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It's so cute, so nice, so... "farmy"

Keep the good work!

It is possible to make a Linux and Android version of this?
I'll pay for it... heck I'll port it myself if you give me permission and code access for it. Very nice tool :D Almost as powerful as FamiTracker and LMMS with the chiptune plugins, yet simple, it's marvelous!!

I got here from twitter (pop at random while scrolling)

I'll try the game when I have some free time, looks like my cup of tea.

U read my friking mind hahaha

Thanks for the responses, after a deep investigation and testing, i went able to run some superpowers test games in that old rig, but the editor... it cannot even open a test 2d platform game. The main problem was the GPU that requires the privative NVIDIA legacy driver v96 that's only compatible with linux kernel 2.6 and lower and xorg v1.9 and lower, so i installed Linux Mint 13 and the propietary driver and it works!

Fortunately, my soon to be brother-in-law generously give me an old netbook that can run the superpowers editor and a few little things more, the only bad new is that only has working drivers for windows 7 32bits (is an obscure model of the Atom series, the infamus D2500, bundled with a Intel NM10 mothermoard, even intel can't produce new drivers because that series of processor was produced by Image Technologies, a crappy company that is not interested in making or mantein drivers for their products)

Hi, i have some doubts:

  1. Is possible to run Superpowers in a 32-bit machine using Lubuntu 16.04? (Lubuntu is an Ubuntu "flavor" that uses LXDE as gui)
  2. Can i use my own version (or fork) of Superpowers for an Indie Game Studio? (i mean, legally, is there an obstacle for that in the license)
  3. Is there a chance to use the Steamworks API in Superpowers as plugin or something?
  4. What are the minimum requirements for using Superpowers?
      1. I have a "rig" (got it for free, can't complain) with: An Intel Celeron D (2.13 Ghz), in a ASRock P4VM800 Motherboard with a RAM slot (512 Mb DDR 400 Mhz), with an Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440, and HDD SATA 80Gb Western DIgital.

    Hi every single one game makers out there!

    I'm Ricardo, a "Self-taught Single-man Game Studio" (it means what you're thinking, i do ALL the work needed for a videogame and yes, i learn everything myself either by experience or by reading about it somewhere).

    I'm from Venezuela, a forsaken country in the north of south america (i dare you to locate my country without using any google services or similar, just try, i can wait).

    Jokes aside, it has been my dream since i can remember to make an awesome game, a really, impactful game, like M***o or Z****a or P*****n, but actually i never really "finish" a game until now (sure, i've made a bunch of clones of classic arcade games with some public domain assets, just for the fun or as learning exercise, but nothing brand new from scratch to final release).

    So, to cut to the chase i'm hoping that, with the... Superpowers that i downloaded, maybe i can finally make a polished game!