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Weirdness with Arcadebody2d

A topic by Unwary created Feb 15, 2016 Views: 279 Replies: 2
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So I have the following code:

class ShipBehavior extends Sup.Behavior {

//Connect the ship to it's collision

ship_hull = this.actor.arcadeBody2D;

//Set the handling speed

speed : number = .025

awake() {


update() {

let x : number = this.actor.getX();

let x_speed : number = Math.abs(this.ship_hull.getVelocityX());

let new_x_speed : number = 0;

//Check in any key is pressed, and if one is, update the direction accordingly

//Handle leftward movement


new_x_speed =-this.speed;


//Handle rightward movement

else if(Sup.Input.isKeyDown("D")){

new_x_speed = this.speed;






But it produces strange behavoir when run, as I move at a crawl to the left, but at a very fast (maybe 10x?) pace when I go left. this is literally the only script in the game, so the problem is going to be in here.

Thanks in advance,


Maybe all you have to do is put a ELSE conditional to set Zero into X axis when no button is pressed. So, when the key left up, the actor stops.

//Handle rightward movement
 else if(Sup.Input.isKeyDown("D")){
 new_x_speed = this.speed;
 } else {
   // Set here, inside the else.
   new_x_speed = 0;

I discovered this, it was a case of the stupidity that you miss in the moment. The speed the object already had was read as the absolute value of. Thanks though.