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A little buggy, but I really like the idea! Also, amazing that you were able to make a 3D gamemaker game in such a short time. Congrats!

This is really cool! I like the graphic style a lot.

Oh, my bad. I misread your post. Sorry about that.

I am 16 though :)

Looking forward to see what you can come up with! Remember, this is html5 so there are tons of online js libraries you can port to superpowers to fit your needs. Also, I recommend learning threejs in and out of you want to access more advanced 3D functions. Here is the plugin: https://github.com/florentpoujol/superpowers-game-... and documentation can be found at https://threejs.org/docs/

Have fun! :D hopefully you find this to be the engine you stay with :). (I'm 16 too, so high-five!).

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In that case let's just use trello to keep things simple. It's ok if it's public. Here's one I made. What is your username?

Yes, a trello would be useful. Do you have the paid account? I don't :p

There isn't a tutorial, but I'm pretty sure the main devs would be happy to answer any questions. I asked a lot so far from Elisee and didn't get yelled at or told to leave.... yet.

No they're not the main issue, but they're still important. Thanks for your interest! I'm not too accompanied with the guts of superpowers too much myself, so I think I'm in a similar position as you :p.

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Superpowers' UI

Superpowers is a great engine (specifically superpowers-game). I started using it just to mess around a bit and now I can't go back to what I've been using before. It taught me how to use HTML5 and WebGL in a friendly way, very much unlike other HTML5 engines I've tried.

But the ui if superpowers needs more work. In terms of usability, I think it's great, solid and straightforward. However, it's presentation could use some work.

I think it has a lot of potential, and the cute little icons for assets and buttons definitely set it apart from other engine's flat, boring icons. I love the attitude it has, but it's rough in a lot of edges. Here are some changes I propose.


There are unnecessary borders and misaligned sections everywhere. The gray dock doesn't align with the tab strip (A personal pet peeve :D). Things just feel out of place. I think more work should be put in making the different parts of the editor itself flow together better.


I think the component editor needs work. As of now, it gets the job done but it can be confusing with so many properties to edit. expanding a component can make the scrollbar appear, offsetting all the buttons. I'm not sure 100% how it could be made better, but I think it can. Perhaps somehow, there could be a way to integrate it into the Actor hierarchy itself?

Scene Editor Menu

The scene editor would look better with some proper icons. The text and radio buttons work, but they're just plain and boring. Adding some icons for most actions instead of text would fit the aesthetic better and give more room to edit the scene, as icons take less space than words.


Probably won't help in any useful way, but would make things look cooler :). Adding tweens to the tabs and asset trees when they're moved, etc. Would give the program a bit more personality.

Custom Themes

A huge one. Having support for easily created custom themes is a must-have for any application. I think this could work as a single CSS doc that the entire program pulls it's stye information from or something along those lines. However, if there will be no support for custom themes, there could at least be an option for dark mode for late night superpowers sessions.

These are the things that I could think of at the top of my head. Sorry if I sounded rude or harsh anywhere, that's not the tone I'm going for :). I would like to hear everybody's thoughts and feedback on this subject. Let's extend the conversation!

Elisee and Bilou have a lot on their hands, so is anyone willing to contribute to this effort? I'm going to be busy, but I want to work on it as soon as I can, as long as people are for it.

EDIT: Here is the trello for this topic. If you would like to contribute, please fill out the short form linked in the trello page.

Yes, I've had these issues before. Glad you could clear things up, sorry I couldn't post sooner. Two things I learned from a related issue is to apply all your object transforms to the mesh and to have all the vertices attached to a bone.

It is important to note that in order to run superpowers you need a device that can run webGL. At this point in time, this isn't an issue anymore as many devices include support for it, but it should definitely be considered.

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Goo, a wonderful little engine made their code open source (editor is what you pay for but there's a free option). I think it would be nice if someone took it on themselves to make a superpowers system for it. It would take a lot of work, but if someone is looking for something to do, it's there :).

Here's the official site and the github repo for the engine.

Welcome! I wish you well in your endevours :)

Woah! Ben's here too? Hi!

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I'm getting a black surface.

I'm getting no errors.

I'll look into the things you suggested, thanks for your input!

EDIT: I also tried rendering with Superpower's renderer (in gameInstance.threeRenderer) and that didn't work either. I didn't edit the time uniform, that could be the problem.

EDIT 2: trying to set the map of a MeshBasicMaterial doesn't work. Type script won't let me set a texture property to a WebGLRenderTarget.

