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Password? Keyfile?

What? What do you think these screenshots tell you? How. Does. This. App. Work.?

that's not information

some information would be nice

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Needs a password...sigh...and a keyfile


Is there a discord for this jam?

Great tool! Just donated my 2 bucks! Thanks for sharing


Title says it all...

The trailer is not working

4 views in six days and no response from the organizer? There's a word for that. The word is moribund.

Is there a theme?

It's a great idea

Pretty damn good -- does what it says, quick and painless! Is there any way of saving custom palettes so they can be reloaded, instead of inputting hex values each time? Thanks for a great app.

I unzipped NovelMaker, and then opened Unity and attempted to add it as a plugin. I'm pretty sure Unity was expecting a "[something].unitypackage" file, and there isn't one. So one of us is doing something wrong...

Where did they go on their doll honeymoon? I think we should be told.

Doesn't work. I got a command-prompt window, waited for about a minute, got some cryptic message and then the whole thing auto destructed. So less than impressive. Certainly safe from spamming though.

Thank you

Yes, OF COURSE I push 'convert'! How else would I know that it doesn't work? I've tried different directories, loaded different image files, converted files with and without 'compress' and 'transparency'... Nothing works. I've wasted enough time on this -- can I have a refund?

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Transferred app to my Windows 10 laptop. Didn't work there either.

I know this is the weekend. I'll wait until Tuesday morning (GMT), and if there's no response from the creator, I'll expect a refund. Disappointed.

Just purchased this app (Windows 8.1 machine), and the program is not saving the converted files. I've tried with a couple of 4-colour png images, and there's nothing there. There isn't much to go wrong, so I assume this is serious?

The github link throws up a 404 error -- impressive..

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So, is this project dead?

EDIT: As the original question is now nearly a year old, and no developments seem forthcoming, I'd guess this is an ex-project. It is no more, It has gone to meet its maker.

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how do you clear the screen

nvm - just hold CTRL-Z like a maniac

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No -- downloaded demo doesn't work, local web server doesn't work.

"..may come back to this at some point in the future.." . This baby isn't getting any tender loving care then. Sounds more like it's being abandoned.

Yes, I had a look at the in-built tutorial. I found it quite difficult to follow. It's frustrating, because obviously you can get great results with the tool. Or maybe I need a "Talefab for Dummies" course..

Will do. Are you planning on making any tutorials? That would help a lot..

Works well! Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the information! I'm not a fan of facebook -- is there a discord I could join?

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The above link says "Download Now" -- but you can't. The link takes you to a web page where you can start making your own visual novels. Seems like a good start, but, for instance, how do I set screen size and/or image size?

Downloaded. Clicked on index.html. Didn't work. Loaded index.html into Brackets. Didn't work. I guess this engine still needs some tender loving care.

(Windows 8.1, Chrome browser)

On the tic-80 site, click on the DEVS menu item at the top, and search for Viza.  You should see a selection of his recent carts, one of which is 'BIGSPR', which I believe would be useful to you.

Wow..0=>t.. How long did that take?


Doesn't work. Downloaded HTML file, input imgur URL, and... broken image icon.

You say "priCes", but I think you mean "priZes"..they are two different things..

Why would anyone need it?

Isn't he a mucha libra wrestler?