and 3d experience, and a lot of writing skill.

Also a fan of steampunk.
Edit: sorry but I need to walk that back. I have more obligations this weekend than I thought. I don't want to hold a team back.

Thank you but they now work. I look forward to watching them.

I would also like to see them, but they require a youtube account I don not posses to view.

I discovered this, it was a case of the stupidity that you miss in the moment. The speed the object already had was read as the absolute value of. Thanks though.

I don't think the start works. It didn't let me play, and it was unclear.

So I have the following code:

class ShipBehavior extends Sup.Behavior {

//Connect the ship to it's collision

ship_hull =;

//Set the handling speed

speed : number = .025

awake() {


update() {

let x : number =;

let x_speed : number = Math.abs(this.ship_hull.getVelocityX());

let new_x_speed : number = 0;

//Check in any key is pressed, and if one is, update the direction accordingly

//Handle leftward movement


new_x_speed =-this.speed;


//Handle rightward movement

else if(Sup.Input.isKeyDown("D")){

new_x_speed = this.speed;






But it produces strange behavoir when run, as I move at a crawl to the left, but at a very fast (maybe 10x?) pace when I go left. this is literally the only script in the game, so the problem is going to be in here.

Thanks in advance,