EDIT 3: I got it! I was forgetting to do a normal render after rendering to the target. I thought it wasn't needed.

Thanks for your time and help :)

This is using the three.js plugin!

I'm trying to render some island models (put into a different scene than the main Sup one) to a WebGLRenderTarget and draw it to a plane mesh via a shader.

The shader works, but the WebGL rendering doesn't. Here is my code. If anyone needs it, I could even make a demo project.

This was based on this three.js demo.

I need an answer/help really soon (as in within a day or so) because the first phase of my project is going to be due.

Things such as shaders or Cubic models should be easy to copy from one project to another. It would be nice to have an "export asset" and "import asset" option, or some way to import desired parts of an existing project via a menu.

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I'm trying to adapt the tilemap to be able to set up 3D tiles for my game. I'll maybe look into adding that as a plugin, but for now (this project anyways) I just want to know if it is possible to loop through all the tiles in a tileset to create the appropriete 3D models in the scene. Do they have an index? Are they sorted in an array?

EDIT: Silly me, I missed the getTileAt() function. Whoops. However, am I overcomplicating things?

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Thank you so much for your help, I've been stressing over this and smashing my head against everything for a while now :).

However, I didn't seem to catch how to fix the issue with the sail. I made sure the armature and geometry are at the same origin, but superpowers will only read the sail part, not the mast. Or is that the bug?

EDIT: I added two more bones to control the flag and superpowers couldn't read a mesh at all, and returned the error "No mesh found".

EDIT: Ok, after some heavy-ish analysis and comparison between other files that exported successfully, I accidently fixed the issue by duplicating the mesh inside the armature (?!) and creating a dummy bone whose vertex groups contains the entire mesh. That imported correctly, but the animation didn't. It appears to be moving on the wrong axis. Here's some gifs. I seem to be a bug magnet when it comes to superpowers :p

EDIT: Wait, my bad, I forgot to apply transformations to the armatures. I think all is well now :D. Thanks ElisΓ©e!

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I was working on a small ship for a game (My first go at a true game with superpowers!) and I decided to import it before I finished to see if all is well. I followed the directions in the tutorial and I got... this. It's stretched and it's also rotated awkwardly.

The boat looks like this in blender (Sorry about the gifcam window, my bad :P).I only exported the boat part, not the mast and sail, as they are separate meshes.

Here are the collada export options I used.

If required, I'm willing to share the files.

EDIT: This whole thing has become a mess. Upon adding a bone, the model just doesn't load correctly. I even tried restarting the entire model from scratch. Could someone just take my blender file, make it work with superpowers and explain what I am doing wrong? Here's a link.

Adobe Premiere and blender ftw :)

Hello, I'm Michael (aka Pixelrobin aka @ThePixelRobin aka bluerobin2)! I'm a 15 year old self-taught game designer and programmer from the US. I'm also interested in graphic design, web design, UI design, everything design, video editing, pixel art, 3D modelling and DIY electronics (Arduino!). I would probably say I know the ends and outs of Gamemaker Studio pretty well. I decided to finder a lighter, simpler engine to use on the side. Looking forward to following progress on Superpowers and considering eventually taking advantage of the open-source nature to contributing to the engine myself :).

Still a noob-ish-kinda at everything, but getting there.

Was the fix part of update 0.19.0? Because the glitch is still occurring in that update :).

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Tried it, no avail :). They don't appear at all if I set the Cavemen actor (the group) to 0, 0 and the the prefab to the desired location and they flash if I do it the other way around.

EDIT: Wait, could it have something to do with how parent actors move all of their children when moved?

I had some issues with appending scenes as prefabs, mainly with the actors' arcadeBody2D (Here's a gif). I emailed SparklinLabs about it and they replied with a solution (thanks!).

But in the solution, some code was taken out. Before It was like...

Sup.appendScene("CavemanPrefab", Sup.getActor("Cavemen"));

And this was the solution I got sent, which worked perfectly.

let caveman = Sup.appendScene("CavemanPrefab")[0];

However, I want to parent the appended Caveman actors to the Cavemen actor for collision reasons and stuff. But, when I do, the bug happens again, but not in the same way (here's a gif).

Here's what I tried:

let caveman = Sup.appendScene("CavemanPrefab", Sup.getActor("Cavemen"))[0];
let Caveman = Sup.appendScene("CavemanPrefab")[0];

What am I missing?