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Join a team!

A topic by Lentsius created Jun 15, 2018 Views: 364 Replies: 7
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We're a team of three at the moment, looking to expand a little bit, if you're interested send me a message.

Steampunk. Oh did someone mention steampunk?

Looking forward.

Submitted (1 edit)

I'd be down for teaming up. I am mostly a programmer, with some 3d and 3d experience, and a lot of writing skill.

Also a fan of steampunk.
Edit: sorry but I need to walk that back. I have more obligations this weekend than I thought. I don't want to hold a team back.

Thanks for being a stand up guy! Perhaps next time then ;) have a good one mate.

hey, this team is only for the jam? or looking for future projects?

Oh. What a beautiful question. Send me a PM.

Oh wait. You probably cant send PMs over here... 

feel free to join this discord server of the team, we can talk more there

I'll check in every so often and help whom I can,  but I doubt that I can "fully" commit to a team at this time.  Good luck!

Good stuff mate, have fun.