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Are you ready? 3 simple pieces of advice for the jam Sticky

A topic by gdquest created Jun 15, 2018 Views: 1,112 Replies: 9
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The jam starts in 15 hours! Are you excited?

We're already more than 200 developers registered for the event, pretty impressive! I can't wait to see all the games that result from it ๐Ÿ˜„

What's your goal for the jam? Do you plan on exploring specific features in Godot?

I'm going to try and find a concept that will make for a good open source demo for learning purposes, as usual. Even if it's not 100% on the theme.

Some quick advice to rock the jam

Sleep well: if you don't rest your code quality will get lower, you will generate bugs and waste time. I think it's best to work at most 10 or maybe 12 hours a day if you really want to push your project, but you have to make sure to get a good night of rest, to get away from the computer from time to time… It helps to keep your mind fresh and to stay productive.

Focus on one or two game mechanics: the best way to both manage the game scope and to make the game fun is to focus on one mechanic and to dig it as much as possible. I say one but it can be one, or two. It gives your project clear bounds so that you don't waste time going in many directions. Your programming work will have to focus on that mechanic, making it as fun and as pleasant as possible.

Start with a prototype: to know if the game will work or not you want to prototype the full game loop at the start of the project. Focus on the core mechanic, the core loop, and the controls. You don't want the game to look good at this point: you just need to set the pace, proportions, the flow of the game. And to have your full loop, with the fail and win conditions, if possible.

Do you have some more advice to share with everyone? Please add it below!


This should be fun!  It's a great reason to learn Godot a bit better.

Exactly, this is exactly why I entered the jam - to get better at Godot!

I didn't get anything done that I would call "release-able", but I honed my skills.  How often do you plan to hold these jams?

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I'm 100% new to Godot (and game development in general) so I'm using this as an opportunity to stop being so embarrassingly bad at it. This community also seems super supportive and that's really encouraging!

Good luck everyone!


Having participated in several game jams (I have lost count at this point), Here are my tips/tricks/advice:

  • Keep your game idea(s) simple. Especially in short game jams, time is of the essence! Do not aim for a
    completed game, or even polished game, because frankly you will not have time (no one does).
  • Plan ahead if that is your thing, or don't, but regardless do whatever development workflow suits you best! A short jam like this is not the time to be trying new workflows you are unfamiliar with.
  • Play to your strengths. I would highly suggest playing to your strengths first, and if time allows then add everything else. It makes it much easier to have a prototype when you focus the core of the game around your strengths.
  • Get sleep and eat food! I would highly suggest not skipping meals and sleep! Overworking yourself does not make a great game! Get enough rest and eat!
  • Don't compare your game with others! As long as you are happy with what you have made, and had fun, then that is all that matters.
  • Ratings (good, bad, or otherwise) mean nothing! Having lots of ratings does not necessarily mean your game is great, and having no ratings doesn't mean your game is terrible. It can be discouraging to get only a few ratings (or none), but just keep at it! Getting lots of rating is cool and feels great, but honestly it rarely means anything beyond the jam.
  • Have fun and try not to get discouraged if things go wrong! The whole point of a game jam is to have fun making a game with others around a set theme.

Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see all the amazing games!

Thanks for the advice gdquest and twistedtwigleg. I hope to come out with something fruitful from this jam. :D


My goal is to see if I am capable of making an original game, and the short time frame is pushing me not to procrastinate.  So far, I have created something that looks like a game with the graphical components in place. Now I need to code the game play. Godd luck everybody!


I believe in you. :) Good luck!


Thanks I submitted my game :)