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I didn't get anything done that I would call "release-able", but I honed my skills.  How often do you plan to hold these jams?

The theme must be "Not today, but surely tomorrow."  In the spirit of the theme, they will tell us tomorrow.

I'll check in every so often and help whom I can,  but I doubt that I can "fully" commit to a team at this time.  Good luck!

This should be fun!  It's a great reason to learn Godot a bit better.

So... was there some drama between you two or you just wanted to make your own lewd jam?

Also, can game submitted tot he first one be submitted here?

Wow!  A lot of succubi this year.  :P

I can easily make a mac build or even VR builds upon request.

Think Rocket League... in the air... with flying succubi.  

Gonna start blendering the mesh right now!

I had a chuckle at the name too.  I say don't change it!

Let's just be meta and say that the theme is literally, "to be announced Monday".

Everybody panic!

Played the demo. Looks good. Could you extend it to include one of the boss battles? I wanna see how they work.

So true. You just gotta forgo love and friends and you're set!

Neat mechanic. Would be interesting if the beam didn't need to come down to the guy.

Epic soundtrack! lol