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Hi every single one game makers out there!

I'm Ricardo, a "Self-taught Single-man Game Studio" (it means what you're thinking, i do ALL the work needed for a videogame and yes, i learn everything myself either by experience or by reading about it somewhere).

I'm from Venezuela, a forsaken country in the north of south america (i dare you to locate my country without using any google services or similar, just try, i can wait).

Jokes aside, it has been my dream since i can remember to make an awesome game, a really, impactful game, like M***o or Z****a or P*****n, but actually i never really "finish" a game until now (sure, i've made a bunch of clones of classic arcade games with some public domain assets, just for the fun or as learning exercise, but nothing brand new from scratch to final release).

So, to cut to the chase i'm hoping that, with the... Superpowers that i downloaded, maybe i can finally make a polished game!

Welcome! I wish you well in your endevours :)

Welcome, and don't worry, their is more people knowing about Venezuela than you can think. (yes even in the gamedev community)