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I'm developing a visual novel using Impress called "The 2 Wise Men". Hope to have something to show in the next couple of days.

Ha ha! Nicely done!

Lookin' good!

t would be nice to have a WIP thread to see what people are doing.

Found out about this recently for LibreOffice:

Forcing the user to click on a Slide Control to advance to another slide

We must make sure that the user can only proceed from one slide to another 
by clicking a Slide Control. As it is, when the user clicks the mouse anywhere 
on the slide, the show will advance to the next slide whether it’s supposed 
to go there or not.

So here’s how you give the user no option but to click on a Slide Control in 
order to proceed.

In the Slide Sorter View, hit Ctrl-a to select all the slides, then in the 
Slide Show menu select Slide Show Settings… to bring up the Slide Show Settings 
dialog box (Fig. 10.47)

The Slide Show Settings dialog box

Check only the Radio buttons next to Range > All slides and Type > Default, 
then, in the Options section, make sure you only have check marks next to 
Mouse pointer visible and Animations allowed—NOTHING else should be checked!


Downloaded LibreOffice Impress (never used Powerpoint-type stuff before, so I though I'd try some things out). Here are 2 gifs of what I am playing with at the moment...

Me too. That's why I joined. Hope I can get it finished, and it doesn't get isolated on my monstrous back burner of dead unfinished project ideas...

(see title)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you're buggered.

Ha ha! Thanks for your reply. I would still like the official version, though...

For a sequential art submission, presumably a title screen and end credits will not count towards a 9-frame total?

Have you seen the "Only keyboard or can I use mouse" thread? This needs a definitive answer.

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This seems a little arbitrary. I've been working on some examples with Inky before I registered for this jam, and it uses mouse clicks. If the content is all text, why should interaction via a mouse be excluded? It also seems odd, because one of the submissions currently available,  "Marooned", uses mouse clicks to navigate...

You could make a start with something like this:

(See the link at the bottom of the graphic for loads of similar tutorials)



I like this style. Good colour choices too.

Loved the graphics, and it is a great font choice. I got out of the first room, and then wandered around aimlessly picking up and dropping things and trying VERB/NOUN combinations until I got bored (that happens a lot -- I get bored easily in situations like this). I think the game needs some hints! But I liked it a lot, including the Spanish Inquisition joke!

Perhaps I can help. What have you got so far?

It's not the cough that carries you off, it's the coffin they carry you off in

Good to know.

Here is a manor house:

I believe this is where the action starts...

Thanks for the nice words! I've got a couple of ideas, but they are only half-formed things at the moment. I'll see how it goes -- I'd like to.


'Huge' sounds a bit daunting... My email is, but if you've got like 200 rooms, I'm a little unsure. This is supposed to be fun, I don't want to give myself ulcers! do you want to proceed?

Maybe I can help? I started the last Adventuron challenge with some graphics, but got involved in other things! Take a look at graphics listed under goliard.

Thanks. It's going to go on the back burner for the moment. Sorry I couldn't take it to completion.

Nice graphics. Just got bored with getting apples. Did I do the wrong thing?

Got apple, laid out troll, ignited the logs, and then got stuck. Great graphics - maybe needs a bit more work on the parser?

I'm ashamed to say that I've got involved in something else. It's not you, it's me...

Logged on with your link - thanks. Yeah, for some reason I thought you were in the US. The statistics are probably on my side...

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Thanks for the kind words. My discord handle is goliard#8683, I believe. I'm in the UK - that's 5 hours ahead of the US eastern seaboard .

I can register. It'll have to be tomorrow though.

I could help you with some stuff (I'm a little hesitant to commit myself before I know the extent of the game...)

Here are a couple of recent bits of game art:

...and here is a somewhat older(and bigger!) example of character design:

What game engine are you using?


Very nice.

Well, I haven't actually started the coding part yet (!), but if you want to use any of the stuff I've posted, go ahead.

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This program (Perler) may prove useful for producing pixel art from photos etc. -- it's free, and you get lots of options and control:

...but it is not intended  for pixel art apparently! You'll need to take a screen shot and then play around with it.

What I started with -- Reduced -- (original image is 1820 x 2730 pixels)...

Imported into Perler and reduced in size and colour palette (note "Enlarged by 4x for your viewing pleasure" at top left)

Screen grab imported into Photoshop (any editor would do) and reduced by 4x... (Vertical green line is one pixel wide)

Exported gif file -- 1.52 k.

(Ooops! Ha ha! OR, alternatively, you could go to the Menu at the bottom ("Palette, Dithering..." etc.), and under "General",  you will see "Export Image". The program will only export PNG format, but I guess that's ok. The sizing part seems a bit quirky, so you may still want the "Screen Grab" method as a backstop.)

I could have tarted it up somewhat -- this is raw production. Better than many other programs I've seen. Hope this may be useful for some people.

Pixilart looks quite promising

Here's my two pennies. In my opinion, vector art tools do not lend themselves to pixel art production. I've got Grafx2 (It's like stepping back in time!), Aseprite and a really old copy of Photoshop. When pixels rule, vectors struggle. Each one of these programs has its strengths and weaknesses, but I think you need to devote some time to finding a pixel art program that you feel comfortable with. Or hire somebody!

Oooh -- tasty!