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Happy birthday! Shit yourself now
Happy birthday! Shit yourself now
Happy birthday! Shit yourself now
Happy birthday! Shit yourself now

my high score is 2941

unfortunately the only winners of Shitstorm are those who never play it in the first place

loving it!

im also planning on making tutorials as I learn. thanks for making these!


I think it would be just entertaining to have this in Superpowers' script editor. If did it, why not us? Lol

Blender forever!

do you use Sony Vegas for video editing?

Thank you so much!

I only knew how to use option 3 initially.

I'm still trying to figure out how to use Superpowers without having to connect to my router.

What do I set as the IP so I can connect to my own computer without a router?

SOLVED! I was doing this through a browser.

I went into my settings and deleted any cookies I had containing the server's address.

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Y'ello. I'm George

I'm a high school student who likes to spend the whole day on the computer. I was planning on learning Godot, but then i found this wonderful little software on the front page of, and now I'm attempting to become an indie dev.

It might end horribly. Hopefully not.


My friend set up a Superpowers server on his computer and I set my username to something random as a joke

Now every time I connect to the server, the username is still there, haunting me

How can I change my username?