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KaNovel community · Created a new topic Download problem

Download link takes you to a 404 page. That doesn't look good

Good start - this is a nice art style, and the gameplay isn't bad. Would like to see more!

You mean "prize", not "price".

Ah, ok -- that wasn't clear

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"You are not allowed to use any other media resource (sound, image, etc)"

What exactly does this mean? Seems kind of ambiguous. Are we not allowed to use, say, Photoshop to produce images?

Flitting between the mouse and keyboard is awkward - I'd prefer mouse only; or even keyboard only as a second option, but not both. The E key doesn't work.

Interesting game and game mechanic. It wasn't until I read the other comment that I realised what the "greying out" thing meant -- maybe that could be made obvious? It was a very helpful hint towards the end. Enjoyed playing the game. Could you say which game engine you used?

Millions stand behind me... meh, maybe a few! that a "no"?

I wasn't very successful with the gameplay, but you have a beautiful art style, and the character movement is nicely done.

Wow. I was really impressed. Very original and enjoyable, and totally unique. Kudos!

I guess I'm talking about pixel perfect positioning.

Have you posted any video tutorials recently? It's been two years...

Could be fun to program it with nixie tube images, like a kind of steampunk thing:

I liked it when the LSD wore off at the end

Nice idea, but a complicated game!

My reflexes aren't what they once were. The residents of Golgafrincham perished on a regular basis...

Thanks! Yeah, this was originally going to be just the beginning of a visual novel about hiding out on Fatevoyager, but, y'know, life...

Heh heh! Yeah - you could look like a lobster straight away!


I mean with pixel perfect precision, I suppose

The link you provided for details is "unavailable"

Image positioning and text display

As a simple idea, it works well. It would be good to be able to position images more accurately, and to display text.

As a simple idea, it works well. It would be good to be able to position images more accurately, and to display text.

Aaah, OK - thank

The "Asset Store Link" comes up with an Error 404

Looks intriguing. The app badly needs sound support though. Even just midi would be something...

Once more with feeling...

No. I originally used a png file, that didn't work, and so I went back to Photoshop and saved out a jpg file. That didn't work either. So, if you don't know what it is, I sure as hell don't! That's it for me...

Hi - thanks for the prompt reply.

The filename doesn't have a forward slash in it - that's the file path, and the file is in the same directory as the "station" one I replaced.

The console does spit out an error:

...but I honestly can't see why:

The file is in the right place:

I thought I'd try the simplest possible edit, and it hasn't worked.

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(Windows 10 desktop)

I can get the demo to run and everything, so I thought I'd try something simple as a starter. I substituted a picture (and edited assets.js). The demo still ran, but with a big hole where the image should be. What am I doing wrong?

Here's the image I used (not mine, just found it somewhere)

I've got ideas...but I also share Douglas Adams' fear of deadlines! Hope to make SOMETHING before 24th May...

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Just downloaded Powerquest yesterday (looks great!) , but I encountered a bunch of compilation errors in Unity. Managed to get the errors down to 3 in Safe Mode, but I'd like Unity to work normally. Am I doing something wrong?

(Please see enclosed screen capture fragment)

John Oakley

EDIT: Never mind. Followed the "Getting Started" link, backdated my copy of Unity, et voila!

Good to hear! Thanks for the prompt reply

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Many thanks - just what I needed. And I'm sure it's not just for me; I would guess lots of other potential users will find this useful.

EDIT: I got it to work! So now I have a user request (well, three, actually...)

1. Can a figure be made to fade in and out against a background using a button or something? 2. Can the user control this figure to appear at various places (eg, left, center, right)? 3. If the user clicks on a figure, can the app play a sfx file as speech?

Thanks for the prompt reply! I'd suggest that a "How to Use" guide would be useful for everybody. What you've described above is not intuitive

I think you're going to have to supply some clues as to how to use this. I couldn't get anything to work once the GUI appeared, beyond selecting the pixel size of the project.

Thanks for the reply.

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This app is a really nice idea - I downloaded the "windows portable" version for a windows 10 desktop. I have two questions. Firstly, the Game Design Documents video - on 'Docs' web page: says "Video Unavailable - This video is private".  It would be nice if this video could be made public, as there doesn't seem to be any other documentation for this topic.

Secondly, the Help for 'Dialogues' suggests using a "right mouse click on the canvas to show the menu for node creation". This doesn't work. I notice in the 'Docs' that the menu item 'Dialogues' now reads 'Dialogue Tree Editor'. Have I got the right version of the software? Is the 'Dialogue Tree Editor' something separate? It's frustrating -- I'd like to buy the app to support its development, but there are still a few rough edges.

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This seemed to be part of the "Bundle for Ukraine", which I bought, but I can't download it.