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Thanks for the feedback!

Decker community · Created a new topic Discord?

Is there a discord for Decker?


Are there any tutorials? The program is not as intuitive as you like to think...

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I get this after downloading:

Unconfirmed 235564.crdownload

Should I be worried?

nvm - scanned it & it's ok

Fascinating. I saw this and immediately thought "this guy is halfway towards making a visual novel engine". Have you thought about anything like that?

OK -- thanks for the quick response

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Could you tell me if the following fits the rules of this jam?

1.At the start of the game, the player has to choose a character (I'm assuming this does not  count towards the "choice" total)

2. The next screen is a form with three sections. One section is highlighted

3. The player makes a choice, a response screen is shown, and the player is then re-directed back to the form screen

4. A different section of the form is highlighted - the process is repeated twice more

5. There are nine possible outcomes in total

6. So the 'form' screen has nine possible choices, only three of which are displayed at any one time

It will be a fair bit of work, so I don't want to start this project if it's not going to qualify

I had a Casio which played that tune a few lifetimes ago..

Great tools, and nicely laid-out web pages too!

Oh, right -- sorry about that -- got my wires crossed! Thanks for the reply.

On a separate note, I sometimes think some kind of log would be useful for developers, so that they could look at the kind of responses users come up with. Is such a contraption available in Adrift?

I enjoyed this game. Not too long, not too exasperating, enough mystery to keep me interested but not so obscure that I rage quit (which I often do!). One comment - the HELP instruction does *not* list all the verbs that are needed...maybe a separate VERBS command or something?

A short tutorial would help?

trash engine community · Created a new topic feedback

I like the concept! A couple of comments:

1. When you add a second room, the dimensions of the first room should be copied over as a default.
2. Placing a sprite (and moving on to the next thing) is not very intuitive. Maybe some kind of quick tutorial?

Following this with interest

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I did a stippled mix of the four colours -- thought others may find it useful, so here it is (inset is actual size)...

Is it four colours on a white ground? I kind of assumed. If not, ignore the top row!

Tried it again, it's fine. Some kind of glitch

April Animals Jam! community · Created a new topic Discord?

Will there be a discord?

Windows Defender tells me there's a virus attached...

It's a great tool. One little thing that is annoying, though, is when I change the Grid size this information is thrown away after a Quit command. Next time I load that deck, I have to type in the numbers all over again. I'm no programmer, but couldn't this be made persistent fairly easily?

Well, it's "...yon wickede beaste hast devoured THEE!", but only a fool would point out such a nerdy and pedantic mistake. Other than that, thanks for the inventory code snippets!

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I'd like to make a visual novel with Decker. It has a Chinese theme, so I quickly lashed up a 9-slice text box frame, 72 pixels square, with a bamboo motif based on a 24 pixel grid. Here are two GIF images; one has a completely transparent background, the other has a white centre. Hope these might be useful.

...and here's a better version:


These are little jewels! I've got the page bookmarked for future reference...

The art was ok, but the navigation was an awkward mix of mouse control and arrow buttons. Just my opinion, but I'd concentrate on one or the other.

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This is like one of those discussions about cartoon violence and its relevance to the real world. There is very little relevance to the real world -- it's fiction. How could it be based on a "real police force"? They are fictional anthropomorphic woodland animals... I feel ridiculous having to explain this. Are there going to be trigger warnings for fairy stories? No, of course the story is not meant to reflect the real world -- a child could see that. I'm so mad about this -- it's been a negative experience when it could have been enjoyable. Please use Beauty and the Beast -- I don't want to take part any more.

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I'm at a loss. This depiction of the "police" (y'know, woodland animals in a fairy tale parody...) is wholly positive. If you insist on this I will withdraw from the competition. I've no doubt you have good intentions, but I'd like to remind you that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I don't live in the US, and I don't feel bound by the political situation there. Please do not use the Lupinanny poem in any way.

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Doesn't look like this is going to happen. Last devlog entry was nearly two years ago. Pity.

VIBAE community · Created a new topic Documentation link

The above link just sends the user round and round in a meaningless loop. Is this to stress the alienation inherent in contemporary life, or is it just a mistake?

"I would prefer the main characters aren’t police officers"
Hmmm.... Well, it's your jam, but could you say why? Seems a little arbitrary to me

Thanks for the quick response!

I think omegabutton is going to make a Discord for this jam, so we could meet there?

I think it would be good for a number of reasons - team formation, work in progress, resources etc...

Best idea for dev teams is a discord, I think.

Is there a Discord for this jam?

Sound expert and voice-over artist required for Collaborative Storytelling jam!

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Sounds good! Don't know anything about Unity, but I guess that doesn't matter? Maybe we need sound/voice over people as well?

I can draw, write and animate -- be interested to be part of a team for the jam.