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Superpowers Tutorial #1 Pong

A topic by Michael Seyne created Feb 08, 2016 Views: 3,094 Replies: 7
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Tutorial series : Learn how to make video games by using Superpowers #1.

My plan is to provide a tutorial series of game development process as my learning go and to share my adventures in Superpowers with the community.

Of course I am always eager to learn and this tutorials can always be improved, this is why I stick to the open source philosophy of the community and let anyone open issues and fix the tutorials to allow everyone to adopt them.

Two ways to help, you can address in this tutorial post your problems, propose change and ask for tutorial clarity. Or if you feel comfortable with that, you can open an issue on github or even can improve the tutorial directly by submitting pull requests for the markdown files in the github repository.

Please, don't hesitate to say if you find mistakes, missing elements or unclear steps as it would help to improve this tutorials aimed to the Superpowers community. (Also, I am not an english native then don't think I would feel offended if you report my grammar and style with the language, I could improve this part too.)

Thank you and have fun making games !

Note : you can download zip for sources here.


im also planning on making tutorials as I learn. thanks for making these!


Great idea, more tutorials, more opportunities for the community to grow (and deepen the common knowledge). :)

Hi Michael, thanks so much for making these tutorials! I finished the Pong tutorial today, but I'm having a problem with it when I try to play it. I followed all of your instructions and the scripts are programmed exactly like yours in the tutorial, but I can't press start in the menu screen and the title image only shows part of the letter "P" in pong instead of the full image. How can I fix this so it will work? Maybe I am missing something. Thank you!

Hi Quigo, apparently it is not a problem coming from the scripts but maybe with little details inside the image settings and the positions in the scene.

For example I can imagine that the fact you only see the "P" letter from the image is to check if you did a setup for the grid of the menu sprite. You need to have a grid the same size than the image. (400, 300)

For the start button, if there is no problem with the script, the ray, the hovering, etc.. Maybe it is the position of the images or a setting detail.

It is maybe a really difficult detail to spot, I recommend you to try comparaison of your project and the one from the tutorial.

To find out the differences, you can download the project.zip folder here, put it in your projects folder (..\AppData\Roaming\Superpowers\projects if windows) and open it in superpowers. Look in settings and properties of differents images and scene. If you spot something different, do tests on your own.

There is also maybe bug in the tutorial :), please don't hesitate to give more details, maybe there is something I missed and I would change it.

You are right. I didn't adjust the grid size for the title image to 400 x 300. Thanks! I will check the differences between your project.zip folder and what I wrote in my project.

With the start buttons, I could not find anything in the tutorial about what to adjust the width and height to. There is a brown square underneath startoff.png (see attached image here). As you can see it overlaps on the player 2 side of text on the word "Up". And also with the start button, the script is just like yours in the tutorial, but when my mouse cursor hovers over it or clicks the button it does not do anything.

Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your help! I really appreciate it :)

Hey Michael, thank you for the tutorial! :)
I need some help :'(
On the behavior class of the paddle, in the Sup.Input method, you used = && y < 2.35
What's the '2.35'? It's about the screen ratio to make the player stay inside the "playabe area"?
Thank you! I hope that Superpowers get more popular here in Brazil :3

I guess i know now haha
It's about the camera, right?
It's to make the paddle inside the "vision" of the camera! (I guess)